Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 485 - Mastery Over Oneself

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Chapter 485– Mastery Over Oneself

Nana nodded. “If nothing happened then it’s good. What is it? What help do you need?”

Lan Xuanyu rubbed his eyes and confirmed that Nana was indeed standing in front of him. He couldn’t help but ask, “How did you get here so quickly? This…”

Nana said, “It’s nothing, I came through a space passage. I opened one from Mingdu to Shrek Academy. When you become a little bit stronger, you can do it too.”

This was the first time Lan Xuanyu doubted Nana’s words. Become a little bit stronger and he could do it too ? How strong was a little bit ?

Being able to open up a space passage and arriving at the center of the continent from the other side in less than two minutes. What kind of strength was this? Lan Xuanyu felt that he could not understand Teacher Nana anymore.

Nana rubbed his head. “What happened?”

Lan Xuanyu then said, “Teacher Nana, we have been having a competition in the academy recently and we are now challenging our seniors. We have already defeated the seniors of the second, third, and fourth years. Next, we will be challenging the fifth years. But the fifth years might be Two-Word Battle Armor Masters and the gap between our strengths is too big. Our only advantage is that we can send out five people. What should we do?”

He then gave Nana a brief introduction of the circumstances. Nana listened attentively and listened to him describe his previous battles in detail. After listening, she nodded and said, “I roughly understand.”

Lan Xuanyu said, “Then do you think we have a chance of defeating the seniors?” After conducting some research on the fifth years, they had realized that there were quite a number of powerhouses. And after the fourth year, there seemed to be very little information left on the Outer Court students, so they were unable to confirm who their opponents were. This was also the reason why Lan Xuanyu was unsure.

“You can definitely win, but it depends on how you want to win,” Nana said indifferently.

“We can definitely win?” Lan Xuanyu’s eyes lit up. He had just made up his mind not to bet anymore, but if they could definitely win…

Nana said, “If I help you secretly, you will definitely win.”

“…This… isn’t too appropriate…” Lan Xuanyu was speechless.

Nana said, “So, it depends on how you view this competition. If you rely on your strength alone, your chances aren’t very high. Although your control over your abilities is much stronger than before, the absolute disparity in strength is still quite big. Compared to a One-Word Battle Armor, a Two-Word Battle Armor isn’t as simple as just increasing one’s realm by one more level. In a sense, a Two-Word Battle Armor is a real Battle Armor. It is a real part of the body, whether it concerns internal or external improvement, it is very big. Furthermore, according to your calculations, the opponent you will be facing might even be a seven-ring Soul Sage. At the Soul Sage level, there will be a qualitative change and a soul master will have a Soul Core. A Soul Core can continuously provide a large amount of powerful soul power, so the other party’s recovery ability will definitely be much better than yours. Even if you have a six-ring soul master in your team, it will be very difficult to pose a threat to him. After all, you said that the one who will come out would definitely be the strongest fifth year, and in your academy, everyone is a genius.

Lan Xuanyu furrowed his brows. “Is that so? Then there’s no chance at all?”

Nana said, “The reason why I said that your chances are slim is mainly because you guys can’t break through the other party’s defense. If you can’t break through their defense, no matter what technique you use, it will be useless.”

Lan Xuanyu said, “Is the defense of a Two-Word Battle Armor that strong?”

Nana said, “The reason why Battle Armors are superior to mechas is because it surpasses mechas in all aspects and is even more agile than mechas. The defensive power of a Two-Word Battle Armor is above the protective shield of a purple mecha. It can also greatly enhance a soul master’s body and have the ability to fly.”

Lan Xuanyu’s heart gradually sank to the bottom. He furrowed his brows and said, “What if I use the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd? It should be able to break through his defense, right?”

Nana said, “Since you’ve already displayed the might of the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd, the other party will definitely be very careful and won’t give you a chance to get close. Also, a Two-Word Battle Armor’s resistance to control-type Soul Skills is far stronger than a One-Word Battle Armor. If you do it like in the previous match, the probability of success is very low.”

Lan Xuanyu frowned. “Is there really no chance at all?”

Nana said, “It’s not completely impossible. If you can control your abilities at 100% or even 120%, you might have a chance. When you use your Dragon God Transformation, your various skills will increase substantially and you will have a combat power that isn’t inferior to a five-ring soul master. And if you can control your abilities perfectly, you will have a chance of defeating the other party during that period of time.”

Lan Xuanyu asked curiously, “How much control do I have now?”

Nana was silent for a moment before saying, “About 40%.”

“So low?” Lan Xuanyu stared at her, dumbstruck.

“Before I came to Douluo Planet, you didn’t even have 30%. You’ve improved quite quickly,” Nana consoled him.

Lan Xuanyu was in a daze. “If my control is only at 40%, what kind of situation would be considered 100% or even 120%?”

Nana said, “That requires you to understand the true essence of the elements and be able to truly let every element burst forth with its strongest power. This is what we call a qualitative change. Just like a Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit, the peculiar energy that is purified from rare metals can be detonated through special means and become controllable. How much energy does a piece of rare metal have? But after such qualitative change, it can burst forth with a strength of 1,000 or 10,000 times stronger. That’s it.”

“Look.” As she spoke, Nana raised her right hand and a small ball of water appeared in her palm.

“This is a ball of water, but look at this.” As she spoke, the water in Nana’s palm began to change. Its size gradually shrunk, and its color gradually turned from transparent to blue, then to dark blue. Finally, it even turned into a dark blue crystal the size of a grain of rice.

She handed the crystal to Lan Xuanyu and he picked it up to take a look. He realized that he couldn’t feel the energy contained in the blue crystal.

Nana smiled and grabbed the crystal. At the same time, she waved her right hand and a layer of silver light covered the entire room. Then, the crystal flew out of her hand.

“Boom!” The crystal exploded, and Lan Xuanyu only felt a terrifying energy burst forth. Nana stood in front of him and blocked the shockwave, but that energy struck the silver halo around him, causing it to ripple. The most terrifying thing was that a black hole about a foot in diameter appeared where it exploded, and space was torn apart.

This, this was what a ball of water could do?

Lan Xuanyu stared at Nana with his mouth agape.

Nana said, “The gentle water element also has a violent side, and it depends on how you control it. This is also the reason why I asked you to strengthen your control over your own abilities. Even if you become stronger in the future and possess more soul power, it’s just like having a body full of strength but not being able to use it, you won’t be able to unleash your true strength. At the same time, when practicing your control over the elements, it will also be helpful in controlling your whole strength. It will allow you to control your own energy better during cultivation and when you need it, control them to help you breakthrough.”

Lan Xuanyu nodded silently. He understood what Nana meant.

“Thank you. I roughly understand now. We’ll go all out in the battle the day after tomorrow. We’ll do whatever we can without any regrets. I will definitely work hard to practice my control over my strength.”

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