Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 570 - Piloting A Warship

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Chapter 570 – Piloting A Warship

This was his childhood dream! He hoped to become a warship commander one day, but he didn’t expect it to be realized so soon.

Sitting in the main control seat, Deng Bo smiled and said, “Everyone else, listen carefully. I will only explain the basic situation once. This warship of ours is a reconnaissance warship manufactured by our Tang Sect. Because of the way it was manufactured, it is not interlinked with the various types of warships in the Federation and can be considered quite special. Hence, you can call it a Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship. Our Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship has many characteristics and is made using the latest technology. It has all sorts of functions such as invisibility, assault combat etc. Its power far surpasses that of a warship of the same rank. Also, you only need at least one person to pilot it, and that is the most important. When piloting, you will be connected through your brainwaves. You will feel that the warship has become a part of your body. Through your brainwaves, you will be connected to the mainframe of the warship. It will display various statistics in percentages to give you the most direct data, and what you need to do is only to give the command. And then pilot it.”

“When necessary, the warship can be switched to manual piloting mode. The piloting method is the same as a space fighter. The difference is that because it is larger, you guys have to consider the size of the warship during the piloting process. So, try to perform less difficult maneuvers to prevent the warship from being unable to handle it. At the same time, our warship carries four mechas and a space fighter. However, our goal this time is to save lives and not fight, so we are only equipped with a space fighter and not any mechas to reduce our weight, increase our flying speed, and save fuel.”

“With the development of soul technology, we are now able to calculate and analyze the fuel through the system. But as the pilot of the warship, we have to have an estimate in our hearts. For example, how much fuel is needed for the planned route. And all of this comes from the accumulation of experience.”

“Alright, that’s all for the basic knowledge. Lan Xuanyu, start to try it now. Don’t switch to manual mode, just give the orders directly. You can use the simplest command to control the warship or set a navigation target for long distance flight.”

After listening to Deng Bo’s explanation, Lan Xuanyu already had a basic understanding. But when he wore the helmet and his brainwaves connected with the warship, he realized that everything was different from what he had imagined. It wasn’t that piloting a warship was difficult, but it was simply too easy.

Just like what Deng Bo said, the warship’s system would complete everything and only needed to give the simplest orders. The system recorded the coordinates of the various planets and as long as they were able to locate the coordinates, it would be able to arrange the best flight route.

The simplest task was to give orders through one’s brainwaves, accelerate, decelerate, turn left, turn right—everything was extremely easy. It was much easier than space fighter piloting.

Sensing the warship’s speed constantly changing and shaking, Deng Bo coughed and said, “Let’s switch if you’re done playing! Everyone, try it.”

After a series of tests, everyone got an intuitive feeling on how to pilot the warship. It was easy! This was simply too easy. Although it was just basic piloting, with the advancement of technology, the original difficulty had already been resolved by science and technology. Of course, this didn’t include battles. But being able to pilot a warship alone was an eye-opener for them.

After everyone gave it a try, Deng Bo sat back in the main control seat and redesigned the destination.

“Do you guys think that warship piloting is very simple?” After Deng Bo completed the cruise, he came before everyone.

“You guys are right, piloting a warship is quite simple. Of course, this refers to ordinary piloting. In fact, ordinary piloting of a warship is no different from civilian spaceships. The real difficulty lies in battle. When encountering a battle, the warship would enter into a state of emergency and act very differently.”

“When the battle begins, the first thing the warship has to do is to evade, evade as much as possible, but at the same time, it has to activate its protective barrier as quickly as possible to ensure that it won’t be damaged. As for interstellar battles themselves, it completely depends on one’s experience and the warship’s performance. So, it’s very important to familiarize yourself with its performance. This is what you guys have to do in the next few days. Here, this is the warship manual, take a look. In order to become a qualified warship commander, one has to memorize the entire manual. En, this is obviously very difficult for you guys, you just need to familiarize yourselves with it.”

As he spoke, Deng Bo took out a thick warship manual and handed it to Lan Xuanyu.

“Alright, everyone can rest now. We will take turns to send someone to sit in the main control seat and observe the changes around us at all times. The radar system of our Tang Sect’s reconnaissance spaceship is very high-end and we can detect enemies from a distance. Once you discover an enemy, the first thing you need to do is to activate the protective barrier and call me. En, that’s it, I’ll go get some sleep first.”

“Due to the size of this small warship, there are only two resting rooms. As the senior here, I’ll take one for myself to rest. The other one is for you guys to take turns to rest. Do you understand what you have to do?”

Lan Xuanyu subconsciously replied, “I understand.” Yes, he had understood ! It couldn’t be any simpler.

“Alright, I’ll go and rest then. I’ll sleep for a while. I slept a little late last night.” As he spoke, Deng Bo yawned and walked towards the back cabin.

After his figure disappeared into the rear cabin, everyone gathered together. Liu Feng frowned and said, “Captain, why do I feel that this team leader is a little unreliable!”

Although he was also teaching them how to pilot a warship, everything was very simple. He didn’t explain the details seriously and simply threw an instruction manual for them to read. Then, he went to rest and even handed over the warship’s piloting surveillance system to them. This team leader Deng Bo was truly magnanimous and trusted them!

“This is not a bad thing. It is a good opportunity for us to familiarize ourselves with the warship. From now on, each of us will go through the instructions manual for an hour. Then, we will take turns to rest and meditate for two hours. We will rotate in this fashion. Xiuxiu, you sit first in the main controller. I will be the first to read the instructions manual.”

Lan Xuanyu’s arrangements were naturally much more meticulous and he immediately made a series of arrangements. The seven of them were used to working together and immediately started doing their own things.

Everyone meditated and took turns to read.

Lan Xuanyu looked at it very seriously. After all, this was his first time truly coming into contact with a warship. It wasn’t just a novelty to him, it was also a rare opportunity. Deng Bo had already mentioned that the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship was very advanced, and the introduction manual that Deng Bo gave them didn’t hide any data. It displayed almost all the data and performance of the entire warship in front of them.

Lan Xuanyu was immediately entranced by what he saw. Those seemingly dry data were actually the crystallization of science! It was the result of countless generations of Tang Sect scientists working hard.

The main power source of this Tang Sect reconnaissance warship came from a single-body soul reactor. It was a single-body of metal elements refined from rare metals as its source of energy. It was the most advanced single-body soul reactor. Although it could not be compared to a large-sized reactor of a large warship, it had many advantages such as endurance, explosive power, and so on.

Most importantly, this reactor could accommodate up to 15 types of rare metals as its energy source.

In other words, as long as any of the 15 types of rare metals were provided to the reactor, the warship would have an endless supply of power.

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