Starting With One Million Luck Points - Chapter 547 - Break Through the Dao

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Chapter 547 Break Through the Dao

When the divine soil heard Zhou Hao say this, it was immediately stunned. It hurriedly regained its senses and looked around. Its expression immediately changed!

“Damn, this… this…”

The divine soil immediately jumped up as its body trembled. It looked at the vast ice mountain outside and was dumbfounded on the spot!

“The Moro Race’s cage? Hehe, Zhou Hao, did you do something shameful again? Did the heavens punish you for coming here?”

The divine soil snorted. It was very infuriating!

However, it suddenly saw Bai Renxue and was stunned for a moment. Its body twisted, turning into a huge face that stared at Bai Renxue!

“Hmm? Your aura is so strange. You actually have the aura of the Universe Essence. Moreover, I can sense the inheritance of the Ice Lotus Flame. Woman, is your ancestor called Bai Shenglian?”

This sentence not only stunned Zhou Hao, but it also stunned Bai Renxue!

Zhou Hao was stunned because this divine soil could actually distinguish between men and women. This surprised him.

As for Bai Renxue, she was stunned because the other party was really right!

The top name on her family tree was Bai Shenglian!

“You know my ancestor?” Bai Renxue immediately said with a vigilant expression!

“Tch, of course. Your ancestor’s beauty was famous throughout the world back then. Many people wanted to meet your ancestor, Bai Shenglian. Back then, that toad and I had to spend a lot of effort sneaking a peek at her bathing. Damn, now that I think about it, I think I finally understand what characterizes a woman. Her skin, that figure, that appearance, everything was simply… Snow-white…” The divine soil was very excited. When it said this, it suddenly paused. Seeing Zhou Hao and Bai Renxue looking at him strangely, it immediately coughed dryly.

“Actually, I didn’t want to peek at her bathing back then. It was the toad’s fault for insisting to bring me along. It seems that you have inherited 70 to 80% of your ancestor’s essence power. Not bad.”

The divine soil carefully sized up Bai Renxue and saw that her clothes were disheveled and her body was exposed. Its expression immediately changed before it cursed angrily.

“Zhou Hao, you bastard. You just stole Su Xiaoyu’s first kiss a few days ago. Now, you’re acting like this with this woman. You… you… how should I describe you… you’re too… too shameless. How could I have a master like


At this point, the divine soil was very annoyed. It was as if Zhou Hao had embarrassed it.

When Bai Renxue heard this, she was also furious. Her pretty face turned red as she glared at Zhou Hao!

However, when she heard the divine soil’s words, she was still surprised. She knew about the Su sisters. Su Xiaoyu had always been relatively cold. How could her first kiss be stolen by Zhou Hao?

“Hmph, this Zhou Hao is indeed not a gentleman. He acted like a gentleman on the surface but did indecent things secretly. Most importantly, he even said that he has a girlfriend. Could it be that… his girlfriend is Su Xiaoyu?”

Women liked to gossip. Even Bai Renxue was no different. However, Zhou Hao was furious when he heard this and said directly.

“Can you stop talking so much nonsense? We’re currently trapped here. Do you have any way to get us out of here?”

At this point, Bai Renxue could not help but say.

“Can you enter the backpack freely? I… I want something to wear.” Bai Renxue’s voice was very soft. After all, she would definitely be embarrassed to be looked at by two men!

Although the divine soil was a spirit pet, this guy’s mouth was too sarcastic. She really could not tolerate it.

“Right. Go in the backpack and get some food. Get her a shirt as well.”

Zhou Hao hurriedly said.

The divine soil nodded and disappeared. Then, it appeared with a man’s shirt in its hand…

This shirt was still Zhou Hao’s. All his clothes were in his backpack.

Other than the shirt, there were other clothes inside. However, this divine soil just had to take out such a thing…

Wasn’t… wasn’t this too tempting?!

Shen Tu directly threw the white shirt to Bai Renxue, whose pretty face was incomparably red!

“You… you…”

“What? This is the only piece of clothing in his backpack. If you don’t want to wear it, you can stay naked!”

The divine soil blinked. It was as cunning as a chicken!

Bai Renxue was very depressed, but this shirt was better than nothing. Therefore, after thinking for a moment, she began to wear it!

Zhou Hao was 1.9 meters tall, and Bai Renxue had a good figure. She was also 1.7 meters tall.

However, the shirt was still large for her and barely covered her thighs.

Although her upper body was covered, after she wore it, she became even more enchanting and sexy than before!

Women were not supposed to wear men’s shirts. After all, ordinary men could not handle such a sight!

Zhou Hao immediately swallowed and hurriedly turned his head away. Damn, this Bai Renxue was really a demon. She did not say or do anything, but she was already able to trigger him!

Bai Renxue’s pretty face was red. Even if she did not see what she looked like, she could still sense it from Zhou Hao’s expression.

Zhou Hao hurriedly said, “Um, do you have a way to get us out?”

The divine soil shook its head. “We can’t get out. This is a forbidden place. You can’t even return to the intersection you came from. That place is blocked by the wind and frost. If you forcefully break through, you will only be obliterated by the wind and frost.”

Zhou Hao had never thought of returning the way he came from. He wanted to recover his cultivation and teleport out.

“Then… what can you do to help us recover our cultivation? Even 30% is fine!”

Zhou Hao hurriedly said.

The divine soil blinked and looked at the two of them. After thinking for a long time, it scratched its ears and cheeks before saying.

“I do have a cultivation technique that can help you instantly condense 30% of your cultivation!”

After hearing this, Zhou Hao and Bai Renxue looked at each other and were immediately excited.

“Really? What’s the cultivation technique? Tell


Zhou Hao hurriedly said.

The divine soil coughed dryly and looked at Zhou Hao and Bai Renxue.

“Are you sure you want to cultivate this?”

“Nonsense. If we can recover our cultivation, why wouldn’t we? Stop talking nonsense. Tell me quickly. I don’t want to stay here for another minute!”

Bai Renxue also hurriedly nodded. She also thought the same and wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

“Alright, as long as it’s what you guys want. However, let me be frank. I’m not forcing you at all!”

When the divine soil said this, Zhou Hao and Bai Renxue were stunned for a moment. The two of them were not stupid and naturally could tell that there was a hidden meaning in its words.

“Tell me, how are we supposed to cultivate this cultivation technique?” Zhou Hao asked nervously.

“Hehe, it’s actually very simple. The male has yang energy, and the female has yin energy. Yin and yang energy can be harmonized and condensed into pure energy!”

As the divine soil spoke, its wretched expression made Zhou Hao and Bai Renxue’s expressions turn ugly!

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