SPELLBOUND - Chapter 538 - Permission

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"I see…" King Belial said, looking more intrigued now. "I think I need you to come along with me to the Abyss after our breakfast, son." The king's expression was very serious. "I feel this magic of yours to be the same as the miasma that is coming out from the abyss. I am not a hundred percent certain, so I need you to come along, and we will investigate." 

Gavrael did not even hesitate to agree. He immediately thought that that would be his chance to speak with his father about the forbidden library once they were alone. 

"I want to come too," Evie quipped, and the father and son's heads immediately swung to look at her. 

"No way, Evie. You will stay here," Gavrael's tone was firm. 

"My dear daughter," the King butted in as he saw Evie's expression souring at Gav's overbearing tone, "I know you're eager to see the abyss. But I think it's best for you to stay with Beatrice here in the palace for now. Do not worry, once we are done making sure everything is safe, if things look all good today, we'll be taking the both of you along with us tomorrow. Is that alright?" 

With the king's smooth coaxing, Evie could only reluctantly agree. Somehow, this father-in-law of hers sounded so much like Gavriel. He is just so good at persuading people! She sighed and thought that it was no doubt that these two were father and son!

Evie did not insist any longer because even though she really wanted to go see the abyss, she realized it was only wise of her to exercise extra precaution. Especially for the sake of their child. Moreover, she too has her own agenda for today as well. She wanted to speak with her queen mother about the dark faes' mating bond. She could not help but still be disturbed by it. She wanted to know more, if possible, everything about it. 

After their breakfast, King Belial and Gavrael finally set out to go to the Abyss. 

Once they reached the Abyss of Darkness, Gavrael began to feel as though he was more and more disturbed. He started to notice that his magic was swirling deep inside, as though a storm was brewing within him. 

"Are you alright, son?" the king asked as they both stood at the edge of the massive hole. They have not even jumped down into the pit yet to see the well-like hole located in its very depths. 

"Yes." Gavrael said after a deep breath. 

"I don't think so. Your magic's blazing out of control." King Belial looked at him with concern. Then he cast a very strong barrier around the two of them to keep the dark miasma from touching Gavrael. He had noticed Gav's dark magic began to blaze out of control as soon as the miasma made contact with his leaking magic. 

When the barrier had surrounded them both, Gavrael began to feel better. His magic settled down again, causing the King look at Gavrael like he is a puzzle waiting to be solved. 

"I'm certain now that I am right." King Belial declared and Gav looked at him.

"About what?"

"That this miasma and your dark magic has some sort of connection to each other. This miasma had always been harmless, powerless even. But the moment it touched your magic, it began to move like your magic had breathed life into it." 

Gavrael creased his brows, even more confused now. 

"Let's back off for now, son." The king said and the two of them disappeared from the edges of the abyss. They materialized back in the military camp situated a little farther off from the abyss. 

"Don't you think…" Gavrael started once the two of them sat across each other inside the king's tent. "Don't you think I still should try to expose myself to the miasma there to see what will happen?" 

"No, that's too risky. We don't need to make a risky move right now." the king shook his head. "We'll try again tomorrow. I am planning to take your wife along with us and see if something changes. I have a theory I want to test out. For now, I'll return there alone to survey the abyss once more. If all is good, we'll bring Evie and Beatrice here as well." 

"I understand." Gavrael said, surprising the king with his obedience. He thought that this son of his would insist and try to go ahead with that risky plan of his. "But father," his gaze on him became more intense. "I want to go to the forbidden library. Please grant me the permission to enter."

The King was speechless before narrowing his eyes. "Why?"

"I have something I need to find there," he answered truthfully but not giving out the details. "Don't worry, I am not going there to learn forbidden magic. I only need answers." 

King Belial stared at his son for a long while before a soft sigh escaped his mouth. "Alright," he uttered, causing Gavrael to look at him with surprise. He never had expected the king to agree this easily and quickly. In fact, he had expected his father to say no. With his record of learning forbidden spells in the past, Gavrael was almost certain that the king will refuse his request. "I'm giving you permission, Gavrael. You can visit the library all you want." 

Before Gavrael could open his mouth to react, the king stood. "You can go back to the palace now, son. Once I'm done here, I think I'll join you there as well. I have something I'd like to find out from the forbidden library too." 

And with that said, the king left him. 

Once Gavrael came out of the tent, he saw the king now heading back towards the abyss. Three of the ten lords and a few more generals were headed there with him as well. 

Gavrael stared at the abyss from where he was, before he flew off and headed back to the Great City. Now he understood the unease he had seen in Gavriel's eyes when they had spoken about the possible upcoming war in the Under Lands. 

He could clearly feel it when he was standing at the edge. Something is in that abyss. And it is something dangerous. He needed to hasten now and solve this matter with Evie. Because he had a feeling that whatever it was that was about to happen, they are now running out of time. 


Secretly, Gavrael entered the palace, concealing his presence. He will make it look as though he was still at the abyss right now. 

However, when he passed by the last hall before arriving at the long corridor leading to the forbidden library, he spied Evie and his mother seriously speaking with someone.. He narrowed his eyes. Claudius? What were they questioning Claudius about? 

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