Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 486 - Battle

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Chapter 486 – Battle

“En.” Nana smiled and nodded. “How are you going? Are you tired from cultivating?”

Lan Xuanyu replied, “Not bad, I’m used to it now and don’t feel tired. Also, I can feel my improvement every day and it makes me feel very motivated. I’m practicing according to what you taught me every day and my control over the elements is better than before.”

Nana smiled. “That’s good. If there’s anything, call me. I’ll go back first. I’ll come back to see you in a few days.”

“Alright.” Lan Xuanyu pulled Nana’s hand reluctantly and Nana rubbed his head. Behind her, a silver door of light slowly opened and she bid farewell to Lan Xuanyu. She stepped through the door and disappeared as the door closed.

“This is a long-distance teleportation! It’s so cool!” Lan Xuanyu exclaimed.

After Nana left, he was still very unwilling. ‘Can I win against the fifth years ? No matter what, I have to give it my all. Even if I fail, I won’t regret it.’

At this thought, he steeled his heart and clenched his fists.

The news of the first years defeating the second, third, and fourth years caused quite a stir in the Outer Court. In an instant, the first years became the center of attention.

The second and third years were slightly better, but the fourth years were people who had already gone through a qualitative leap ! And they actually lost. Liu Baochuan didn’t even have the chance to unleash his true battle power before he got defeated.

After watching this match, Sima Xian, who was representing the third years, wasn’t so depressed anymore. Even Liu Baochuan had lost! And it looked as though he didn’t even have the strength to fight back. Would he be able to perform better faced with the same tactic ? That Lan Xuanyu was truly unpredictable and had a powerful attack that ignored defense. He was very difficult to handle once he was allowed to get close.

Following that, the first years would be challenging the fifth years, and the odds this time were the same as before.

The first years’ odds were 1: 1.3, and the fifth years’ 1: 0.4.(*)

The odds didn’t seem to have been adjusted, but in fact, everyone knew that after the miracle created against the fourth years, even the Gamblig Center was afraid of the first years. What if the first years won again? Especially when Lan Xuanyu had won over 100 purple emblems in three consecutive matches. The Gamblig Center couldn’t take it anymore.

However, this time, Lan Xuanyu didn’t appear at all to place a bet until the end. He hadn’t bet a single emblem. Not even a symbolic one.

Lan Xuanyu naturally wouldn’t waste his emblems, no matter how much he had. Even Teacher Nana didn’t believe in them, so where could he get any confidence from? He would definitely go all out, but he wouldn’t blindly spend money, even though he was still very rich.

“Get ready to fight,” Lan Xuanyu said in a low voice as he stood in the resting area and distributed the last item to his teammates.

“Is this really alright?” Lan Mengqin looked at him helplessly.

Lan Xuanyu laughed bitterly. “Do you think I’m willing? We can only fight it out now. Also, I’m not breaking the rules.”

Lan Mengqin laughed. “You win.”

Dong Qianqiu said, “Don’t put yourself under too much pressure, we’ve already done well enough. To be able to get three consecutive victories, even if we lose, we’ve done enough to display our strength as first years.”

Lan Xuanyu said, “No, we will definitely win. At least for now, we have to tell ourselves that, we have to at least have the courage to make a move. Furthermore, five against one, what we need is just a small opportunity. I will keep the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd until the end as our last attack and wait for the opportunity to make a move. As long as my Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd isn’t used up, it will continue to pose a threat to our opponent. Everyone, let’s work together.”

As he spoke, he extended his right hand. Dong Qianqiu, Lan Mengqin, Yuanen Huihui, and Tang Yuge placed their hands on his.

That’s right, Tang Yuge was here! From today onwards, she was officially a member of the first years. This battle was also the first years’ strongest lineup that Lan Xuanyu could set up.

Now that they were facing the fifth years, there was no longer any need to hide their strength. As for the next round, it was no longer something they had to consider. If they couldn’t even get through the fifth years, how could there be another round?

Tang Yuge looked at Lan Xuanyu as the corners of her lips curled up. To her, representing the first years in this battle was an immense pressure. It would come from the critics of the third years and the surprise and discussions of the other years in the Outer Court. Her appearance in this match would definitely one of the hot topic in the Outer Court

With regards to this, she had already done a lot of mental preparation and was even hesitating about whether or not she should take part in this battle. She obviously knew how strong the fifth years were and even with her, they might not be able to win. But since that day…

When she officially left the third years that day, she had received a call from Lan Xuanyu’s soul communication device and met him in his dorm in the evening.

Lan Xuanyu gave her something and told her that this was a benefit for being part of the team. Although Tang Yuge never thought of herself as someone who valued money, she still felt touched at that moment.

She had left the third years because of the coldness in her heart. Her heart had turned cold. There, she no longer had any companion or comrade. But here, she had received warmth.

Lan Xuanyu’s acceptance of her didn’t go through any process or test. It was simple, direct, and he accepted her without any barriers.

Tang Yuge did not decline or reject and directly accepted the gift. But from that moment onwards, all the pressure in her heart disappeared because her heart was firm. No matter what, she knew that she had already integrated into this team.

Even when she saw Yuanen Huihui again today, he remained silent. Although he didn’t say a word to her, he didn’t reject her either. The others naturally treated her as a member of the team.

They were still young and might not understand the concept of a scholar dying for his bosom friend, but Tang Yuge knew that she liked this place, the first years, and this team.

Hence, when her palm landed on the back of Yuanen Huihui’s hand, the siblings looked at each other. Yuanen Huihui saw an unprecedented brilliance and light in Tang Yuge’s eyes.

The door opened and sunlight shone in. It was as if the door in front of them was covered in a layer of golden light.

Lan Xuanyu shouted, “Let’s go!” With that said, he took the lead and walked out. Dong Qianqiu followed closely behind, followed by Lan Mengqin, Yuanen Huihui, and Tang Yuge. The five of them took the same steps towards their crucial battle.

At this moment, although the spectator stand still looked empty, it was because the venue was simply too big. This time, not only were they students of each year, but almost all the teachers and students from the Outer Court were here.

Three consecutive victories against opponents stronger than them made those students who had never watched the first years curious. Were this year’s first years really going to be heaven-defying? They were actually able to defeat the outstanding fourth years. What about the fifth years ?

In the stands, when Tang Yuge appeared, the entire third years was in an uproar.

Not everyone knew that Tang Yuge had left, especially when they saw that Tang Yuge would actually fight for the first years. One could only imagine how they felt. After all, she was once their class leader !

Everyone’s gaze landed on Tang Yuge, and the third years couldn’t believe their eyes.

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