Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1250 - Full of Strength and Innate Headlights Talent

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Chapter 1250: Full of Strength and Innate Headlights Talent

But Luke wasn’t in a hurry.

The strength of the dragon was just a trump card.

Since he had cultivated to a minor threshold himself, he could ensure that his family could reach this stage.

Alessandra and Mrs. Gao were able to live for 500 years after reaching the minor threshold; this result was already enough, and there was no need to ask for more.

Also, after Luke’s Dexterity reached 40, he would definitely increase his Strength to 60 first.

Every 20 points was a milestone, and the practical coefficient would definitely increase.

At that time, he would be at least twice as strong as he was now, and the amount of chi he could generate would naturally skyrocket.

He didn’t dare make a boast of one or two years, but it shouldn’t be a problem to reach a major threshold in eight or ten years.

He wasn’t even 20 yet, and would only be 30 after another ten years.

Based on the experience of the two old hags, whether or not a person could master the strength of the dragon depended on the size of the “seed” they obtained at the beginning.

If the power obtained from the seed was 10, then it could be multiplied by the duration of cultivation. The effect of five years of cultivation was 10×5 = 50.

However, if the power obtained from the seed was 1, then the duration of cultivation could only be added on to it. The effect of five years of cultivation would thus only be 1+5 = 6.

The difference in strength was like between clouds and mud.

Maybe Daniel Rand was the unlucky bastard who had gotten the 1 “seed”! Luke sympathized with this weak chicken.

If geniuses were also divided into levels, the heavens were definitely discriminating against Mr. Rand. In the future, he would probably be at the bottom of the pile of talents.

The thoughts flashed through Luke’s mind.

Mr. Rand, the weak chicken, was a good person, but in the end, it had nothing to do with Luke. Also, he had billions in assets waiting for him to take back; he was already luckier than most people in the world.

Currently, the person Luke had to pay attention to was Selina.

Her physique was as special as his, and she was quite good at the Kunlun Chi Refining technique.

As long as she had the “seed” of the strength of the dragon, it wouldn’t take long for her to reach a minor threshold.

At that time, they should probably head back to Texas for a break.

In any case, with his clone around, Luke’s efficiency at collecting experience and credit points wouldn’t drop much.

Sure enough, it only took Selina one day to learn the basics of the strength of the dragon.

In the basement, Selina raised her fists excitedly. “Ah, I feel like my arms are full of power!”

Luke was speechless when he heard this two-bit line from some cartoon script, and he couldn’t help but mock inwardly, What power? The power of mammoth arms? What use is there in cultivating that?

But soon, he felt the veins on his head pop.

That was because a certain idiot with an abnormal brain was gathering the strength of the dragon in an attempt to light up her entire body.

He knew why.

Practically all the heroes who transformed in cartoons glowed. Selina clearly wanted to do a bit of cosplay.

It was a dumb idea.

There was no way to use the strength of the dragon to support the entire body.

It was the strongest “spear”; just being able to gather it in the fists to unleash extremely destructive power was already a cheat.

If it could make the entire body glow, then the core Kunlun successor wouldn’t be called Iron Fist, but Iron Man.

Sure enough, nothing happened even when Selina’s face turned red.

Luke chuckled inwardly even as he consoled her. “Okay, stop trying. I’m afraid you’ll choke on the chi you’re holding in.”

Infuriated, Selina glared at him. “Shut up. I think it’s working.”

“If you succeed, I’ll… uh…” Luke was stunned halfway through his words.

Then, he covered his face with both hands. “My eyes! I’m going blind!”

“Pfft! Open your dog eyes and take a look.” Selina, however, burst out laughing as the pair of suddenly flashing yellow headlights shook. She said loftily, “Just now, someone said that if I succeeded, he would… Hm, why didn’t you finish?”

Luke dropped his hands and hesitated. “How are you doing that? From what I taught you, there’s no way to transfer the strength of the dragon to your chest, right?”

Selina gloated. “Hmph, finish the second half of your sentence first. I’ll tell you if you do.”

Luke said helplessly, “In any case, I don’t care about my chest glowing, but it can boost protection. As for you… is it really okay to smash into a wall with this?”

Selina was stunned for a moment, before she flew into a rage. “Get lost! Why would I use them to smash into a wall? Do you think I’m crazy?”

Luke spread his hands. “But according to Kunlun, Iron Fist uses the strength of the dragon for offense. Most of the descriptions are about splitting open rocks and mountains. How about you switch to your head instead?”

Selina said, “F*ck off, I don’t want to talk to you.”

After a while, Luke conceded, and said that the two of them would go back to Texas in a few days for a break.

Selina cheered up, and only then did they research the issue of these headlights.

After talking it over for a bit, Luke frowned. “It can only be said that you have a special talent.”

Selina was a little embarrassed.

During their discussion, she had been unable to describe how she had moved the strength of the dragon to her chest.

Because she just wanted to do it, and she succeeded.

It was like how a poor student had no idea how to solve a problem, while a top student would say, “No need to think, it’s just like this.”

They weren’t on the same wavelength.

In the end, Luke gave up.

It didn’t matter if he could learn the ability or not; it wouldn’t affect his combat ability for the time being, and Selina would only use it after covering it up.

Like when Big Dipper first attacked Mephisto’s clone; Luke had installed a light special effect so that the entire armor glowed.

This also meant that he had yet another research project to look into, which didn’t make much of a difference since he had over 100 of them.

They then let Dustin know that they were going back to their hometown for a break.

Dustin waved his hand and agreed.

Luke and Selina followed the usual 2+3 pattern: They took three days off right after the weekend for a total of five days, and also left the afternoon before.

The other detectives in the police department were busier, but these two weren’t motivated by the pressure to be promoted, and had been working overtime a lot recently. What else could Dustin say?

The next day, they cheerfully flew back to Texas.

Selina brought much fewer gifts back this time, and they were all smaller items. After all, her family didn’t lack anything at home anymore.

Mario, a new ranch owner, and Sandra, the wife of the ranch owner, relied on their hard work to make a small profit. Coupled with the fact that Selina, this rich lady, was covering all her siblings’ study expenses and most of their living expenses, their quality of life had finally changed.

This demonstrated one thing: For most people who wanted to improve their lives in a short period of time, the best way was… to wait for financial aid from someone rich.

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