Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 298 - Settle Scores

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Chapter 298: Settle Scores

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Shen Fanxing stepped on the steps along with her cold and arrogant aura.

She didn’t respond to Shen Defan’s remarks. Instead, she cast him a cold glance and marched into the house.

Shen Defan had been completely ignored by Shen Fanxing. Her composure and indifference in contrast to his anger, made him seem like a clown.

Gritting his teeth, he stormed back to the living room with a cold face. Shen Fanxing had settled on the couch.

The sky outside had already turned completely dark. In the spacious living room, the windows were bright and clean. The light overhead made the space seem even more luxurious and bright.

Under the bright white light, one could even see the fine dust moving about in the dead silence.

Shen Fanxing sat comfortably, dressed in a brick red outfit. Her hair was tied up simply in a ponytail, with her arm resting on the armrest. Her red lips were pressed tightly and her head was lowered, making it impossible to read her expression.

The living room fell into complete silence and the atmosphere became more tense.

After a long while—


A cold and clear voice suddenly sounded. Although it was only a word, it carried a strong and domineering tone.

“It’s Qianrou’s birthday in a few days. Of course, I have to prepare a birthday present for her!”

Shen Fanxing’s eyes darkened visibly and a chill rushed through her heart. However, she suppressed her anger.

She closed the magazine in her hand and leaned against the sofa. Then, she slowly raised her head and studied Shen Defan with a faint smirk.

That smirk on her beautiful face conveyed nothing but sarcasm.

“You want to give her my company as a gift for her birthday? Is that your reason?”

The arrogance and sarcasm in her tone deepened the anger and disgust on Shen Defan’s face.

“No matter what, Qianrou is still your sister. You bullied her time and time again, and each time, you became worse… Today, you even went overboard. You actually forced her to kneel in front of everyone. Are you still human?!

“Have you ever thought that she is a public figure? She is the most important artiste in Lan Yun Entertainment! If you make things difficult for her like this, how much losses will you cause for the company?! And you don’t know how to repent. You are making things worse. Our family can’t withstand your antics and we can’t afford to lose face like this! You don’t have to stay in the country. I will prepare the plane tickets. You can go wherever you want! The company’s losses must be compensated, so before you leave the country, give your company to Qianrou as an apology!”

Shen Fanxing scoffed aloud and threw the magazine onto the coffee table before standing up.

Her tall and slender figure instantly became taller. Along with her imposing and cold aura, the surrounding air gradually became thinner.

Her bright eyes were filled with ice as they narrowed.

“There are plenty of capable people who are better than her. Since you’re willing to spend money on her, whether you lose money or not is your choice! Leave the country? You have no right to decide for me! You want my company? Dream on!”

Shen Fanxing’s voice was like an icicle hanging at the top of the cave. It shattered on the ground and sent shards of ice flying everywhere!

At this moment, she was unable to restrain her anger and her entire body was filled with a terrifying coldness.

The company was the only thing her mother left for her. She hadn’t expected them to be so shameless!

After a moment, she suddenly sneered coldly. “Since you want to settle scores with me, I might as well settle scores with your Shen family—”

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