Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 571 - Destination

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Chapter 571– Destination

The reactor could automatically extract the peculiar elements from the metal and guide them, fuse them and turn them into a Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit. This was also the reason why warships could travel in the universe for a long period of time.

Tang Sect was the inventor of the Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit, so their research in this aspect was naturally ahead of the entire Federation.

Other than power, the most important thing was naturally the attack and defense system. In terms of defense, this Tang Sect reconnaissance spaceship was equipped with a three-level protective barrier. There were a total of three layers of defense. The outermost layer of the protective barrier had the ability to make the warship invisible, just like a phantom fighter, but it was much more stable than a space fighter, and the effect was much better. It could be used for a long time.

The three layers of protective shields were able to defend against very powerful attacks. Lan Xuanyu didn’t really understand how powerful it was, but it seemed to be very high.

Other than a space fighter and four mechas, the warship’s attack system also had a main cannon, four secondary cannons, and 12 antimatter missiles. The power of these antimatter missiles was extremely terrifying. One of them could easily destroy a city and could even threaten a medium or large warship in space.

Hence, even though the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship was not big, it was quite powerful and could even be said to surpass most small and medium-sized warships. It had excellent performance in all aspects.

After reading the instructions, Lan Xuanyu’s heart was itching. It would be great if he could own a warship with specifications like this.

Of course, this might happen many years later.

There was a separate explanation regarding the metal used to make the warship. It was an alloy made of four rare metals and was the latest generation of Tang Sect’s alloy. It has many characteristics. Firstly, it was lightweight, then it was sturdy, durable, and could also be used as a soul screen. It was anti-transparent and had various other functions. The most important ability was self-repair.

If the metal shell was damaged, as long as it was controlled to a certain extent, it could repair itself. Interventions for minor damage were no longer needed and allowed the warship to be used for a longer period of time.

Lan Xuanyu was so engrossed that he lost track of time the first time he read it and he read for three hours. His teammates didn’t stop him as they had five long days ahead of them.

When Lan Xuanyu came back to his senses, he quickly passed the instruction manual to Lan Mengqin. Everyone took turns to replace him while he meditated and thought about what he saw.

It had to be said that reading the instructions was a very important matter. After reading the instructions, he had a very direct understanding of this warship, and the warship’s mysteriousness naturally decreased.

Deng Bo would occasionally slip out and then return to the cabin to rest when he saw that everything was normal. The entire warship was very quiet.

They were some that were reading the instructions, those who were piloting the warship, those who were meditating, and others were thinking. Everyone was doing their own things.

When Deng Bo occasionally came out to take a look, he could not help but praise in his heart. These students from Shrek Academy were truly extraordinary! Despite their young age, they were much more mature than their peers and had no intention whatsoever of escaping.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed. As everyone was immersed in the process of familiarizing themselves with the warship, they felt that time passed very quickly and didn’t feel bored at all.

After these three days, everyone was already familiar with this Tang Sect reconnaissance warship. Their biggest feeling was that its technology was too advanced.

Its advanced aspects were mainly reflected in the convenience of piloting. People like them, who had never touched a warship before, were actually able to control a warship after three days of learning from the manuals and actual piloting.

This meant that it was very easy to get the hang of a Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship. When needed, even ordinary people could pilot it. It was naturally very easy to promote such an advanced warship in the Federation.

However, when they asked Deng Bo this question, Deng Bo’s answer poured a bucket of cold water over them. The reason was simple, expensive!

The price of this Tang Sect reconnaissance warship was simply unimaginable to them. It was not something that could be measured with money.

Lan Xuanyu asked Deng Bo the price in terms of emblems to determine its value and the answer that Deng Bo gave him was a thousand purple emblems.

That’s right, a thousand.

Lan Xuanyu knew that he was already very rich, but 1,000 purple emblems was still an astronomical number! Furthermore, as a Star War Experimental Class, they didn’t just have seven people. This warship could only accommodate 12 people at most. At most by squeezing they could have 14 to 15 people but it was obviously not enough for their entire class.

Deng Bo also told them that a bigger-sized warship required many times more resources. Hence, it was simply too difficult for them to own a warship that belonged solely to them in the future. Perhaps only the academy and the Tang Sect had the ability to do so.

However, after a few days, everyone felt that this trip was worth it. They finally had a chance to truly interact with a warship.

And Lan Xuanyu was beginning to understand why his teacher was so strict with him when it came to space warship piloting.

From the looks of it, as long as he could pilot a space fighter, he would have no problem piloting a small-sized warship. When piloting a real warship, it was even easier than piloting a space fighter because of the powerful system’s support.

As for manually piloting a warship, he had never tried it before. Deng Bo would definitely not dare to let him try it either! This was something for the future.

“Pa pa pa!” The sound of clapping attracted everyone’s attention.

“Next, we will enter a special wormhole to perform a space jump. From the moment we jump, we will no longer be in a safe area. So, all of you must be alert. Since all of you have basically grasped the situation of the warship, I will be assigning you some tasks.” Deng Bo had arrived at the front cabin at some point and he seemed to be much more serious. His expression became much more solemn.

“Lan Xuanyu, I’ll leave the warship’s auxiliary piloting to you. If there’s a problem on my side with the system, the piloting right will automatically switch to your seat. I will give you special authority access.” Deng Bo’s gaze landed on Lan Xuanyu first.

“Yes,” Lan Xuanyu quickly replied.

Deng Bo continued, “Liu Feng, I’ll leave the weapon system to you. You’ll be in charge of releasing the weapon system. One main cannon, four secondary cannons.”


“Lan Mengqin, I’ll leave the antimatter missiles to you. These things are very dangerous, remember, you can’t fire them without my direct order. But if I ask you to fire, you must be decisive.”


“Bai Xiuxiu, you will be in charge of the targeting system. The system will perform automatic targeting, and you will perform a hand-controlled aiming to prevent any errors.”


“Tang Yuge, you’re in charge of the defense system. Report the activation and adjustment of the protective shield to me at all times.”


“Qian Lei, Yuanen Huihui, both of you will be moving according to the situation. That’s all.” Deng Bo gave his final instructions.

Lan Xuanyu said, “Team leader, can you tell us the destination of this trip now?”

Deng Bo smiled faintly. “Sin City.”

Upon hearing these two words, Lan Xuanyu and his team were stunned. He cried out, “The Sin City ?”

Not only did he know about this place, but he had also come into contact with it before! Back in Heaven Luo Planet, if not for Nana’s help, he and his mother would have died in the hands of those bad people from the Sin City.

How could he not be shocked when he suddenly heard that the destination of this trip was actually the Sin City ? He also realized that this final exam was definitely not a drill but a real adventure. Combined with Deng Bo’s words, their mission should be to head to the Sin City to rescue a few people. Also, the Tang Sect had only sent Deng Bo alone.

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