Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1885 - Pre-education and Honest Boy

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Chapter 1885: Pre-education and Honest Boy

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Looking at this straightforward boy, Luke really admired him.

At the very least, after losing his parents, this guy was still willing to protect his sister.

Hm, it was just that he was a little simple-minded! That was Luke’s opinion.

His tone didn’t change, but he explained in detail, “After you become backup members of the Justice League, Knight will help you resolve all problems with your identities. Simply put, you will obtain completely real and secure identities, and you will be able to live freely.”

Seeing that Pietro was about to interject again, Luke raised his hand to stop him. “The safety training you’ll be doing after this will teach you how to avoid exposing yourself as the Maximoff siblings with superpowers.”


Pausing for a moment to let the siblings digest his words, he then continued, “These identities are absolutely confidential. Apart from Knight and Black Cat, the other members of the Justice League aren’t allowed to ask you anything, unless you let them know yourselves.”

Seeing the siblings’ eyes widen in surprise, Luke smiled. “Even the Bat Squad basically only recognizes each other through their codenames and armor; there are very few who know each other’s real identities. Only by becoming a completely different person can you enjoy life and ensure the greatest amount of safety.”

Pietro finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. “But you and Knight revealed your faces to us?”

Luke glanced at the witch on the side. Seeing her curiosity, he smiled. “Who said that we use these faces in our daily lives?”

Pietro: “Huh?”

Wanda: ???

The siblings couldn’t help but wonder: Was this the world of adults? They couldn’t keep up at all!

At that point, Luke didn’t want to explain any more details.

The reason he had mentioned those three rules earlier was for the sake of what he was about to say next.

He turned around and stared at Wanda. “Do you know how dangerous it was to spy on me with your ability? You activated your ability just because you were curious about my real identity, but can you guarantee that you won’t accidentally reveal your secrets one day?”

Wanda wanted to say that she wouldn’t.

Luke, however, waved his hand to stop her. “You don’t have professional training. You can’t even protect yourself right now. Besides, without strict safety rules, the real identities of the Justice League members will be as transparent as that of the Avengers. If that happens, not only will you be in danger, your family and friends will also be implicated.”

As he spoke, he looked at Pietro. “If you have a superpower, but Wanda doesn’t, would you want the whole world to know that she’s your beloved sister?”

What was wrong with protecting his sister? Pietro subconsciously opened his mouth, but suddenly paused.

Looking at his face, Luke said coldly, “If I were Hydra, I would capture her and force you to do things. The more you value her, the more control she would be under. Would you really be willing to let your head be pried open?”

Pietro didn’t say anything and simply shook his head.

No matter how much he doted on his sister, it was impossible to lie.

After saying these serious words to ‘fall guy’ Pietro, he looked at Wanda again. “After today, the two of you will enter a period of quiet study. Don’t find it boring or troublesome. It’ll make it easy for you to live in human society.”

The siblings nodded and didn’t say anything else.

“Let’s go. We still have a lot to do today.” Luke flipped the front of his helmet back down. “Hm, you did a good job saving people. Keep working hard.”

Seeing that he was about to go down, the honest boy asked, “Um…”

Luke stopped and turned his head.

Pietro smiled awkwardly, but glanced at his sister before he asked, “Mr. Big Dipper, you and Mr. Knight trust us a little, right? After all…”

He mimed opening a helmet.

Luke chuckled. “Not everyone can catch Bruce’s eye. Also, you can call me Wilson.”

With that, he jumped lightly back down.

Stumped for a moment, Pietro then looked at Wanda.

The witch looked much better.

Pietro couldn’t say anything, and just grabbed her arm. “Let’s go down and help. Like Wilson said, after today, we’ll have a very long break.”

Wanda nodded, and the two of them disappeared from the roof.

Luke started treating the injured again. He glanced at the siblings as they left, before he looked away.

He had to give them a serious ‘warning’ in advance because their abilities really were special.

The Bat Squad members’ battle armor could rely on a complementary mental control system mechanism to eliminate most mental interference.

But in daily life, the nanosuit alone wouldn’t be enough.

In other words, unless they wore their battle armor all the time, it would be very easy for Wanda to spy on them.

In the Hydra base in Sokovia, Tony had relied on his close-fitting nanosuit for protection when he came out of Mark 43 to investigate, only to fall into Wanda’s mental trap.

When the Bat Squad met and trained at the Bat Cave, they basically only wore nanosuits.

After all, the nanosuit was light and took up little space. It was skintight and could be worn under other clothes; it had become an essential everyday item.

If Luke didn’t put an end to Wanda’s habit of snooping at the beginning, she would discover a lot of amazing things in the future.

Selina and Gold Nugget weren’t in the symbiotic form 24/7.

If Wanda discovered the real identities of Black Cat and Batman, that would be a huge problem.

Even Tony didn’t know Luke’s real identity; how could Luke be willing to let Wanda find out?

It seemed that he had to speed up the development of a mental interference function for the nanosuit! Luke sighed inwardly. He was too busy!

The temptation of 60 Dexterity was right in front of him. After he achieved that, he would have to spend a few days monitoring and analyzing his body.

Everyone who had participated in this mission had reaped a bumper harvest of credit points, ranging from 2,000 to tens of thousands.

For the next period of time, the Bat Squad and the Avengers would be buying a lot from the bigshot.

But what could Luke do?

The bigshot alias was too important.

Even if he cried, he had to keep up this pretense.

Thankfully, the PDD which Selina had been managing for the past two years was now on the right track.

Unless the goods ordered were a little more special or important, most of them were delivered by the PDD, and Luke didn’t have to do anything himself.

However, the Sokovian civilians today would get a lot of necessities delivered by the bigshot himself.

Few residents in the city center had decent housing.

It wouldn’t be good to make the citizens sleep out in the open in October.

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