Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 307 - Your Present Has Been Delivered

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Chapter 307: Your Present Has Been Delivered

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Shen Fanxing narrowed her eyes when she heard the voices of disapproval in the meeting room.

“If I can bring Stars International to its current scale, I will make it scale greater heights! I can joke about anything, but I will never risk the company.”

With that, she stood up and swept her cold gaze across everyone before turning to leave the meeting room.

Because of Shen Fanxing’s last few words, the entire meeting room fell silent.

Although the meeting had ended, the sudden announcement of the company changing its operation was a huge matter.

Shen Fanxing had many things to do. The company could still accept adhoc business with celebrities, but on the other hand, she needed long-term contracts with a few celebrities too.

Due to Shen Fanxing’s decision, various departments in the company couldn’t accept it. The company’s operations had shrunk and some of the previous departments had been abolished.

The lobby of the first floor of the company was swarming with employees who couldn’t figure out what Shen Fanxing was going to do next. They were all waiting anxiously for updates.

At this moment, a minivan slowly pulled over outside Stars International building.

The two security guards outside the door frowned and sized up the car warily. Their hands gripped the batons around their waists as they watched.

The security guards couldn’t be blamed for being so wary. It had been about ten minutes since the car stopped, but no one had gotten out of the car.

Furthermore, the back of the car was sealed off. It looked like a vehicle that was prepared for crimes.

Another five minutes had passed before the door opened. Someone got off.

The two security guards watched the man. He was clad in a suit and he wore a pair of leather shoes. He looked respectable and decent.

Alas, but that didn’t mean he was a good guy.

Still wary, they continued to scrutinize the man.

The expressions on their faces became stranger gradually.

Other than them, even the passersby in the building had stopped in their tracks.

“I’m here to look for CEO Shen.”

Yu Song was successfully stopped by two security guards outside the building. He braced himself and explained to the two security guards.

The security guards frowned as they gripped the electrical baton in their hands. Their job were obvious.

He was not allowed to enter!

Yu Song shut his eyes and took a deep breath. Then, he took out his phone and called Shen Fanxing.

The call took some time to connect and Shen Fanxing replied with a word.


“Miss Shen, it’s Yu Song. I’m looking for you…”

Shen Fanxing frowned. “Come in then.”

“Did you hear that? Let me in.”

Yu Song had turned on the speaker so the security guards could hear him clearly.

They stowed their batons away and allowed Yu Song to enter.

However, their gazes remained bewildered.

The noisy hall gradually quieted down. Everyone glanced at Yu Song.

“Ah, so cute!”

“Well, his eyelashes are long and his eyes are huge…”

“His face is so cute. Hey, is he smiling?”

“The way he moves his jaw is really cute. He is wearing…”

“It looks so furry! I want to touch… So cute…”

A few women in the crowd couldn’t help themselves and had gasped. Some of them were already twittering in excitement.

Their admiration for him was fully expressed!

Yu Song gritted his teeth as he marched through the crowd.

Only God knew how long he had to mentally prepare himself, before he convinced himself to get out of the car.

Who knew how he felt right now!

Who knew how much he wanted to know what Master was thinking?

What kind of tasks did he take on all day?

The green grass in his hand was pulled by someone. Yu Song looked ahead and caught a glimpse of someone who had her head held high. She was walking confidently in front of him.

He couldn’t help but cover his face.

Too embarrassing!

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