Start With Contracting Sprites - Chapter 296 - Returning to Tiannan

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Chapter 296: Returning to Tiannan

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My name is Li Si.

Today, I lost to a Sprite Trainer called the Phantom. I was very indignant. I pulled him to the Fire Sect Dojo, wanting to show him the strength of my seniors, so that I could save some face.

I never expected that the Phantom, who was clearly only the same age as me, could actually hold a conversation and laugh alongside Eldest Senior Brother.

I was envious and jealous.

But I wasn’t going to reveal that I didn’t understand what they were saying. I just gritted my teeth so hard that they broke.

I stared blankly at their disappearing figures as their words echoed in my ears…

“I’m so silly, really. Only now have I come to realize that Phantom is a big boss.”

Inside the advanced battlefield of the Fire Sect Dojo.

At this point, many students had already gathered and were waiting with anticipation.

They were just ordinary students. To them, it was already very rare for them to be able to listen to Eldest Senior Brother’s lecture, let alone being able to see him battle.

Without exception, everyone who was in the training hall rushed over. Those who weren’t at the training hall but heard about it were also rushing over.

At one end of the arena, the Senior Brother started speaking, his voice spreading far and wide.

“As everyone knows, there are differences in quality in flames. High-grade flames can directly swallow low-grade flames, or even other unique skills, but many people may not have a direct understanding of high-grade flames.”

“Today, I’ll demonstrate that.”

Without starting the battle, Eldest Senior Brother randomly chose a lucky person from the audience and called him up.

“Let your sprite use its best unique skill.”

The one on the field was a common Bursting Flame Bat. It opened its mouth, and orange-red flames kept accumulating. Two to three seconds later, a hot and hot big fire ball flew out with a bang.

At this moment, Eldest Senior Brother’s Demonic Flame Pig also raised a much smaller fire ball.

The two orange fireballs collided, but didn’t explode. Instead, the small fireball swallowed the big fireball, turned into a burning fire ball, and continued flying forward.

But under the control of the Demonic Flame Pig, the huge fire ball bent and hit the edge of the field.


Rolling flames exploded, illuminating the faces of the surrounding people.

“This is the power of high-quality flames. It is able to rule low-quality flames. Of course, I have also used some of the techniques of the Flame Sect, which all of you will soon be able to learn”

They had a feeling that Senior Brother was using the opportunity to advertise, but the Sprite Trainers were still excited nevertheless.

As long as one could learn something from the techniques of the Flame Sect, one would have the capital to become strong.

At this moment, Eldest Senior Brother said, “Now, let’s invite a guest to have a contest of fire with my Demonic Flame Pig.”


With a cry, the handsome and mighty Flaming Spiritcrow flew onto the field and hovered in mid-air, scattering specks of flames.

A figure also stood on the Sprite Commandeering platform on the right.

“Isn’t that the Phantom?”

A student recognized it. “Just this morning, the Phantom had defeated Li Si! You guys haven’t seen that scene, it insta-killed Li Si’s Burning-Eyed Fire Fox in just one hit.”

Li Si :”…” It was as if the words had stabbed him right in his heart.

“Wait, isn’t the Phantom an elite-level Sprite Trainer?”

“No, the Phantom has a rare ghost-element sprite, an extraordinary one. It appeared in Bright City a few days earlier.”

“That’s not the point. Isn’t the Phantom a ghost-element Sprite Trainer?”

“Yeah, the title Phantom is clearly ghost-element. What’s going on now? Is that Flaming Spiritcrow also Phantom’s sprite?”

“But as strong as the Phantom was, it’s impossible for him to be Eldest Senior Brother’s match, right? Even though it’s only fighting a second-tier sprite.”

“He probably isn’t Senior Brother’s match. How old is Phantom? He’s even younger than my daughter. Speaking of which, I think that this Phantom is talented… and very suitable for my daughter.”

“What are you thinking! He’s mine!”

The regular battlefield was a field made out of alloy. The hardness was enough to resist an extraordinary full-power attack.

At this moment…

The aura of two sprites gradually rose.

Flames surrounded the Demonic Flame Pig. The orange-red flames gradually turned black, making one’s heart palpitate.

As for the Dazed Crow, the flames around its body turned into feathers and entered the “Flaming Feather Form”. The Flaming Feather Saber lengthened and suddenly slashed out a bright Flaming Saber Ray.


The saber beam tore through the air and shot out.

At the same time, the Demonic Flame Pig’s black flames also turned into a huge arrow and shot out abruptly.

Black and red flames collided in the air.

It exploded with a boom, and a terrifying shock wave swept out, shaking the enchantment until it buzzed.

“What’s going on? Shouldn’t it be engulfed by flames?”

“This means that the quality of the two flames is similar!”

The crimson saber light slashed continuously.

The black flames also changed into various shapes and flew out with whooshing sounds.

Bursts of explosions rang out continuously. The whole arena was already covered in a sea of fire. The faces of every audience outside the arena were also illuminated red.

After a while, when the exhibition match ended, the figures of the Demonic Flame Pig and the Flaming Spiritcrow appeared in everyone’s eyes again.

Eldest Senior Brother Melting Fire asked, “Did you learn anything from this battle?”

The students nodded.

But aren’t you just showing off your high-quality flames?

Did we have such high-quality flames? We… we don’t!

The exchange with the Senior Brother of the Fire Sect was very pleasant for Su Hao.

Although Su Hao couldn’t stay at the dojo to learn fire-melting techniques, Dazed Crow stayed behind on his behalf. This was a win-win situation.

In essence, the Dazed Crow’s blade light was the ultimate flame forging pressure.

It had something in common with the Flame Sect.

Staying there to further his studies was very helpful to the crow.

Su Hao was also relieved.

After leaving Zhongzhou City, his started to travel at a much faster pace. He only stopped at a few big cities and scrounged for classes at a few high-level and top-level dojos.

At the end of October, Su Hao returned to Tiannan Province as scheduled.

During this period, Big Fat Bear was left at a thunder-element dojo to systematically learn high-end lightning-element controls.

Dumb Unicorn stayed at a water dojo. It was a sect that was good at triggering the power of the astronomical phenomenon. Dumb Unicorn wanted to perfect the “Cloud Mist Qilin” there.

Dazed Crow, Dummy, and Fatty were all studying abroad.

Only Butterfly, Little Ehfu, and Ah Yan followed Su Hao back to Tiannan Province.

“The train is about to stop at Yunhua South Station. Passengers, please bring your luggage and belongings along with you and get off in an orderly manner…”

On the second day of Dumb Unicorn’s absence, Su Hao had started to miss it.

Without a mount, Su Hao could only ride the high-speed rail. When buying tickets for Eternal Night Glory Concubine, the ticketing staff kept asking it to show a human identity card, which made Su Hao very troubled.

He could only prove time and time again that Ehfu was a sprite.

Later on, he decided to just let it stay in Ah Yan’s shadow space. He didn’t have any problems after that.

At Yunhua South Station, Su Hao originally wanted to use a shared bicycle, but considering the quality of the bicycle, he still called for a taxi and headed to the laboratory.

He had been thinking along the way.

“I need to arrange an environment of extreme light and darkness for Little Ehfu to practice its unique skills.”

“After Butterfly obtained the Transformation Pearl, it combined the Spiritual Pearl and the illusory transformation to develop a new secret manual,” Shifting Forms “. Currently, it’s creating the second type, so there was nothing for Su Hao to worry about.”

“But Ah Yan…”

“At the moment, the system is only in its embryonic form and the Ghost Parade is still far away. My other idea… Fierce Ghost Carrying Coffin Sealing Technique,might actually be more feasible…”

Su Hao made a calculation in his head.

At the moment, Su Hao needed to arrange opponents for Little Ehfu and also help Ah Yan catch a few ghosts. He also needed to call from time to time to check on the cultivation progress on the dumb, dazed, fat trio.

Eternal Night Glory Concubine’s paper was also unfinished.

The characteristics of the Body of Light and Darkness also needed to be written separately.

After that, his jade powder set meal couldn’t be delayed any longer. When the Supernova Cup began, there would be even less of a chance to launch it!

“Once again, I’m enduring more than what I’m supposed to!”

Su Hao didn’t have clones, so he had no choice but to order a book on time management online to learn how others managed their time efficiently.

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