Starting With One Million Luck Points - Chapter 591 - Vacation

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Chapter 591 Vacation

When Zhou Hao heard this, he was extremely excited on the spot!

After all, as an acting elder, wouldn’t his status be similar to that of the Xu family’s patriarch?

It had to be known that the other party was an expert at the twelfth-grade Heaven Realm and was one of the elders of the Green Cloud Division.

If he joined the Shengwu Division, he would be like them once he entered the Heaven Realm!

At that time, even the Xu family would have no choice but to treat him seriously!

Zhou Hao was very excited. Bai Linglong was indeed telling the truth!

“Alright, Sun Shan will explain the treatment to you personally after this. I won’t say too much to you. Let’s talk about… the Saint Realm cultivation technique first. You can keep the eighty-one cultivation techniques, but I need one. Of course, it’s not for nothing. I’ll give you 50 billion yuan. Is that alright?”

Ji Yaoyue’s first words made Zhou Hao’s head ring!

50 billion…


This was too freaking generous!

“Senior Ji, of course there’s no problem. Not to mention 50 billion, even if you don’t pay, I’ll still give it to the Battle God Battalion!”

Zhou Hao immediately said without hesitation.

“Hehe, cut it out. My Battle God Battalion doesn’t lack that bit of money.”

Ji Yaoyue rolled her eyes at Zhou Hao. She naturally did not believe his nonsense.

“You also gave the cultivation techniques to the Su family, the Jin family, and the Sun family. This was fine. After all, these families all have an intimate relationship with my Battle God Battalion.”

Ji Yaoyue said indifferently and continued.

“The second thing is about your spirit gem. I think you should know something about the spirit gem, right?”

Ji Yaoyue asked.

“I know a little. It’s said that the ancient products of the universe can open ancient civilizations and obtain powerful strength. It’s even possible to use it to make announcements in the universe.” Zhou Hao told Ji Yaoyue what Huang said.

“That’s right. Not many people… know about this. Including you, there are less than ten people who know. The others only know that this is a mysterious gem. In their eyes, it’s just a treasure. They don’t know that this thing comes from the ancient civilization in the universe. They don’t know that there are a total of five such gems.”

Ji Yaoyue nodded and said indifferently.

“Since you’ve obtained this thing, you have to slowly master it. The spirit gem is very powerful and is very helpful to you. I won’t say much.”

Ji Yaoyue was rather carefree and did not waste her breath.

“You must be tired after experiencing so many days in the Moro Race space. Therefore, I think I’ll give you a month off. After a month, I’ll find you personally. In this month, you can relax well. After that, your life won’t be easy after you join my Shengwu Division. Do you understand?”

Ji Yaoyue smiled with gratification in her eyes.

She had never even thought that it was possible for Zhou Hao to obtain that fortune.

However, who knew that this guy was actually so full of surprises!

It was naturally much better for the spirit gem to be placed in the Battle God Battalion than anywhere else. At the very least, with her around, she could protect it and supervise


It would be bad if it fell into the hands of some evil family!

Hearing that he would be given a month off, Zhou Hao was extremely happy. Ever since he entered the Battle God Battalion, he had not been able to relax.

After coming out of the ancient ruins this time, it had simply changed drastically.

Be it his martial path or his identity, they were incomparable.

“What? Are you tempted? Since you’re tempted, I won’t disturb your vacation time. After you talk to Sun Shan, you can have fun.”

Ji Yaoyue smiled. She did not look like a battle god at all. Instead, she looked like a female gangster!

Zhou Hao blinked and coughed dryly.

“Senior Ji… can I… ask you a question?”

Zhou Hao was really too curious and could not help but want to ask.

“Oh? What question?”

Ji Yaoyue was also a little puzzled.

“Um… Senior Ji… how… how old are you?”

Zhou Hao looked at Ji Yaoyue. No matter how he looked at it, she was about his age. If he had to guess, he would only say that she was about two to three years older than him!

Be it her aura, temper, or appearance, she did not look like a middle-aged woman!

However, her cultivation was not at the Heaven Realm, but the Saint Realm!

Could such a cultivation be cultivated in twenty years?

Indeed, hearing this question, Ji Yaoyue smiled. She could not be bothered to waste her breath. With a wave of her hand, a big screen appeared in the entire room. Then, the identity of a Huaxia resident on Planet Earth was displayed.

Zhou Hao hurriedly looked over and saw the new year column. His eyes immediately widened.

“A year… older than me!?”

Zhou Hao’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Senior Ji… are… are you only a year older than me?”

At this moment, Zhou Hao became like a pervert. As soon as he opened his mouth, Ji Yaoyue frowned.

“What? Do I look like I’m older?”

Ji Yaoyue could not help but say.

“No, no, no… but… Senior Ji, why is your cultivation…”

Zhou Hao did not finish speaking. He was really puzzled. The other party was only a year older than him. How did the other party cultivate to this point?

It had to be known that his cultivation only soared after obtaining the Heaven Dao software. Even so, he could be considered a talented person!

Even if he was not especially monstrous, he was still not far off. However, compared to her, he was simply far inferior! “Hmph, this… is a secret. Alright, you can get lost.”

Ji Yaoyue sneered and waved her hand, directly pushing Zhou Hao out. In an instant, Zhou Hao left his room. When he appeared, he had already arrived in front of Sun Shan.

“How was the conversation? Not bad?”

Sun Shan smiled and looked at Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao nodded, but he hurriedly said, “Mr. Sun, I want to ask you, how old is Senior Ji today? Just now, she showed me her identity information and apparently she’s only a year older than me. I… I’m a little suspicious. If she’s really a year older than me, then she’s too monstrous!”

Zhou Hao hurriedly said.

When Sun Shan heard this, he smiled. “This matter is a secret. Sorry, I can’t tell you.”

After Sun Shan finished speaking, he ignored the depressed Zhou Hao and said.

“Hand over your gains in the Moro Race ruins. You can sell all your things or keep them. However, you have to take out the eighty-one Saint Realm cultivation techniques.”

Zhou Hao naturally knew this. After putting away his things, he directly placed the remaining things in his backpack and handed the backpack to Sun Shan.

“You don’t want any of this? Don’t you want to exchange them for money? Or do you have anything you want? You can exchange them for favors too.”

Zhou Hao really did not know what he needed, so he thought for a moment and said.

“Then hand it over first. I’ll ask you for whatever I need later, alright?”

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