Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 563 - Training

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Chapter 563 – Training

There were already second, third and fourth years looking for Lan Xuanyu to forge for them.

But Lan Xuanyu’s energy was limited and the price he offered wasn’t low either. He would occasionally accept one or two missions.

Other than another Emperor Fruit that he consumed for himself to maximize the effect of the Emperor Fruit to strengthen his bloodline, he handed the remaining three to the School of Life. It was Tang Yue who took the initiative to look for him and the conditions he offered made Lan Xuanyu unable to reject him.

Each Emperor Fruit was exchanged against a black emblem. That’s right, it was the same black emblem that Lan Xuanyu saw at Tang Zhenhua’s place and couldn’t be exchanged for in the Outer Court. Three Emperor Fruits, three black emblems.

Tang Yue told Lan Xuanyu that a black emblem could not be exchanged against purple emblems. This meant that no matter how many purple emblems there were, they could not be exchanged for a black emblem. On the other hand, no one would use a black emblem to exchange for purple emblems because a black emblem was simply too hard to come by. A black emblem could already be exchanged for a 100,000-year Heaven and Earth treasure or a 10,000-year soul bone in the Inner Court. One could only imagine how precious it was.

Hence, although Lan Xuanyu obtained three black emblems, he had to join the Inner Court before he could receive them. As for what he would do if he couldn’t get into the Inner Court, Lan Xuanyu wouldn’t ask. He had absolute confidence in getting into the Inner Court.

The end of term was coming, and without a doubt, the most important moment they had to face was also coming—the end of term exam !

No one knew what the final exam for this year would be. Would they be going to other planets, like the Resource Planets, for the test? Or would it be something else?

With Lan Xuanyu’s current understanding of the academy, the contents of every year’s final exam was different. It could be said that it was random, but it also depended on the teacher’s mood. Anyway, no one could predict what the final exam this year would be.

“Everyone, come to my dorm tonight. We will discuss about the final exam.” Lan Xuanyu sent a message to his six partners through his soul communication device.

Although they still didn’t know what the end of term exam was, they still had to prepare for the rainy days and not fail. After the previous year-skipping challenge, not only had the first years become the Star War Experiment class, they were also undoubtedly the focus of the entire Outer Court. The senior years were somewhat hostile towards them. Of course, it wasn’t hostility, but wariness.

Who asked them to perform too well when they were challenging their seniors !

Lan Xuanyu didn’t go forging at night and returned to the dormitory at the agreed time. Not long later, the other six people arrived.

Lan Xuanyu sat down in the living room on the first floor and said, “The final exam is coming up soon, we have to make some preparations.”

“Boss, how should we prepare?” Qian Lei asked.

Lan Xuanyu said, “Everyone is too busy this term, especially after becoming the Star War Experimental Class. We’ve learned so much that we don’t have enough time for ourselves. We can only work hard to improve ourselves every day. But from the entrance exam to the various tests that we took in the academy, the academy actually places a lot of emphasis on team tests. Hence, since the final exam is coming up, I feel that we need to work together and improve our coordination. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know how much our partners have improved. This would greatly affect our coordination.”

Everyone nodded upon hearing that. Tang Yuge said, “With my participation, our final exam will be much harder, so everyone must be mentally prepared.”

She was right, she was already a six-ring Soul Emperor and a One-Word Battle Armor Master. It turned out that the difficulty of the first-year, second-year, and third-year’s final exams was nothing to her. Furthermore, the first years were being paid so much attention and Lan Xuanyu’s team even defeated a senior from the sixth years previously. It was awesome back then and even gave them a chance to go to the Elven Planet, but from the looks of it now, the academy would definitely give them quite a high difficulty for the second term’s final exam.

“Yuge, do you have any guesses?” Lan Xuanyu asked Tang Yuge.

Tang Yuge shook her head. “I don’t know, but I can feel that the academy will definitely give us a difficult final exam as a form of training. So I agree with you very much, we need to work on everyone’s coordination. Otherwise, if we don’t even know how strong each other is, how are we going to work together?”

Lan Xuanyu nodded slightly and said in a low voice, “Alright, let’s go now. Since it’s not too late, I’ll pay for the rental.”

Shrek Academy definitely didn’t lack exclusive training and battlefields. The rent for such a venue was fine and wasn’t too high. One white emblem per hour. Of course, it also depended on one’s cultivation. A battlefield with five-ring or stronger soul masters would cost a yellow emblem.

With Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge around, they naturally had to pay a yellow emblem.

Lan Xuanyu was the richest man in the Outer Court, so a yellow emblem was nothing.

They rented a stage with a diameter of 100 meters and walked in.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu had already thought of a way to get along. “Three against four. I, Xiuxiu, Mengqin, and Qian Lei will be together. Liu Feng, Huihui, and Yu Ge, you will team with each other.”

After listening to his distribution method, Tang Yuge was stunned. Among the seven people, she was the sole six-ring Soul Emperor, followed by Yuanen Huihui, who was a five-ring Soul Emperor. The others had yet to reach the five-ring level. Liu Feng and Qian Lei only had four rings, while Lan Xuanyu was still a three-ring soul master. The disparity between their cultivation was quite big.

This was a real fight in person, not in Douluo World. This was because only in a real battle can a person be the clearest, especially when working together. This was something they had learned in the academy a long time ago. After reaching a certain level in their cultivation, they still had to go through real battles to increase their efficiency. Of course, there was also the risk of being injured.

Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge’s team was undoubtedly the strongest team. Furthermore, one was long-range while the other was close-range. Without considering their relationship, this team would definitely be very strong. Furthermore, Liu Feng was there. Four against three, Lan Xuanyu’s team did not have the advantage.

However, although everyone was surprised, no one objected. Anyway, it was for the sake of improving their cooperation, and winning or losing wasn’t important.

Yuanen Huihui glanced at Tang Yuge. There were a few traces of unwillingness in his eyes, but he had no choice but to stand shoulder to shoulder with her.

Both parties pulled away from each other and Lan Xuanyu smiled. He didn’t let everyone be prepared and simply waved his hand and shouted, “Begin.”

The moment the word ‘begin’ was spoken, the three people opposite him had already begun moving. Liu Feng’s figure flashed and moved to the side. A layer of white scales with silver light patterns immediately drilled out of his body and covered his entire body. His entire body became slightly more illusory.

That’s right, after breaking through to the four-ring realm, he had officially fused with the Thorn Dragon. In addition, the Emperor Fruit had increased his and the Thorn Dragon’s bloodline by quite a bit. Now, his Martial Soul had evolved to another level. Other than his original speed, there was also the support of the power of space. It could truly be considered a top-notch Martial Soul.

Yuanen Huihui raised his left hand and the Purple Star Spirit Bow jumped into his palm. He nocked the bow and the five soul rings on his body flickered. An arrow shot out like lightning and went straight for Qian Lei.

Tang Yuge moved as well. She charged forward and a five-colored light on her body was faintly discernible as six soul rings appeared. As she had yet to break through to seven-ring, she had yet to officially merge with the Yin Yang Chaos Bird. But with the Emperor Fruit’s enhancement of her bloodline, she had already somewhat become compatible with the Yin Yang Chaos Bird.

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