Start With Contracting Sprites - Chapter 295 - Eldest Senior Brother of the Flame Sect

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Chapter 295: Eldest Senior Brother of the Flame Sect

Dark Star Cluster, Star Explosion. This was the first time it was used after evolving into the Eternal Night Glory Concubine.

Su Hao looked at the battlefield in front of him that was almost blasted through. At this moment, he only had one thought: that move was dangerous.

That Burning-Eyed Fire Fox almost died.

The damage to the whole venue was also very serious. If it wasn’t repaired for a period of time, it couldn’t be used again.

Outside the arena.

The Sprite Trainers were stunned. They were battle maniacs, but not masochists. They had previously wanted to challenge Su Hao because they still had a certain degree of faith in their own abilities.

However, with such a big difference in strength… it was no longer a battle but a one-sided beating.

If it weren’t for the Burning-Eyed Fire Fox’s battle skills being high enough to hide itself in a corner of the battlefield just now, it would have died instantly.

That sprite was an extraordinary draped in elite-level skin!

Sprite Trainers who were ranked behind Li Si suddenly came up with all sorts of excuses as to why they had to leave. “I have a stomachache”, “I need to answer a phone call”, “I have a friend in trouble”…

In the blink of an eye, everyone scattered, but they didn’t really leave. They just hid in a corner, trying to see if the battle would continue.

Of course it did not.

The damage to the arena was too serious. The battle power of the Eternal Night Glory Concubine had also somewhat exceeded Su Hao’s expectations.

The battle maniacs didn’t dare to fight. Su Hao also… didn’t care much for these experience bags.

“Before its evolution, the elite-level limit was already very threatening, but now, even sprites like the Burning-Eyed Fire Fox, who have mastered unique secret manuals and infused precious treasures, whose battle power is second to none among the elite-level limit, were no match for Ehfu.”

“Then who else is able to fight Ehfu… I might have miscalculated.”

Of course, Eternal Night Glory Concubine still struggled a bit to win. Its current strength was still much weaker than Dumb Crow or Big Fat Bear in the early stages of the league.

The shortcomings were obvious.

“One problem. Eternal Night Glory Concubine currently lacks life-saving abilities. In the future, I’ll arrange for it to learn more displacement unique skills. When it develops to the limit of elite-level, I’ll arrange high-intensity battles to help it break through.”

From the breakthroughs of Dazed Crow and Dumb Unicorn, Su Hao understood that a “correct high-intensity battle” could help in breaking through.

He also wasn’t worried about the fact that Eternal Night Glory Concubine was too strong to find worthy opponents.

Whale Island University had a large number of upper-middle-rank elite-level sprites. And if that doesn’t work out, he still had Butterfly and the other five extraordinary students in the team to apply pressure on Eternal Night Glory Concubine.

Ehfu’s current cultivating conditions were pretty good.

Ehfu, who was suspended in mid-air, felt a chill all over his body. Black energy emerged and surrounded his body as he looked around warily.

“Eh~” “Ehfu?”

When Su Hao walked down he came across the Sprite Trainer called… Li Si . He was carrying his Burning-Eyed Fire Fox and walking over with a gloomy face.

He didn’t say anything harsh, just a little unsatisfied. If only he could have a rematch, but even so…

“I didn’t expect your sprite to unleash such a big mood that it ended up covering the entire venue. Among the cannon-type sprites, I’m willing to recognize it as the strongest, second only to the extraordinary-level sprites!”

Su Hao was speechless.

Li Si continued to speak, “Our Flame Sect has a branch and is also good at artillery and bombardment. How about it, do you want to visit our dojo? I’ll give you a 20% discount on unique skills and profound meanings. I wouldn’t just give this to anyone.”

The young man in casual clothes following behind Li Si had a resentful look on his face when he heard those words. That resentment seemed to be about to overflow.

He even glared at Su Hao.


“Yes, yes, I’ve long heard of the great name of Flame Sect.”

Su Hao had planned to visit the Flame Sect Dojo anyway. Now that he had a recommendation from a disciple, it was even better.

It was just that…

“My Eternal Night Glory Concubine, it’s not a cannon-type sprite.”

Under Li Si’s “you must be teasing me” expression, Su Hao gave Ehfu a small look.

Just then, Eternal Night Glory Concubine, who was in a balanced state, raised its white-gloved left hand and waved it gently.

Warm light sprinkled down, enveloping Li Si’s Burning Eye Fire Fox.

The miserable-looking Burning-Eyed Fire Fox’s injuries actually healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Its recovery speed was much faster than the professional medical sprites beside it!

Li Si: What the f*ck!

The Fire Sect Dojo was the top-level dojo in Dragon Nation.

What made it a top-level dojo? For a sect to become a top-level dojo, it needed at least two Heavenly King-level big bosses to spend more than ten years in the dojo and a certain number of nurtured experts.

Including the Heavenly King Fireking, Fire Sect Dojo had produced a total of four Heavenly Kings!

The other three were the second-generation sect master, the current Eldest Senior Brother of the Fire Sect Dojo, and… Heavenly King Yan, who had graduated from the Fire Sect Dojo and was currently the president of the Tiannan Province Association!

The one who gave Su Hao the recommendation letter.

This information couldn’t be found on the Internet. It was information that Su Hao found at the guild headquarters a month ago.

“We’re here.”

Li Si, his resentful sidekick, and Su Hao arrived at the front of the Fire Sect Dojo.

At this moment, classes were being held at the Fire Sect Dojo.

On the empty field, there were many Sprite Trainers sitting on mats. The younger ones were only in their teens, while the older ones were 40 to 50. Together with their sprites, they listened attentively to the young man’s lecture.

“That’s our Eldest Senior Brother.” Li Si lowered his voice and said.

He was said to be a Heavenly King-tier big boss who had advanced only two years ago. He had a very young face and was at most in his thirties. He had a gentle smile on his face and was talking about how to temper pressure and fuse flames.

Su Hao didn’t pay the tuition fee, but since he was already here, he wasn’t going to shut his ears and not listen.

He found a seat and sat down. He also called out the Dazed Crow.

Half an hour later, the class ended.

The students left in groups of two or three. Some went straight out of the training hall, while others went to the battle area at the side and called up their friends to study and practice the content of the lesson just now.

“Little Si.”

The gentle young man walked over, followed by a standing Demonic Flame Pig.

“Eldest Senior Brother, he’s the one I just…”

Just as Li Si spoke, the gentle young man said, “I know him.”

He looked at Su Hao. “Su Hao, right? I heard Uncle-Master Xia talk about you… That’s your Flaming Spiritcrow, right? As expected, it seems to have been cultivated very well.”

When they started talking about the cultivation of fire-element sprites, the Eldest Senior Brother was surprised to discover that this young man in front of him had very profound insight. Su Hao didn’t know any less than himself, who specialized in fire-element.

Of course, they were all talking about the mid- and low-level knowledge.

It also made Eldest Senior Brother feel that this person was a natural fire-element Sprite Trainer.

He considered Su Hao to be very compatible with the Flame Sect.

“Learn to melt fire from me, young man.” With a swish, he took out a list of skills that could be learned from… melt fire. “What do you want to learn? I’ll give you a 60% discount.”

At this moment, Li Si, who was being ignored, quietly looked at the two people chatting happily in front of him.

He was a little dazed.

I was the one to have introduced you two…

Just as he thought of this, he heard his Eldest Senior Brother say, “That Flaming Spiritcrow of yours has an extraordinary fire of its own. Are you interested in a battle? It’s just nice to broaden the horizons of the students.”

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