Spirit Vessel - Chapter 920: Seeing The Saintess Again

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Chapter 920: Seeing The Saintess Again

Only two factors currently prevented Feiyun from breaking through. The first was his level of comprehension in the Golden Silkworm Scripture; the second was the rebirth process.

He took out the massive Buddhist statue and entered Heavenly Kingdom. He meditated while sitting on top of the ocean water and summoning a golden river made of Buddhist essences.

He began absorbing the essences. All of his meridians opened for this accumulation process.

Xiao Xiaochan was surprised to see the large statue. That half-demon disappeared completely after entering the stomach.

Does he have his own realm?

She found him to be more and more mysterious, just like a puzzle, completely different from the subservient half-demons she met in the past. Even the half-demon domain lords were respectful towards her, let alone tying her up like this.

“Hey, who is he?” She asked the fruit.

“My uncle.” The fruit replied.

She rolled her eyes in doubt before turning her sight towards the statue: “Perhaps a successor from a high monk of an ancient lineage?”

The fruit thought that she was talking too much and waved the sword in front of her face twice: “Say one more word and I’ll add a pretty line to your face. That’s what Uncle told me to do.”

She gritted her teeth but still refrained from speaking.

“Whoosh!” A white figure suddenly descended from the clouds, surrounded by immortal mist and a sacred aura.

This newcomer had an ancient sword on her back, looking graceful and gorgeous. Her black hair draped evenly to her waist.

Green buds appeared below her steps and grew to become verdant grass.

“Big Sis Saintess, why are you here?” Xiao Xiaochan became excited to see her.

This girl had a shocking background. Even her father and third uncle needed to be respectful towards her. This half-demon was finished.

Aquamoon Saintess raised one finger, shooting out a ray to cut the chains off Xiao Xiaochan. The suppressive power inside the hall couldn’t fully restrain her spirit energy.

“You’re from Firmaments…” The saintess’ voice was transcending, looking like a fairy walking out of the smoke.

“My name is Xiao Xiaochan, I served you tea when you played chess with our Ninth Ancestor.” She was happy to get out of this mess. Her father and third uncle would be so jealous to hear this meeting as well.

“I followed the Sacred True Fruit’s aura to this place.” The saintess’ glow waned, revealing her beautiful face and spotless dress. A pale blue ribbon wrapped around her thin waist. Her eyes were brighter than the stars.

A sweet orchid fragrance came from her and wafted in the air.

She got closer to the fruit and gently placed two fingers on the fruits before speaking softly: “Would you like to return to Aquamoon Paradise with me?”

“Big Sis, is that really the fruit in the legends?” Xiao Xiaochan couldn’t believe it.

“My name is Mao Laoshi, and I’m waiting for my uncle so that we can go find my grandpa. I’m not going with you.” The fruit was on guard. Something coming from her was dreadful.

It thought that it had no chance of escaping if she wanted to capture it.

She didn’t force the issue and pulled her fingers back. She turned her focus on the golden statue, noticing a pathway by the stomach.

“Big sis, it’s lying to you. Its uncle is a wretched and shameless half-demon.” Xiaochan knocked on the fruit, only to harm her own fingers.

“Xiaochan, do not look down on the half-demons because of their low status, they are alive and equal to us. Their veins flow with human blood as well, they are part of humanity.” The saintess said elegantly.

“Mmm… but he’s definitely shameless.” Xiaochan muttered under her breath.

Just thinking about how he embraced her earlier made her uncomfortable. She wanted to take a bath right now in order to wash away his presence.

The saintess approached the statue and closed her eyes to feel its aura. She said: “Such purity, similar to a senior from an immemorial shrine.”

Xiaochan couldn’t believe it. It seemed that her speculation was correct. I gotta tell Third Uncle about this right away.

Their sect couldn’t afford to offend any of the immemorial shrines.


Inside an ocean in Heavenly Kingdom.

Feiyun had successfully stabilized the eighteenth phoenix bone. After absorbing a considerable amount of Buddhist essence, his cultivation rose until the peak of the third level.

The Sacred Palace Lord was at the same level. However, if they were to meet right now, Feiyun could destroy him in three punches without using his dragon-phoenix armor.

His physical prowess improved once more. With the help of the saints’ ashes, he could contend against fourth-level cultivators, even the ancestors from the ancient clans.

He took a deep breath and channeled energy onto his fingertip then shot them out. The ray pierced a mountain eight million miles away.

“Wow! Big Bro, you’re amazing.” Little Demoness came over while riding Whitey.

She was no longer the same as before, now a maiden at the age of twenty with curves in all the right places. Only Nangong Hongyan and Dongfang Jingyue could be considered prettier.

He recalled his energy and smiled: “I have to leave right now, tell Luofu and Cangyue I say hi.”

“No, you can’t. The kingdom is a mess right now, I want to leave with you to train. I’m tired of watching those women argue all the time.” Feng Qingqing got closer and grabbed his arm tightly, leaning her head onto his shoulder.

Due to the precarious situation outside, Feiyun didn’t have time to linger in the kingdom. It sounded like things weren’t going well.

“What’s happening? Is it Long Cangyue or Yao Ji causing trouble?” He asked.

“Not only those two, even Nalan, Yu’er, and Buddhist Supreme Wu too. I don’t know what’s wrong with them but they all seem to hate Big Sis Luofu.” She replied.

“Why? Isn’t Nalan focusing on learning Golden SIlkworm? Why is she in this mess too? And as for Wu Qinghua, I told her to take care of them, is she mad?” Feiyun could see that this wasn’t easy to deal with: “What about the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess? I asked her to take care of Luofu, she can’t stop those crazy women?”

“In the beginning, yes, but Big Sis Nalan and Big Sis Yao Ji have broken through recently. Big Sis Nalan has a natural Buddhist physique and six sariras. Her cultivation rose after you gave her that scripture, she even turned the six sariras into her own. She’s about as strong as the goddess now, no one can handle her temper.”

“As for Big Sis Yao Ji, she has the Ghost King Scripture and managed to create an original ghost soul of the nirvana affinity. She got into a fight with the goddess and left to the north, turning the ice region into a ghost domain.”

“The demonesses u hid on Black Fowl Island were found by Big Sis Cangyue. She used a dark art to devour all of them and sank the island.”

Feiyun pondered for a bit before answering: “Sounds like it’s a big mess indeed. Just ignore them for now, wait until I leave the grave and I’ll deal with them later.”

“Bro!” She acted coquettishly and swung his arm back and forth: “Since I snitched on them, they’ll eliminate me right away. Just take me outside with you, I won’t slow you down.”

“It’s very dangerous outside, you have to stay here.” He had no plan of taking her out.

However, the moment the path opened, she didn’t listen and flew out before him.

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