Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class - Chapter 448 - What An Ordinary Yet Overly Confident Man

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Chapter 448 What An Ordinary Yet Overly Confident Man

After Fan Zhibao left the rest area, his heart was filled with rage. Only Qin Chuan would appease his anger.

His lackey had given him information that Qin Chuan was on the fourth level.

Fan Zhibao was an elder now and had special rights.

Apart from not having to pay contribution points for the topmost levels of the Dao Techniques Chamber, elders could freely enter or leave the other levels as well.

He came to the fourth level full of hostility.

He gently swiped the elder token at the card slot beside the stone door. The stone door opened, and he easily entered.

At this moment, Qin Chuan was engrossed in his book and did not notice Fan Zhibao, who had just entered.

Fan Zhibao’s movements were very loud, and he completely disregarded the rules of the Dao Technique Chamber.

He soon discovered Qin Chuan. “Get up!” Fan Zhibao came before Qin Chuan and ordered.

Upon hearing him, Qin Chuan’s reading rhythm was interrupted.

He looked up and saw Fan Zhibao looking like he was about to eat someone. He seemed to have guessed something.

“Hey! Senior Brother Fan.” Qin Chuan closed his book nonchalantly, stood up, and bowed slightly.

Fan Zhibao’s entire body was filled with hostility. He said with a solemn expression, “I already warned you before to stay away from Junior Sister Mengyao.

“But you ignored my words. Not only did you not leave, you even became more unbridled. I think you need to be taught a lesson before you will listen.”

Qin Chuan was very calm as he said, “Senior Brother Fan, is there a misunderstanding here? My relationship with Senior Sister Gu is very clean. How have I been unbridled?”

“Heh!” sneered Fan Zhibao. “Stop arguing.

“Do you dare to say that the dark green jade hairpin in Gu Mengyao’s hair wasn’t from


Qin Chuan didn’t deny it. He replied casually, “I went to the night market and saw that the jade hairpin was pretty, so I brought it back.

“Oh right! Other than Senior Sister Gu, I also gave Lu Yiping one.”

“Senior Brother, I just felt that the jade hairpin was quite suitable for Senior Sister Gu, so I bought it and gave it to her. It was like a simple gift, nothing else.” Qin Chuan added.

At this moment, Fan Zhibao was filled with anger. Even if Qin Chuan had painted a flowery explanation, he wouldn’t listen.

“I’m warning you seriously. Gu Mengyao only belongs to me, and only I am a worthy match for her.

“If I find out that you and Mengyao are behaving intimately again, I guarantee that you will regret it.

“Right! I forgot to mention this! From today onwards, my identity is no longer as a disciple but as an elder.

“I took less than 300 years of cultivation to become an Immortal. I’ve surpassed countless people.

“You definitely can’t achieve this.

“I wonder what Junior Sister Mengyao sees in you.

“Also, as a disciple, why aren’t you greeting an elder respectfully? Remember to bow lower.”

In the end, Fan Zhibao suppressed the anger in his heart and temporarily did not make a move on Qin Chuan.

However, he couldn’t let him go just like that.

And when Qin Chuan heard this, he definitely wouldn’t obey.

Is an elder very powerful?

My big brother is an Immortal King!

Look at how arrogant you’ve gotten just by becoming a mere Immortal.

What an ordinary yet overly confident man.

Qin Chuan ignored him, disregarding his words.

Fan Zhibao’s expression darkened even further. “Are you going to violate the sect rules? Do you believe that I’ll cripple you with a single palm strike?”

Qin Chuan waved his hand. “Senior Brother Fan… oh, I should call you Elder.

“My back hasn’t been well recently. I can’t really bend down. I’ll give you a big bow when I’m better. “

“Do you think I’ll believe you?” Fan Zhibao’s cheeks were puffing up and down. He was probably at his limits.

Qin Chuan was still as slick as ever and never once looked Fan Zhibao in the eye.

Fan Zhibao couldn’t hold it in anymore.

He really wanted to take action, but this was the Dao Technique Chamber, where violence was strictly prohibited. He would be severely punished.

Even as an elder, he could not avoid punishment.

“I’ve just become an elder. If I create any negative news, it will greatly damage my image and leave a bad impression on the disciples.

“But this kid completely disregarded me. If I don’t teach him a lesson and allow him to think that I don’t dare to do anything to him, he will definitely go overboard in the future.

“I must not let him become too arrogant.

“I have to think of a way to embarrass him in public so that he won’t have the face to approach Mengyao.”

“But I’m an elder. If I bully a disciple, I’m afraid I’ll be gossiped about. It’ll also damage my image.”

Fan Zhibao thought to himself. He was thinking of a way to humiliate Qin Chuan without damaging his image.

However, no matter how he thought about it, there was no good solution.

Fan Zhibao was starting to regret breaking through so quickly.

“Sigh, this damn talent!

“If I hadn’t transcended the tribulation, I could challenge him without any qualms.

“Then, in front of all the disciples, I would trample him so he wouldn’t be able to raise his head again.”

At this thought, Fan Zhibao shook his head and sighed regretfully.

Seeing this, Qin Chuan was a little confused.

He did not understand why Fan Zhibao would let out such a sigh.

“Your name is Xiaoming, right?” asked Fan Zhibao.

Qin Chuan nodded.

“Xiaoming, I will emphasize this one thing again.

“Junior Sister Mengyao is someone that I have taken a liking to. Please keep a distance from her in the future. It’s best if you never come into contact with her.

“If you agree now, you can state your conditions. As long as it’s within my acceptable range, I will definitely satisfy you.”

For the sake of his own reputation, Fan Zhibao had no choice but to use soft tactics.

After all, his identity was different now. He had to consider many things.

Qin Chuan pondered for a moment, then said, “Elder, I can tell that your love for Senior Sister Gu is like the waters of a river, flowing endlessly.

“But the relationship between Senior Sister Gu and me is really just that of a senior and junior.

“But seeing how devoted you are, I can also sacrifice myself and not look for Senior Sister Gu anymore.

“As for the condition, I’m afraid you can’t fulfill it.”

Fan Zhibao’s eyes lit up when he heard that. He thought to himself, using soft tactics when the hard ones don’t work is indeed effective.

He immediately said to Qin Chuan, “You haven’t even said anything. How can you be sure that I can’t fulfill it?

“Tell me what you want!”

“Alright, I’ll tell you then.” Qin Chuan pretended to be serious. “Actually, my condition is very simple. It’s not that complicated.

“I just hope that Elder can loudly say in front of all the senior brothers and sisters ‘Xiaoming is my grandfather and I’m Xiaoming’s grandson’. You just need to repeat it three times.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fan Zhibao, who originally had a hint of joy, instantly exuded a sharp killing intent.

“You want to die!!”

Fan Zhibao could no longer control himself.

He quickly reached out, grabbed Qin Chuan by the throat, and lifted him up.

Qin Chuan was not flustered at all.

This situation was within his expectations.

“Ah! Murder!

“Elder Fan Zhibao is going to kill someone!”

“Save me! Elder Fan Zhibao is about to kill someone.”

Qin Chuan shouted very loudly, and his voice echoed throughout the entire level. Everyone could hear him clearly.

Following the direction of the voice, the people who were reading the books immediately rushed over and witnessed the entire scene.

Some who didn’t know Fan Zhibao immediately stepped forward to stop him.

With a glance from Fan Zhibao, the suppression that belonged to a Heaven Immortal instantly forced those people back.

All those below the Immortal realm were nobodies.

Ordinary cultivators would have long lost consciousness from the suppression.

The Luo Ding Sect was a top second-tier faction, after all, and these people were disciples of the headquarters. Although they were not suppressed, it was still difficult for them to resist.

The commotion here instantly alerted the elders of the Dao Technique Chamber.

Several elders passed through the internal teleportation array in the Dao Technique Chamber and instantly arrived at the entrance of the fourth level.

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