Starting With One Million Luck Points - Chapter 590 - Ji Yaoyue

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Chapter 590 Ji Yaoyue

Zhou Hao entered the spacecraft and looked over. It was all high-tech. Countless buttons and screens dazzled him.

However, compared to his own spaceship, he could still sense that it lacked technology.

It had to be known that after Thousand Feather Armor controlled the intelligent entity, all the control systems of the spacecraft were carried out by Thousand Feather Armor. There were no buttons at all.

There was only a huge screen.

“What are you thinking about?”

Sun Shan saw Zhou Hao in a daze and could not help but say.

“Uh… I’m a little… shocked.” Zhou Hao coughed dryly and hurriedly said. “Right? This Blue Demon is the exclusive warship of Battle God Shengwu. There’s only one such warship on Planet Earth, and it contains all the highest technology on Planet Earth. Not only that, but this warship is something that was found in the ancient ruins and is a product of the ancient times. Not only does it have a lot of research value, but this Blue Demon’s combat strength is also ridiculously powerful.”

“There are no more than five such battleships on the entire Planet Earth!”

Sun Shan also looked at the Blue Demon enviously and smacked his lips.

“It’s so precious… I wonder if it can compete with the Thousand Feather Armor.”

Zhou Hao blinked and could not help but think.

“Alright, Battle God Shengwu has come personally. Other than protecting you, she also has something to tell you.”

After Sun Shan finished speaking, he turned around and sat in the cockpit. Just as Zhou Hao did not know what to do, a small robot appeared in front of him.

“Mr. Zhou Hao, Senior Ji is waiting for you. Please come with me.”

As he spoke, the robot led the way and Zhou Hao hurriedly followed behind.

After arriving at a place that was like an elevator, Zhou Hao felt the entire elevator descend. Then, he arrived at a huge room!

Zhou Hao blinked and was stunned!

This place… was very simple. Other than a huge sofa, there was a huge projection. Not far away, there was a huge bed.

On the bed… there were a few small black things scattered here and there, making Zhou Hao blink.

“Damn… Could this be the bedroom of Battle God Shengwu?!”

Zhou Hao was shocked and stunned.

At this moment, Battle God Shengwu, who was wearing a bathrobe and wiping her hair, walked out of the door behind him. Water beads were hanging on her hair, and she smelled especially fragrant. She walked over in an incomparably enchanting and sexy manner.

Her long, fair legs almost blinded Zhou Hao.

She walked with her bare feet.

“Sorry I’m late. I was delayed by something.”

Battle God Shengwu was rather carefree. As she spoke, she sat on the sofa, making Zhou Hao not know what to do.

“This is my room. I haven’t cleaned it yet. Sit down.”

Battle God Shengwu pointed at the sofa in front of Zhou Hao and said casually.

“Uh… alright.”

Although the woman in front of him was very beautiful, Zhou Hao really did not dare to be presumptuous. He did not even dare to look at her.

Although she was very beautiful… and enchanting… Zhou Hao was still a little afraid.

“Zhou Hao, right? Impressive. You obtained the spirit gem of the Moro Race and even obtained a Saint Realm cultivation technique. You didn’t make a wasted trip.”

Battle God Shengwu smiled and casually threw away her towel. She lit a cigarette. Under the lingering smoke, she looked at Zhou Hao curiously.

“Oh, right, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Ji Yaoyue, also Battle God Shengwu of the Battle God Battalion.”

Ji Yaoyue introduced herself simply. When Zhou Hao heard this name, he could not help but think to himself.

“What a beautiful demon… This name suits her.”

However, Zhou Hao did not dare to say this.

“Let me ask you this. Did you kill Blue and Buye?”

After Ji Yaoyue asked, Zhou Hao was immediately stunned. He looked up and was about to say no when Ji Yaoyue curled her lips.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t kill them. Others might not know, but I do. Although there are no real-time surveillance cameras in the Moro Race, there are devices that collect mental strength. Be it Blue or Buye, they lost their signs of life after encountering you. Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence?”

Zhou Hao was dumbfounded on the spot!

Did she know that he had killed someone?

However, despite knowing that he had killed someone, she still protected him. Moreover, she had spoken so righteously just now, making Zhou Hao think that she believed him completely.

“Uh… Senior Ji, you… you already know?”

Zhou Hao scratched his head and could not help but say.

“Nonsense, of course I know.”

Ji Yaoyue could not help but smile and say indifferently.

“You’re really hiding your strength. Lingtian told me that you’re the same person as that Senior Zhou, right?”

Ji Yaoyue’s words made Zhou Hao even more helpless.

There were really no secrets between experts who had surpassed the Heaven Realm!

“There’s no need for you to be nervous. Don’t worry, you and I are the only ones that know that you killed someone. No one else will know about it. Even Lingtian, I won’t tell him.”

Ji Yaoyue waved her hand and did not care at all. Then, she looked at Zhou Hao and narrowed her eyes.

“However, in return, you have to stay in the Battle God Battalion for the rest of your life and you are not allowed to betray us. Otherwise, I will… kill you!”

A second ago, she was still calm, but in the next second, she was filled with endless domineeringness, making Zhou Hao’s back turn cold.

“Senior Ji, may I ask if it’s because of the spirit gem?” Zhou Hao said.

He was worried that the spirit gem he had fused with would be taken away by them!

“Nonsense, of course. However, don’t worry. Once a spirit gem recognizes a master, it’s very difficult to take it away. Even if I kill you, it will still return to the universe. Even if it is found, ordinary people won’t be able to get it to recognize them as its master. After all, despite so many patriarchs and geniuses in the Moro Race, there weren’t more than five people who can completely control the spirit


Ji Yaoyue’s words relieved Zhou Hao. As long as they did not want to kill him, he was naturally not worried.

“Senior Ji, don’t worry. Whether I have the spirit gem or not, I won’t leave the Battle God Battalion!”

Zhou Hao immediately said.

“Hehe, your answer surprised me. However, I won’t mistreat you if you stay in the Battle God Battalion. The matter of you obtaining the Moro Race’s inheritance is a huge secret. Only the people who participated in this operation know about it. In fact, many of them don’t know much about it. Therefore, don’t worry, your safety is still guaranteed.”

“In addition, now that you’ve returned with such a huge contribution, I can’t let you continue to be a student no matter what. From today onwards, you’re an official member of the Battle God Battalion and a member of my Shengwu Division. Your status is comparable to the acting elders of the various divisions. When you step into the Heaven Realm, you will be treated as an official elder. How about that?”

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