SPELLBOUND - Chapter 532 - Your Other Idiotic Self

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One look at how he was behaving right now, and she could already imagine how he would react once she teases him. The thought made her blush and yes… hella excited when she thinks that this is now her chance to tease him too… and since he wanted her to punish him, so… oh gods, what was she thinking, right now? 

"Don't say such thing. You might end up regretting your words," Evie's eyes wandered around. Thank god, he was not looking at her right now. "I might really punish you hard –"

"I don't mind." He cut her off. "I know I deserve it for hurting you. I know words alone isn't enough to make up for the tears you have shed and for the pain that I have caused you."

He pulled away and looked into her eyes deeply. Those blazing blue eyes looked so dangerous yet so vulnerable right now. "So don't hold back, Evie. Don't worry, whatever you do I will gladly take it. I will not defend myself and will never hate it, I promise." He spoke so seriously that Evie could hardly keep her stern gaze and wanted to laugh out loud.

Evie suddenly covered his eyes with her palms as she blushed hard. She could not believe what she was thinking as she listened to him speak and looked into his eyes like that. Gods… why did she feel that Gav is trying to bring out something wild from inside of her? 

"Are you sure you won't regret it?" she found herself asking and she bit her lip. 

"I won't. I swear." 

"Fine," Evie pulled away from him. "You better be ready now," she told him in a warning tone, and he looked at her with slightly widened eyes. 

"Now?" he questioned, taken aback as he did not expect it to be so quick. 

"Yes, now." Evie replied calmly as she nodded and looked at Gav without much expression on her face.

"Not now, Evie." Gav shook his head quickly, rejecting the idea immediately.

Raising her brow at him, Evie questioned. "And why not now? Did you not just told me that you would not resist nor defend against my punishment? Why are you resisting now?"

"You need to rest." He replied to her questioning simply, as though it was something of a given fact. She could not carry out something tiring like a punishment if she was tired out. "You can punish me once you have rested sufficiently."

"… =_=!!" Evie was speechless as she stared at Gav for a couple of seconds, not sure if she should laugh or cry. She then pinched the skin between her brows and let out a helpless sigh. She could not believe this Gav too was trying to put her to bed. What is with these two and them trying to get her to sleep?! She understood but…

"No." A response finally fell from her lips.

"Yes, Evie. You must rest." He insisted in all seriousness. And there it goes, his mood swing. "I made a promise, yes. But I never did say we could do it 'now'." He defended himself and explained his actions.

Evie was about to roll her eyes when they suddenly fell on his groin. The sight that greeted her caused her to throw him a look with a raised brow. There was a very clear tent that was raised in his pants at the junction of his legs. 

Gav cleared his throat a little and looked away. "Ignore it." he said with some measure of embarrassment and Evie could not help but burst out laughing. She remembered that he had told her that exact same line before. 

He looked at her with a complicated expression on his face. Seeing her still laughing, he then frowned slightly. 

"I'm serious this time, Evie." He sounded displeased and all broody again. "That idiot did leave me with one warning." 

Evie's chuckle stopped. "That idiot… Gav gave you a warning?!" Evie perked up her ears as she was curious as to what Gav had warned him about. This should be interesting.

"Yes. We didn't meet. But as we switched places, I heard his voice loud and clear. 'Let her rest tonight, she's spent. Or else…' And that was what that idiot said." Gav honestly recalled and told Evie everything. However, she could see there was a slight poutiness to his attitude as he told her that.

Seeing that, Evie again pressed her lips tight as she chuckled silently. Why was this just so funny to her? 

"And you're going to listen and obediently follow the instructions of your other idiotic self? Hmm…?" Evie asked him, feeling so amused. And Gavrael averted his gaze again, glaring at the space outside the window now, feeling as though he was being wronged by his other self. 

"Yes. Because I am powerless over him. He'll force me back into my cage any time he wants." He muttered with displeasure. 

"Both of you couldn't see or know what's happening outside when the other takes over, is it not?" Evie checked with Gav on this.

"Yes. But that idiot will certainly know if you didn't get any rest once he takes over. And I do believe you really need the rest too, Evie." His face was so serious and sincere as he said that that Evie could only sigh out helplessly. 

"Are you really sure, Gav?" she asked, teasingly as her gaze fell back to the tent in his pants. The tent seemed to only have gotten 'taller' and Evie smiled to herself.

 Suddenly, he grabbed her and the next thing Evie knew, he was already wrapping her up with a furry blanket. He then rolled her gently and embraced her in his arms as they both lay on the bed. Evie was still trying to process what had happened when finally, she realised that she had already been neutralised. This man…!!

"Don't provoke me, Evie. You know how bad I can get if you continue doing naughty things like this." He whispered hotly into her ear. "I am trying my best to be good to you for even for a little while."

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