Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 907 - School Fees and the Little Girl's Counterattack

Chapter 907: School Fees and the Little Girl’s Counterattack

Looking at Mindy’s dumbfounded expression, Damon quickly added, “You’ll be starting in the seventh grade.”

“V, you b*stard~” Mindy suddenly stood up and stomped her foot on the couch. “Isn’t it just a bunch of brats in the seventh grade? Why do you want me to go to school with brats? Ahhhh~”

Damon didn’t stop his daughter from shouting, and let her vent her emotions. He simply continued, “V still wants me to be a cartoonist, and I’ll only be drawing at home. I’m also in the same boat. I’ll have to try and get used to this new profession. From tomorrow onward, our lives will be brand new.”

Mindy grabbed her head and rolled around on the couch. “What kind of new life is school?!”

Damon said guiltily, “Mindy, I’m sorry.”

The little girl stopped rolling and tilted her head at him. “Huh?”

Damon rubbed her head. “It’s all because of my selfishness. I’ve always wanted revenge, and I dragged you into it. V reminded me that you should have a normal life instead of following me to kill people every day.”

Mindy said, “We kill bad people. That’s not wrong.”

Damon asked, “But do you have friends?”

Mindy frowned and thought for a moment before she asked tentatively, “Does V count?”

Damon smiled bitterly. “Other kids will have at least dozens of classmates. Even if they’re not friends, they can still call each other by their names and play together. However, you can only think of V, when you haven’t even seen his face.”

Mindy was lost for words.

She didn’t care about friends, but she really had never seen V’s face before.

But V’s weird smiley face mask was actually quite cool? The little girl’s thoughts suddenly changed.

After another long conversation, Damon finally convinced Mindy to go to school in a week or two.

Damon didn’t forget to encourage himself. “That’s right. We have to learn to live a normal life in the future. We can’t always be fighting anymore.”

Desperation filled Mindy’s face, but she couldn’t argue with her father.

Now that D’Amico was dead, there really was no reason for her and her father to go out killing.

An idea suddenly popped into her head.

Quickly grasping hold of it, she interrupted her father, who was talking about the future. “Dad, we have a big problem.”

Damon turned to look at her. “Huh? What’s the problem?”

Mindy said, “You just gave V a million.”

Damon said casually, “Yes, but he deserves it.”

Mindy nodded. “Yes, I think he deserves it, but what about my school fees?”

Damon was suddenly stunned. “School… fees?”

Mindy said, “Dad, you’re not going to send me to a public school in the black or western districts, are you? It won’t cost much, but I’m afraid I might be unable to help kill some gang hoodlums.”

Damon shook his head.

Schoolkids in poorer areas had many family ties to gangs. Some people even relied on these connections to sell weed in schools. These kids didn’t have good habits.

Most of them would become new gang members in a few years and would officially become weed or drug dealers.

Given Mindy’s temper, it was inevitable that she would clash with these kids, and it would be really troublesome to deal with anything that happened in school.

“I’ll look for a school for you in the next two weeks. It’ll definitely have a good environment,” said Damon.

Mindy blinked and looked at him. “What about the school fees?”

Damon rubbed his beard. “It shouldn’t cost much, right?”

Mindy grabbed the laptop next to her and did a search. She then turned the screen to her father. “This is Trevor Middle School. It’s a middle-level school in New York. Let’s not think about me being able to transfer in for now. Let’s see how much a regular enrollment costs.”

Damon looked at it and said in confusion, “20,000 a semester. That’s not much, is it?”

Mindy said, “No, but we’re broke.”

Damon: “Huh?”

Mindy said, “It wasn’t easy for us to pay off our debt to V with the money we had. We’ve been familiarizing ourselves with the new armor for the past few days, and we looked for trouble with that Irish gang, but their executives all went into hiding and we didn’t get any money.”

Damon recalled what Mindy said, and realized that they really didn’t have much money left.

Looking at his face, Mindy added, “Dad, I just remembered that we owe V another million for this new armor.”

Damon stopped stroking his beard and his face froze as if he had been petrified.

He had really forgotten that.

He had thought that he could relax after taking revenge, but he suddenly realized that he still had a debt of a million.

Looking at her father’s face, Mindy was secretly amused. “So, we still have to find a few big fat sheep to shear.”

Damon frowned. “Not right now. Let’s rest for a few days.” After everything he said, he didn’t want to turn around right away and slap himself in the face.

Mindy sighed and went to her room.

Damon asked, “What are you doing? Are you angry?”

Mindy said, “Dad, I’m not that petty. Wait, I’m looking for something.”

A moment later, she came out of her room with a pink… piggy bank in her hands.

Damon was still dumbfounded. “What are you doing?”

Mindy put the pink piglet on the coffee table and broke it with a punch. The cash and coins scattered all over the table.

She stepped forward and started collecting them together unhurriedly as she said, “Dad, this is the only money we have at home. Let me count. It should be enough for us to have fast food for a few meals.”

Damon said, “Huh? Wait, didn’t I just give you a thousand dollars a few days ago?”

Mindy said, “But you asked me to order a pair of custom-made 42 butterfly knives and two classic military knives that you like. I didn’t have enough money, and I even topped up several dozen bucks.”

As she spoke, the little girl was secretly laughing in her heart. She had already swiftly counted the money. “Okay, there’s still 114.53 bucks left. If we live frugally for a bit, this can last us two to three days.”

Damon was speechless.

In the face of the “difficulty” which his daughter brought up, he realized it was hard for him to persist with his previous thoughts.

Sighing, he stood up and picked up the armor that had yet to be put back into the closet. “Okay, let’s change into our gear. Let’s earn a bit tonight.”

Mindy giggled and quickly changed.

Damon looked at his daughter’s happy face and felt helpless. V, I tried my best, but the outcome isn’t great.

However, a man had to keep his word.

Since he said that they would be taking a break tomorrow, then… they would find a gang to clean up tonight. Thinking that, Damon started thinking of a suitable target.

A moment later, the father and daughter drove out again.

In the car, Mindy asked, “Who are we after this time?”

Damon asked, “Do you remember the group we investigated which has a lot of business dealings with D’Amico?”

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