SPELLBOUND - Chapter 524 - Once You Wake Up

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Azrael returned to the castle still mulling over about what Gideon had told him. Still caught up in his own thoughts, he did not realise himself sighing out aloud and that someone had approached him.

"What's with that long sigh? Did Gideon scold you or something?" Kione asked at the sight of his friend sighing hard.

"No. Actually, he talked a lot when I spoke to him earlier. I am still shocked right now." Azrael replied as Kione leaned on his shoulder, ready to hear more about the details. "I'm glad to see him looking quite relaxed now. Might be the effect of the mating bond… but nevertheless, I think he's more than fine now."

"Good for him," Kione commented in a perfunctory manner, earning a raised brow from Azrael at him. But then he went and draped his arm around his friend's shoulders.

"Want to go drinking with me? The queen's not here anymore so we can drink to our heart's content. No one is going to be here to nag us or chase us off to bed." Kione suddenly suggested, voice pitched a little higher than his normal range and Azrael looked at him long and hard.

"We can't. Our task is not done yet, you idiot." Azrael rolled his eyes.

"But I feel bad for you, my friend. You may not know this… but broken-hearted ones need this, or you might die from holding in too much and experiencing this pain."

"The hell you're talking about. I'm not planning to die nor am I in too much pain right now. So don't use me just because you want to get drunk you, ass."

"Tch! How come you're still like this right now? You should be sobbing your eyes out and dragging me to accompany you, so we can get drunk together until we pass out."

Kione pinched the skin between his brows, feeling a headache coming on courtesy of his bumbling friend Azrael. "I'm heart-broken, yes… But my mind is still clearer than any crystals out there. We need to finish this mess and send these vampires back first. We'll drop by in my castle after this before heading off to the Great City. We'll get drunk in my hall of pleasure, not here."

"Oh, that's sounds much better." And Azrael could only flash Kione a thumb's up.

Back in the Monster's forest, Gideon was still awake as he laid next to Vera, hugging her in his arms.

He planted a soft kiss on Vera's forehead before a gentle smile curved across his lips. Carefully brushing the curly red strands of hair away from her face, Gideon's smile slowly died down and his thoughts returned to that issue again. He needed to get her to accept him no matter what. That was the only way for him to feel at ease.

He understood her reluctance. He could tell she had immediately realized the extent of the powers she would receive once she accepts him. It would literally make her one of the most powerful beings in existence once he is contracted under her. He knew she had grasped that full well and that was why she was in disbelief and unable to accept the offer. He also knew that it was truly a massive responsibility being put on her shoulders.

But this woman… he had a strong faith that she would be able to handle him. No one will ever handle him except her. Once she receives the absolute power to control of him, he believes that the monsters will have no choice but bow down to her as well. They will protect her because once she accepts him, his life will be irrevocably linked with hers. Her life would translate to becoming his life. Even though Gideon had a strong feeling that they already have the life-bond, there was no sure fire way to prove it unless one of them dies. But this, if Vera accepts him, it will be known to everyone. Even his darkness and the monsters would know that his life was now linked with hers.

Once that happens, the monster would have no choice but protect her too. So, that way, he would stay alive. That was what they have always been doing ever since he was born anyway. It was just that now, there was his mate as well to think about.

Gideon was determined to make her agree. And he wanted her to accept him before they leave this house. Or else, he would never feel as though he has any peace while out there.

He must make her accept him, but how? Should he reveal to her the truth about herself? Would it help her accept him once she found out about everything that she did for him in the past? Would she accept him once she found he had indirectly killed her in the past without even realizing it?

He thought that if she finds out what he had done to her in the past, she will definitely see how dangerous he actually was. She would then know why she needed to take control of him completely.

The dilemma he was facing right now was so strong that it had actually managed to overpower his lust driven by the mating bond. And at this moment, it might turn out to be a good thing because he knew Vera needed more rest as she was still asleep. Despite the temptation that he needed to just spill and tell her everything about their past, he could not help but feel worried as well about her reaction once she knew everything. He did not want to give her anything else to fill her mind other than his love now. But…

A long sigh escaped his lips. If him revealing everything to her was the only way to make her accept his offer, he was going to go ahead and take the plunge. 

Shutting his eyes as he lay down beside his sleeping mate, he took another deep breath and mumbled to himself. "Once you wake up and still are not willing to accept my offer, I will reveal everything to you, Vera."

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