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"Evie!" Beatrice exclaimed worriedly. 

"I'm alright, mother." Evie quickly straightened at the sight of Beatrice's worried face. 

"No, you're not, dear. Please take a seat. Claudius! Take the bow for now –"

"No! Don't take it away…" Evie immediately protested, causing the queen to look at her with questioning eyes now on top of the worry that was reflected in them. "It didn't harm me. I think I just… I just saw something. When I touched it, I saw images flashed in my head. And that took me by surprise." 

Beatrice and Claudius glanced at each other, and they both finally calmed down. "Images? What kind of images?"

"It's blurry and the images doesn't seem to make sense. But I believe I'll understand or see more of it better if I hold on to the bow again." Evie explained as she kept staring at the bow. She felt that this bow should belong to her. And the feeling was getting stronger. She had the feeling that this item would be crucial in dealing with the Abyss of Darkness. 

"Alright, but Evie dear, maybe, we should speak with Gavy first about this and your father-in-law too. I'd like them to be around if you want to touch it again. I'm sorry… but this is just for extra precautions, okay? My dear?" Beatrice was holding Evie's hand tightly as she said that. And Evie saw a hint of fear in her eyes. It was like she was too afraid to do anything that would cause Evie any harm. She had noticed this before, but Beatrice was being too over-protective of her. "It's not that I don't trust you and your abilities. But it's still best for us to be extra cautious right? Especially during this tense times." 

Evie nodded, flashing a soft smile. "I understand mother. Alright, we will wait for them before trying it out again." She agreed and Beatrice let out a relieved smile. Somehow, Evie realized that Beatrice must have had some kind of trauma related to this for her to behave so strongly in this manner. After thinking for a few minutes, Evie realised that she must have been traumatized during the time when Gideon had lost Leah. And that is why she was being so over-protective of her. Or… could it be that… she had never mentioned it to the queen about this before, but…

"Mother… do you know that I'm pregnant?" Evie asked, realizing that of course, the queen must have realized it. Gavriel had noticed that she was pregnant by saying that he could hear the second heartbeat due the vampire's heightened hearing. 

Beatrice nodded, smiling sweetly at Evie. "Yes, child. I know that you're a very strong woman, a powerful light fae queen at that. But I guess, I am still unable to help myself but worry. I am just beyond ecstatic to think that I'll be having my very first grandchild soon!" She grinned wide but her eyes saddened in the next minute. "I wish for whatever that is coming to us to be dealt with immediately. I don't want you to go to war pregnant, Evie. You should be relaxing at home during these times..." 

"I understand your worries mother, but rest assured I'll be fine. And…" Evie touched her still flat belly with a soft smile. "I believe that out little angel here isn't weak." 

"Right. I believe so too," Beatrice agreed, "his or her heartbeat is pretty strong already!" 

And the mother and daughter duo's chat went directly into pregnancy topics. With Beatrice telling Evie some stories when she was still pregnant with Gav. 

Until the topic changed again and finally Evie managed to lead the topic back to her original aim. The mating bond between her and Gav. 

"I've been… curious about this… Mother, does Gav not have a mate because he's a half dark fae?" Evie asked and Beatrice fell silent, blinking at Evie for a while. 

"That, I'm not certain, my dear. Mating bonds aren't a topic dark faes are fond of but from all that I have learned so far, I have only read about an ancient half dark fae who had a mate. However, this halfling's half isn't a vampire but a light fae. Gavy is the only known half-dark fae, half-vampire up till now so far. So, I am not certain if he would be destined to have mate." Beatrice explained in a careful tone. 

The queen could feel the air around Evie stifling up as she discussed on this topic. And Beatrice immediately realized what Evie must be thinking of right now. 

"If we base it to that information you have read, half dark faes are the same as the full-blooded ones. They also do have mates." Evie said with much conviction and Beatrice heard the emotions vibrating in her voice. 

She reached out and grasp onto Evie's hand gently. "Evie… dearest, you're wondering as to why there is no mating bond between you and Gavy, aren't you?" she asked softly. And when Evie bit on her lower lip, Queen Beatrice could feel her heart clench in pain for her daughter-in-law. She could sympathise with Evie's worries. 

"Yes, mother." Evie honestly admitted. "And I can't help but wonder if I am not actually the mate destined for Gav and that's why…" her voice quavered, and she could not continue her sentence.

The queen squeezed her hand. "Oh, my dearest child… listen to me. Mating bonds are triggered differently for each couple. Many dark faes don't even meet their mates in their whole lifetime. If Gavy indeed has a mate, I am a hundred percent certain that it would be you. Personally, I just think it might only be taking quite a while longer to be triggered." 

"But… what if…" Evie nibbled the inside of her lips. "Is there… no way to trigger the bond… instead of just waiting for it to be triggered naturally?"

Her question made the queen go silent again. But her eyes were looking at Evie with understanding. Belial had told her that since the moment he laid eyes on her, their mating bond had been triggered that very moment itself. So Beatrice had not even thought of this question before. But this truly worried her as well. She could not even begin to imagine how awful the feeling would be for Evie, wondering if she was actually Gavy's mate. More so now that she is pregnant with his child. The mere possibility that some other woman might appear as Gavy's mate was enough to send Queen Beatrice into a slight frenzy, much less for Evie herself. She can't let Evie worrying about this issue at times like this! 

"Claudius?" Beatrice called for Claudius who had left them a while ago and the ancient dark fae came towards to them. "I have a question. Is there any way to trigger the mating bond between two people?" she asked curiously, and Claudius stilled, looking at the two queens with a neutral gaze. 

"There is, Your Majesty." He said with a nod.


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