Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 564 - Behemoth Summoning

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Chapter 564– Behemoth Summoning

The three of them attacked at the same time, displaying their abilities. From the front, long range, and side, they launched attacks on Lan Xuanyu’s team.

On Lan Xuanyu’s side, they started moving separately. He didn’t give any orders either.

As everyone was busy, it had been a long time since they had trained together. Firstly, they had to see how strong everyone had become.

Three strands of silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass flew out and wrapped around his three companions. A layer of golden scales appeared on Lan Xuanyu’s body.

Qian Lei took a step forward and four soul rings appeared on his body. A light flashed in his eyes and a coin shot out from his hand, turning into a Summoning Gate.

Following that, his fourth soul ring flashed once again and Qian Lei’s face suddenly distorted. Three Summoning Gates appeared instead of one.

Qian Lei raised his head and let out a long roar. The third soul ring on his body flickered as Fatty Jin appeared.

Fatty Jin was now already over 2.5 meters tall, with broad shoulders and a tall stature. Just like Qian Lei, he no longer gave off the feeling of being fat. His arms were extremely long and thick, and the golden hair on his entire body was extremely thick like golden needles.

“Roar!” The moment Fatty Jin appeared, he first looked at Lan Xuanyu before roaring at the three Gate of Summoning.

In the next moment, a strange scene occurred. Three sturdy figures suddenly emerged from the Summoning Gate.

These three burly figures were over three meters tall, so they had their heads lowered as they came out of the Summoning Gate. They had similar appearances and were humanoid. They had iron-gray hair all over their bodies, and their arms were extremely thick with sharp claws at the front.

They looked like a slightly larger Fatty Jin. They seemed even sturdier than him, but the color of their hair was different.

Behemoths ? Lan Xuanyu looked at Fatty Jin in surprise. With his help, Qian Lei’s Summoning Gate could actually summon Behemoths ?

Qian Lei smirked and waved his hand. Under Fatty Jin’s lead, the three Behemoths charged towards Tang Yuge. He opened his arms towards Fatty Jin, who turned around and pounced towards him. A glaring golden light lit up and Qian Lei’s body grew taller. In the blink of an eye, he was over four meters tall and became an incomparably large giant. His entire body was covered in golden fur as he chased after the three Behemoths.

Was Qian Lei already so strong?

Seeing this, Liu Feng couldn’t help but be surprised.

Yes, this was a metamorphosis, the metamorphosis that Nana mentioned. After the true awakening of the Golden Behemoth, everything about Qian Lei transformed.

“Dang, dang!” The behemoths charging at the front brazenly slapped away two of Yuanen Huihui’s arrows. Their bodies were like cast iron, and they were completely unafraid of the Purple Star Spirit Bow’s attacks.

Tang Yuge was already close to them. She punched out with her right fist and the five elements came together. A ball of blazing fire erupted.

A behemoth lowered its head and charged forward. At the same time, it spread its arms and pounced forward.

“Boom!” There was a loud explosion and the fireball exploded. The gray hair on the behemoth’s body turned red, but it didn’t seem to be affected at all. It continued to pounce on Tang Yuge while the other two behemoths surrounded her.

Qian Lei ignored Liu Feng and ran straight for Yuanen Huihui. His speed was actually extremely fast, and his big feet made explosive sounds whenever he stepped on the ground. He charged forward ferociously and jumped towards Yuanen Huihui, and with this jump, he actually flew over 10 meters high and smashed towards Yuanen Huihui like a golden meteor.

Right from the start, Qian Lei had relied on his valiant performance to shock the entire place. No one expected that after the six of them got the chance to go to the Elven Planet, Qian Lei, the only one who didn’t go, would display such a powerful scene.

Naturally, Yuanen Huihui wouldn’t just stand there and not run. His figure flickered as he ran to the side at an extremely fast speed. At the same time, his fifth soul ring lit up and his Thunder Spirit War Drum shot out a thick bolt of lightning that flew towards Qian Lei.

Qian Lei crossed his arms in front of him and did not dodge. He took it head on!

Amidst a loud explosion, Qian Lei’s fur burst forth with a brilliant golden light. That lightning attack actually only caused him to pause for a moment in midair before he continued to charge towards Yuanen Huihui, displaying an extremely unyielding attitude.

Yuanen Huihui’s expression did not change. A pair of transparent wings spread out from his back as he flapped his wings and retreated quickly. He kept shooting arrows at Qian Lei, but they were all sent flying by Qian Lei’s palms or with his body. Regardless of the type of arrows, they were useless against him. The two of them chased and ran. It seemed like Yuanen Huihui was being completely suppressed by Qian Lei.

On the other side, Tang Yuge wasn’t in a good situation against the three three-meter-tall Behemoths. The three Behemoths were extremely strong and had shocking defensive capabilities. Her five elements were actually unable to break through their defense. Helpless, she could only use her Five Elements Divine Light to push the three Behemoths back.

But all she could do was to push them back. These three Behemoths were too strong. After being pushed back, they would immediately charge forward and pounce on her ferociously once again, entangling her.

The Behemoths relied on their physical strength while Tang Yuge relied on her Great Five Elements Divine Light. Although it seemed like she could protect herself, what if she ended up consuming most of her soul power?

Lan Xuanyu, Bai Xiuxiu, and Lan Mengqin stood there in a daze. Even Liu Feng, who was charging towards them, stopped.

Who would have thought that Qian Lei, who was originally the weakest in the team, would actually suppress Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge by himself?

This was simply too subversive.

“Hahaha! Huihui, don’t run, your big brother will dote on you.” Qian Lei laughed gleefully. After fusing with Fatty Jin, he displayed incomparable speed and strength. He opened his gigantic palms, and the hair on his palms turned into golden needles. The golden claws shot out and even looked more terrifying than a Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear. After all, the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear had the bloodline of a Behemoth, but compared to a real Behemoth King, it was weaker.

Lan Xuanyu narrowed his eyes and suddenly said, “I’m betraying you. Yuge, let me help you.” As he spoke, he retracted his silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass and shot straight towards Tang Yuge.

He wanted to test how strong Qian Lei’s Behemoths were.

“Boss, you can’t do this!” Qian Lei was anxious. Under his control, a gigantic Behemoth appeared and charged towards Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu squinted his eyes and a seven-colored light flickered on his chest. A blue light flashed on his right hand and he immediately entered the Dragon God Transformation state, releasing his Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd.

The scales on his body instantly turned into a seven-colored light. The difference from before was that his current Dragon God Transformation gave him a deeper sense of power. More importantly, after merging with the surroundings, he could clearly feel the various elements around him. All of these elements were surging towards him and entering his body through the Dragon God’ scales, becoming a part of his strength.

Even Tang Yuge was affected. Her Five Elements Divine Light obviously dimmed due to his Dragon God Transformation.

The reason why Lan Xuanyu used the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd right from the start was because he knew himself well. Even Tang Yuge’s Great Five Elements Divine Light couldn’t hurt those Behemoths. The only thing that could kill the Behemoths was probably his halberd.

The Heavenly Sacred Abyss Halberd in his hand slashed out and his footwork changed nimbly.

A Behemoth’s fighting style was innately straight forward, and it didn’t know what dodging meant. Its thick claws directly struck the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd.

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