SPELLBOUND - Chapter 408 - Not Yet

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"This is my city, Yryzia." Gideon said as pride coloured his voice. And Evie could not help but feel mesmerized at the sight below her. The massive city was constructed as how Evie had never seen done before by any race on the surface. It was like she was inside a cavern so large that even dragons could actually be able to fly within it. It was as though they have their own 'sky', though not as endless as how they had it on the surface, the space between the ground and the ceiling was much larger than Evie ever imagined or had expected. The houses that were littered below seemed to be made of black crystals and that was the case with the castles too. 

The most surprising thing was that the place was not as dark as she thought, despite being located underground. The ceiling of this place was filled with light blue crystals which were glowing like stars. There was also a river below that was glowing with the same gleaming and crystal-like water in Crescia. 

Evie could only think of one word as she looked down. The Under Land was a veritable paradise in the darkness. It was breathtaking and she could not help but admire the view.

He continued flying steadily as if giving her all the time to enjoy the scenery. She also felt that the way he was holding her seemed to be extra careful. He was so gentle that Evie could almost forget that she was actually a prisoner who was being abducted and this man holding her was her captor. Evie pursed her lips as she was displeased at herself letting her guard down – even if it was only a little and for a short while. She reminded herself that this must not happen again.

Finally reaching the tallest castle in the city, Evie's heartbeat raced again. What was this man going to do to her? She could only brace herself now for what was going to happen next. 

He landed right before a large door, and it immediately swung open. Evie could tell he had used magic to do that as no one was there to even open it. 

As soon as the door shut closed behind them, Gideon halted, and he bent over to carefully put her down. "I'm removing all your bindings now." he muttered lowly. He had barely even let go of the spell binding her for a second, when she was already on her feet, as if she were afraid that she will not be able to balance herself. 

His actions just kept on confusing Evie but that was all. She would never dare think that this person truly meant her no harm, especially when he had kidnapped her, separating her from Gavriel and blackmailed her. 

She felt the dark magic that had been wrapped around her disappeared and finally, Evie was freed from her immobility. 

The very first thing she did was to stretch her hand out and her magic flowed from her like laser beam coming from her palms. Her magic wrapped around Gideon's neck in an instant. 

"Why are you doing this? Why did you bring me here?!" she demanded, her gaze fierce and cold and urgent. 

However, even with her magic wrapped tightly around his neck, ready to strangle him to death or even snap his neck from his body, he still smiled at her – a smile so enigmatic that could be offered to a friend or foe with equal ease. Evie was thrown even more for a loop. She just could not make out why this dark fae was behaving in such a way.

"I can't answer that right now, Queen. You will eventually know when the time co –"

She tightened her magic on his neck, causing him to cut his words off. Her gaze gleamed with warning. "Answer me. Right now, when I am still giving you a chance." she commanded coldly but Gideon suddenly took a step closer. His gaze on her still very calm and steady. 

"Stop! Don't come any closer or else –"

"Or else what?" he questioned curiously, his voice still remained like a gentle dark song. 

"I'll strangle you… to death." Evie threw out a threat.

He smiled again. This time, he flashed a smile that was the rare and exotic smile. 

"Oh, that… I know you can't do what you claim, my dear Queen." He replied without even a hint of doubt in his voice. "You haven't killed anyone yet with those untainted hands of yours." 

"You… you've been spying –" Evie was taken aback. How long has this dark fae been spying on them?

He shook his head as he shrugged his shoulders elegantly. "I could tell. It's not hard to tell, Queen. Your eyes… there is no hint of that kind of hardness yet. The moment someone ends up killing another person with their own two hands, it will always show in their eyes. It's not something someone can easily hide, no matter how good an actor they are." 

"Just because I have never killed before, doesn't mean I can't kill now." Evie's voice was hard and firm. "And it doesn't mean I am not willing to do so now…"

He halted just before her fingertips could touch him. "Oh, you won't. Maybe in the future you might do it. But that time is not now, Queen. Not yet…" he sounded so sure and confident in himself.

Evie bit down on her lower lip to stop it from trembling. Then she drew in a deep breath secretively and composed herself again before shooting him a gaze so fierce and deadly. "Don't underestimate me, Gideon." She used his name for the first time. However, the tone she used in saying his name was as hard as granite. There was no unclear message that she should not be underestimated. "I'm a queen. I'm a woman and if you don't know yet, as of now, what a woman can do to protect her loved ones… then I shall gladly show you." 


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