Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 1234 - The Home of the Bluebloods  

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Chapter 1234: The Home of the Bluebloods

“Undercurrent?” Xia Fei was startled, and then he laughed. “Have you fried your brain? Undercurrent is another universe!

“Putting aside the amount of time it would take me to go from Alpha to Undercurrent, you want me to go and inspect a universe all by myself?! I probably wouldn’t be able to come back for the next three to five years! This is a key juncture in the conflict between the Dark Spiritualists and the Spiritualist Association. My people and I have all made our stance clear: While the Dark Spiritualists did suffer a setback, they still have their strength, so they may be able to strike back. Sorry but I’m not going anywhere right now.”

Xia Fei was not joking in the slightest. He had dismantled Spirit Mountain and moved those two guardian slaves back with him primarily out of consideration for the future of the Skywings. Since they had formed a deep grudge with the Dark Spiritualists, the Skywings needed to be more cautious than ever.

Bai Lan smiled cunningly. “What you don’t know is that Undercurrent is different from Alpha. There are many interstellar passages there that make traveling very fast, and it’s not far from your current location, four days at most. Plus, you won’t be spending more than a month in Undercurrent.

“The Dark Spiritualists are fresh off of a defeat, and they will need some time to reconsolidate and get in touch with more clans and factions before they can come back, creating a break in the war. In addition, those above said that be it the Auroras, the Skywings, or the Spiritualists of Botany, they’ll all be protected from the shadows. Was the sudden appearance of Lone Peak Shen and Turbid Shadow Lin not enough to dispel your suspicions?”

The Annihilators not openly dealing with the Dark Spiritualists did not mean that they had no plans to deal with them. Xia Fie knew that the Annihilators intended to let these clowns keep up with their antics, for they were just chess pieces that could not cause much stir. The people who truly needed to be dealt with were those factions backing them from the shadows. It was no boast to say that they had the strength to ensure that nothing happened to the Skywings and Auroras.

Xia Fei frowned and asked, “Why does it have to be me? What’s happening at Undercurrent?”

Bai Lan said firmly, “It’s a very thorny matter. You should know that a large number of soul weapons, in the tens of thousands, were lost from the Collapsed Expanse of Founders, and some of these soul weapons suddenly appeared in the Undercurrent Universe!

“As for why you must go, it’s because of race. Fifty percent of the Undercurrent’s population consists of the Blueblood Clan. Sending a Blueblood warrior to investigate will draw suspicion, but you are different. First, you’re not a native of Undercurrent but a human, instead; second, you’re a rare Devil Shadow Dragoon, who isn’t under the command of any of the three great Dragoon forces. As such, you will be the most impartial observer.”

Xia Fei understood at once what Bai Lan was getting at. It must be that those above suspected a member of the Blueblood Clan to be behind the sudden appearance of the lost soul weapons in the Undercurrent. If they sent a Blueblood to investigate, the humans and other clans would not think that it was fair; likewise, they would be unable to relax since an ordinary person was sent to the Bluebloods. Thus, they wanted to send Xia Fei, who was not just a human being but also a Devil Shadow Dragoon.

Xia Fei realized a very big problem. It would be one fine if he was a Holy Light Dragoon, which was an entirely human faction; instead, as a human being, he had entered the Devil Shadow Dragoons, which should only belong to the Fiends!

One day, if Xia Fei really did become an Annihilator and officially enter the Devil Shadow Dragoons, the humans would not treat him as their comrade; instead, they would put up their guard against him. There was no need to talk about the other clans and races.

‘Oh, no! In this situation, even if I do become an Annihilator, I’ll still have an endless stream of trouble!’ Xia Fei frowned as he thought of this himself. Trouble seemed to follow him like a shadow, becoming part of his life.

“This reason isn’t enough to persuade me. It’s not as if I lost those soul weapons from the Collapsed Expanse of Founders myself, so don’t push the business of the wrongdoers onto me,” Xia Fei waved his hand and said.

Bai Lan seemed to have expected him to remain firm in his refusal to go, so he blinked at Xia Fei hintedly and whispered, “Actually, it’s not just soul weapons from the Collapsed Expanse of Founders that have appeared in the Undercurrent Universe; some Fiend Clan soul weapons have also appeared. There are even rumors that someone has unlocked some Fiend Clan ruins. Back when the universe was in one piece, many tribes of the Fiend Clan lived in what is now Undercurrent.”

Xia Fei became excited the moment he heard about Fiend Cace soul weapons. Fiendscar and Fiend Chain had already proven themselves to be top-class soul weapons, powerful and unique! He might run into even better weapons in the Undercurrent, and even if he did not, it would be fine, too, if he found a way to use the Fiend Tears.

Smiling, Bai Lan said, “You are a Devil Shadow Dragoon, so it is your duty to concern yourself with the lost soul weapons of the Fiend Clan. If you see something of the Fiend Clan, you can just buy it, and then you can report your expenses to those above for compensation.”

How could Xia Fei not hear the hidden meaning behind those words, but Xia Fei had no plans on buying anything, for he had always taken things by force!

Xia Fei explained the situation to Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng, and when the latter heard that there was ‘taking’ involved, particularly long-lost soul weapons, he was stunned! He immediately brought up bringing the Skywing wolves over to join in the taking.

The Skywing wolves were also stunned! They did not expect that there would be a secret entrance to another universe on their route back, and there was even loot to take inside! Thus, they all asked Xia Fei’s permission to take part in this escapade.

Xia Fei had only managed to dispel this idea after some point, but it was with great difficulty. After all, this was an internal Dragoon matter that had been delivered through unusual means. It was improper to bring too many people with him.

The Skywing wolves felt very disappointed and requested for Xia Fei to bring back a lot of soul weapons before they could be persuaded into disembarking and boarding Xia Guanghai’s barge for the rest of the journey home.


The Silver Specter set off once more. Xia Fei was alone, bearing the heavy responsibilities entrusted to him by his brothers as he boldly set off to plunder the Undercurrent Universe.

Four days later, the Silver Specter’s cultivation chamber.

The Silver Specter arrived at the set coordinates and left autopilot. At the same time, Xia Fei walked out of the cultivation chamber.

“You’ve been making a lot of progress. I’m guessing that you’re about to challenge level 8 Law of Primal Chaos?” Radix asked.

Xia Fei replied very naturally, “Hard to say. The Law of Primal Chaos is just too difficult. Fortunately, it’s not a major threshold like levels 6, 7, and 9, so my progress has been smooth-sailing so far. Be it Speed or Primal Chaos, I’ve reached the toughest phase. I use up a shocking amount of energy every day.”

Radix nodded. “Level 6 is the highest Intermediate tier, while level 7 is the start of the Advanced tier. As for the peak that is level 9, there’s no need to even talk about it. In fact, besides 2, 5, and 8, none of the levels is easy, and using up more energy is inevitable. You’re already rather lucky. After all, you have the energy to waste.”

As his level rose higher, Xia Fei found that he used up energy faster and faster. Every day, he needed at least two hundred units of spirit energy to keep up with his frenzied speed of cultivation. These four days of journey had resulted in Xia Fei using up eight hundred standard units of power, leaving only 6,200 units left in his seventh brain region, only enough for a month.

The Law of Primal Chaos was at level 7 and the Law of Speed was at level 8. Both were only a bit away from ascension!

Thus, Xia Fei was unwilling to slow down. If he could finish cultivating these two most difficult law forces, the situation would be completely different.

No one had ever heard of someone cultivating two heaven-defyingly difficult laws to max level. Of the powerful Skywing wolves, only the grand ancestor had been able to cultivate the Law of Speed to maximum! This was just how enormously difficult the task was.

Moreover, Xia Fei had the body refining technique of the Unrestricted Spirit lineage, ‘Cold Muscle Ghost Valley’. This was a super technique that could get a person to the peak of the peak in terms of body cultivation! Those two guardian slaves did not have souls and could not use dark energy, but they had still been able to fight evenly with those top-class Dark Spiritualists. This was proof of just how big of a boost this technique could give a warrior like Xia Fei, who emphasized cultivating the body.

Alas, while Cold Muscle Ghost Valley was formidable, it had very high requirements. Xia Fei would have to finish cultivating the Law of Primal Chaos and Law of Speed before moving onto it. Thus, Xia Fei had made up his mind to get them to the peak no matter how much energy it cost!

On the command deck, Xia Fei took out the Jade Sunset Pearl and sent word that he had arrived.

Several minutes later, an azure light appeared in space. Upon closer look, it was a Blueblood.

The Bluebloods were not formidable because of their blue skin but that second body made of energy inside them. Just like how humans had hearts and other internal organs, the insides of a Blueblood were made of blue crystals formed entirely of energy. At this time, this person was using this second body to fly through the universe. At a glance, it seemed like some wandering soul. Fortunately, Xia Fei recognized what Bluebloods looked like when they had shed their skin. Otherwise, he would have already had Radix blast it to pieces.

Opening the hanger, Xia Fei let the person in. Strangely, when this person entered the command deck, the blue skin was restored. What appeared was what seemed like a human who had painted his skin blue—strange but not frightening.


This person kneeled upon seeing Xia Fei, saying, “Sir Dragoon, this Merry of the Blueblood Zadin Clan bows to you.”

“Rise,” Xia Fei nodded and said.

Merry stood up and snuck a glance at Xia Fei. He found Xia Fei to have an agreeable air and a harmless smile, not at all like the Dragoon he had imagined.

It must be understood that Xia Fei had come to the Undercurrent as a Neophyte Dragoon. Even in the Annihilator Universe, Neophyte Dragoons were considered to be the elite class. What more while he was here? Regardless, Merry sighed in relief and concluded that this job would not be too difficult.

Still, he was somewhat puzzled by Xia Fei’s age. He seemed a little too young.

‘Entering the Neophyte Dragoons at such a young age? There’s something different about him. Either he’s a supreme genius or backed by a powerful faction,’ Merry thought to himself.

Xia Fei laughed and said, “Oh, the Zadin Clan of the Blueblood Clan. I met your patriarch, Roderick. He’s quite the agreeable elder. How is he doing?”

Xia Fei’s casual question had left Merry feeling aghast. How could Merry have that honor of meeting Patriarch Roderick before? If he had such privilege, he would not be serving as lackey who kept watch on the Undercurrent Universe.

“He’s doing well, doing well,” Merry replied hastily with a smile. He then kneeled again.

Xia Fei pulled him up and asked unhappily, “What are you doing? A man shouldn’t kneel so easily. Have a little backbone, alright? It’s not as if I’d eat you.”

Merry was deeply moved, almost on the verge of tears. He thought that this would be a tough job, neer expecting this Dragoon to be so kind and approachable!

If Radix could see his thoughts, the former would cover his mouth and laugh. Xia Fei did not put on airs and normally treated others rather well, but that was only at normal times. When he got crazy, he could even eat Merry whole, and if things were bad, he might even exterminate his entire family.

“It’s getting late. Where’s the passage to enter the Undercurrent?” Xia Fei asked.

Merry placed two blue fingers into his mouth and let out an extremely low-frequency whistle, which could not be heard by anyone outside his clan.

Six blue points of light appeared in the darkness of space; they were Bluebloods just like Merry.

These people radiated strange blue lights as they reached out into the void and made grabbing motions. As if they were pulling on a curtain, they tore apart the fabric of the universe!

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