Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 308 - Alpaca Encyclopedia

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Chapter 308: Alpaca Encyclopedia

Too embarrassing!

If the two of them were dating, so be it. Why did they have to implicate others?

Looking at the alpaca that was almost taller than him, he couldn’t help but twitch his lips for the umpteenth time.

These two!!

What kind of taste did they have?!

Who would ask for an alpaca as a present?

And he would simply conjure one to give it to her?

How unconditional his love was for her.

Ha, the scent of love.

Under everyone’s gazes, Yu Song marched into the elevator with the alpaca.

The appearance of a person and an alpaca, standing side by side in the elevator, really made everyone suppress their laughter.

Shen Fanxing was sitting on the couch in the office, discussing with the managers of the various departments about their operations. When she saw Yu Song walking in with the alpaca, she spat out the coffee in her mouth.

“Miss Shen…”

Yu Song’s voice contained a bursting amount of indescribable bitterness.

Everyone in the office stared at Yu Song with their mouths agape… the alpaca he was holding… Everyone was stunned.

What was going on?

Was this something that should appear in the company?

“All of you may leave first. We’ll continue in ten minutes.”

Shen Fanxing held a tissue in her hand as she wiped the coffee stains off her clothes. She forced a composed expression on her face.

The department managers put away the documents in front of them and walked out in a row.

They stole furtive glances at Yu Song and then at the huge creature beside him. They had a myriad of expressions on their faces.

Yu Song turned his face to the side and tried his best to hide his face.

Looking at the alpaca beside him, it was still eating. It was eating with its head held high!

After everyone left, Shen Fanxing looked at the alpaca and rubbed her forehead helplessly.

“This is…” She closed her eyes, unable to speak.

“This is a present from Master,” Yu Song announced solemnly.

She knew that!

Shen Fanxing gnashed her teeth.

She was just saying it casually and it was merely a prank back then. Why did he really send it over?

“Then, Miss Shen, this… what should we do?”

Shen Fanxing watched the alpaca which was still chewing away!

However, its furry face, big black eyes, and long eyelashes made him look…

It was really quite cute.

But it didn’t belong here?

At this moment, her phone rang.

It was Bo Jinchuan.

“Did you receive the present?”

“I got it…”

“That’s good. Tell me what you want in the future and I’ll give it to you.”

Shen Fanxing pressed her lips and bit her lower lip. She brushed her hair and said, “But where do you want me to put it?”

She was speechless…

Bo Jinchuan fell silent for a long time.

Clearly, he hadn’t considered this question.

Shen Fanxing sighed. “Forget it… Can we put it in Grand View Manor first?”

“Okay.” After a long while, Bo Jinchuan replied and continued, “Let’s just leave it at Grand View Manor. You’ll have to go back sooner or later anyway, so it’s more convenient.”

Shen Fanxing sighed again. “Bo Jinchuan.”


“Do you really have no idea what I mean by asking you for an alpaca?”

“What do you mean…”

Shen Fanxing frowned. “Nothing.”

Yu Song frowned when he heard her.

After Shen Fanxing hung up the call, she looked at Yu Song and said apologetically, “Could I trouble you to send it to Grand View Manor?”

Yu Song nodded. “I should.”

Bo Jinchuan hung up the call and felt that Shen Fanxing’s last question was a little strange. After some thought, he turned around and typed “alpaca” on the search engine.

When he clicked on the encyclopedia, the first thing he saw was—

Alpacas, also known as…

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