Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 1970 - Are You Willing?

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"...." Haru.

"Hehehe..." La Folia chuckled happily when she saw Haru's reaction and said, "Are you surprised?"

Haru didn't say anything and looked at both Asagi and Rin, wondering whether they knew about this matter, but both of them also looked at him at the same time.

Asagi and Rin might have talked with La Folia last night, and they also knew about how La Folia was interested in Haru, but La Folia sneaked out secretly to Haru's room, and both of them didn't really know what had happened, so they thought that Haru might ask La Folia to come, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

"La Folia, why are you here?" Haru asked.

"What? You're not happy that I'm here?" La Folia pouted while looking at Haru.

Haru had a share of experience with a woman, so he knew that this girl was acting. He only looked at this girl with a smile and asked, "You're not afraid that there will be gossip about us?" Well, even if there was gossip, he could also stop the news easily.

"I'm not!" La Folia shook her head without hesitation and moved closer toward him. "And even if there's a gossip between us, our relationship is very close enough that we have shared a bed together, right?" She whispered those words to him with a happy smile.

"Cough! Cough! La Folia, did you forget that we're both here?" Asagi suddenly said.

Rin didn't say anything and only stared at La Folia.

La Folia smiled and said, "Of course, I didn't forget about you two."

Then three girls talked to each other happily, talking about random things like a close sister.


Haru looked at the three girls and thought that the girls' friendship was really weird, but he didn't think too much as long as they didn't fight with each other, and even if they were fighting, he could make their relationship better in bed later.

Haru also joined the conversation, and as for La Folia's intention to come to his class, it didn't really matter since he knew that this girl didn't plan anything bad, or rather, it felt like she was like a girl in love.

"Hmm~~, Yukina-chan's lunch is great!" La Folia said as she ate the sausage that was cooked by Himeragi.

When Haru thought about Himeragi, he realized that he hadn't called her first name, and their relationship was still in stagnation, but frankly, he wasn't in a hurry since she was still in middle school. However, he also knew that he needed to do something and thought that it might be good to bring her on a holiday or something.

As the lunch break ended, La Folia also decided to go back. "Then I'll go back first. See you later, Haru~~." Leaving with a smile, everyone could see that her mood was very good at this moment.

Haru thought that he needed to visit that girl later.

"Isn't it nice to have a princess to love you?" Rin asked with a grumble.

"Princess might be beautiful, but you're better in my eyes," Haru said with a smile and hugged her waist.

"Hmph!" Rin snorted, but she didn't move away from him, moving closer.

"Hey, watch the occasion! You should do this kind of thing at home!" Asagi also wanted to join, but she knew that this wasn't a good time to do this.

Still, with the appearance of La Folia, everyone at the school was shocked and didn't expect that Haru would be an acquaintance of the princess, but deep down, they knew that it might be only a time before the princess might be eaten, especially the girls. However, the guys might try to escape from reality and didn't think too much.

As for Kojou, he had a complicated expression before he looked away since he wasn't sure why he felt that a lot of things were stolen from him.


As the school ended, Himeragi and Kanon had been waiting for him because they wanted to go home together.

"Senpai, let's go back," Himeragi said with a smile.


"Sorry, Himeragi, I have something to do," Haru said.

"Huh?" Himeragi was dumbfounded, then quickly asked, "Can I come with you, Senpai?"

"Sorry, you can't follow me," Haru said.

"Huh? Why?" Himeragi frowned and showed that she was unhappy.

Haru glanced at Kanon, then looked at Himeragi and said, "You should know that Kanon's situation might still be dangerous. You should stay with her all the time for now."

"I..." Himeragi wanted to say something, but her shoulders were grasped by Haru.

"Please, Himeragi! You're the only one that I can trust!" Haru stared at Himeragi with an earnest expression.

Himeragi blushed, and her heart was shaken before she nodded. "Yes, Senpai!"

"Thank you, Himeragi," Haru said with a smile while thinking that Himeragi was very easy, and as long as he pushed her a bit, she would follow his request unconditionally, which made him think about the Lion King Organization's intention to send this girl.

'Are they sending this girl to become my observer or to become my lover?' Haru had a feeling that it was the latter, and if so, he had to admit that the Lion King Organization was very vulgar, and at the same time, he might need to visit this organization in the future so it wouldn't cause too much trouble.

After solving Himeragi, Haru went to visit La Folia directly.

La Folia stayed in the new hotel since her previous hotel had exploded by a bomb.

As he arrived, La Folia quickly welcomed him to her room, ignoring his blank expression.

"Don't you worry that we'll enter the headlines in the gossip news?" Haru mentioned to La Folia about her action that came to his school so suddenly.

"Princess, you're too much!" Sayaka couldn't help but complain when La Folia left her to visit Haru's school, which made her annoyed and jealous!

"You don't need to worry. Our news won't appear in the media, and the only people who know about our matter are probably the students in your school," La Folia said. "Rather, haven't you also sent an order to your people to erase our news?"

For someone such as Haru and La Folia, it was very easy to manipulate the media, and if the media didn't want to make an enemy of them, then they wouldn't do something unnecessary.

"Still, do you hate to be gossiped to have a relationship with me, Haru?" La Folia asked with a sad expression.

"No, I'm happy, but I don't want to be seen as an animal in the zoo." Haru knew that once people knew about his relationship with La Folia, a lot of people would look at him as if he was a rare animal.

"That's true. I'm sorry if I have caused you trouble," La Folia said and apologized. She knew that if the news about her relationship with Haru was known to the world, his life wouldn't be peaceful anymore.

"No, you don't need to." Haru sipped the tea and asked, "So what's the reason why you came to my school?"

Sayaka also stared at La Folia, trying to see what this girl wanted to do since she knew that this girl was sneaky and cunning.

"Geez...." La Folia pouted and said, "You must have realized why I came to your school, right?"

"If you don't say it clearly, then I won't know, La Folia," Haru said with a smile.

"You really love to tease people, especially on the bed earlier..." La Folia murmured with a blush.

La Folia was murmuring, but of course, Sayaka heard it clearly. "Be - Bed?!" She then stared at Haru and quickly asked, "Haru, what the hell did you do with the princess?!"


Haru only stared at Sayaka and asked, "Are you jealous?"

"Who - Who is jealous?!" Sayaka quickly denied it with a red face.

"Cough! Cough!" La Folia quickly interrupted them since she knew that if this continued, then her momentum would be destroyed, and she would see both Haru and Sayaka fliting to each other again.

Sayaka was startled, but she glared at Haru.

Haru didn't care much about Sayaka since it was only a time before he pushed her on the bed, and at that time, she would become obedient. "So?" He looked at La Folia again and asked.

"I just want to know you more, Haru," La Folia said with a sweet smile.

"......" Haru and Sayaka.

"Say, Haru, what do you think about me? If I say that I want to make an heir with you, will you willing?" La Folia asked while staring at Haru's eyes.


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