SPELLBOUND - Chapter 655 Sea of flames

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Chapter 655 Sea of flames

  ”I… I know!” she was flustered at the queen’s self-introduction. She was not expecting the queen to introduce herself to a nobody like her. “I know you’re the queen, Your… Your Majesty.”

Beatrice flashed a soft smile at her again. “A pleasure to meet you, Laiza.”

”I-it was… n-nice to meet your acquaintance too, Q-queen Beatrice.” She glanced over at Levy again. The man was giving her a thumbs up as he winked at her, obviously telling her that she had done a ‘good job’. She could not help but bite down a smile looking at his playful face. This guy just could not stay serious for longer than is necessary, could he?

”Alright, I think we should go help them in there.” Queen Beatrice fixed her gaze ahead of them. She turned to look towards the group of dark faes that was led by one of Klauz’s commanders.

Everyone nodded. Laiza included.

”Laiza and Levy, you both should continue working together. I noticed that you both are so effective when working together using that pattern of attack you carried out a while ago.” The queen complimented them and as expected, Levy beamed brighter than any star that shone in the night sky.

Then he leaned against Laiza and said in a stage whisper. “See? Even the queen acknowledges that we are perfect together.” And he wiggled his brows at her.

Laiza: “. . .” she was so tempted to slap this guy up the head!! If only Queen Beatrice was not looking at them right now!

”Stop flirting you, dumbass!” Luc’s feet came flying over and delivered a timely kick onto Levy’s behind before he ran up and caught up to the queen who had already walked on ahead.


Somewhere along the right wing of the army, the fight had escalated and was going on so intensely that Evie was forced to send Vera and most of her dragons over there to support their soldiers who were fighting on the ground.

She did not want to send Vera too far away from her sight, but there really was no other choice with how things are proceeding at the moment. They were getting deeper and further into the abyss now and just as she had expected, the difficulty was escalating fast.

Vera herself was not even hesitating to go. She actually even volunteered herself for the task, that Evie could only relent somewhat helplessly, knowing that it was either her or Vera who had to go over. Thankfully, Azrael was there to reassure her that he would be on the look out for Vera.

After watching them disappear from her view, Evie focused herself on the battle ahead again. Her gaze fixed resolutely at the thicker and darker place that was ahead of them. They were getting there. Slowly but surely.

She prayed deep within her that they would reach Gideon sooner rather later. They needed to get rid of all of these monsters as soon as possible.

Onyx made a sudden turn and Evie saw that he had just narrowly evaded another catapulting giant. She breathed deep in awe at Onyx’s incredible reflex. She noticed that he would never make any extra moves, always only avoiding just enough to not get hit. And in the process, annoying the hell out of those monsters that were constantly targeting them. Evie could not help but laugh a little at how teasingly evil Onyx can be. Her dragon could actually see much better than her in the darkness!

And she found that she did not even need to order him anymore. Onyx knew exactly what he was doing. He could recognize which targets that he needed to incinerate and even the exactly right timing to attack. It was as though he was already used to this. Like he had done this for thousands of times before.

At first, Evie was surprised. But then she remembered that Onyx was an ancient being himself. That he had been through so many wars thousands of years ago. This dragon did not need her orders for him to act. And with the dark magic that he had acquired from mad king, his power seemed to be limitless right now.

Evie’s lingering worry that something might happen to Onyx was heightened as they got closer to the heart of the abyss due to the darkness that was transferred to him. But so far, as she was watching him, she could not feel or notice anything unusual that was going on with him as they moved deeper and further in.

It was honestly surprising, because this power he is having right now, used to belong to a royal mad king. Meaning, this power was the same as what Gav and Gideon possessed. And that was why it should not be too surprising if he was to be affected by the darkness. Yet he was not. At all.

Evie had tried to observe him during the last two days and then now that they were here, she was still keeping her eyes on him. Even concentrating on communicating with him. Onyx was still the same Onyx she remembered and was behaving very much the same as before, making her feel really relieved and thankful for that.

She reasoned out that perhaps, Onyx had the power to completely own the magic that he consumed and that no amount of darkness could corrupt him.

Another blast of fire from him incinerated the horde of monsters below, lighting up the darkness brilliantly with his dragon fire. When she saw the giants coming at them, a beam of light magic effortlessly blasted forth from her palm, hitting the giants’ faces and burning their eyes, rendering them blind and directionless.

She protected Onyx with her magic as the dragon continued breathing fire to the masses of their enemies below, killing more and more monsters, turning them into a sea of flames.

”Your Majesty! Two are coming from the right!” the light fae behind her yelled and Evie stretched out her other hand. Her magic then blasted out from her palms and hitting those oncoming monsters down. “More are coming our way!!!”

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