Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 828 - Consecutive kills!

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Chapter 828: Consecutive kills!

Wu Yuming’s Rending Yang Fire against Xia Fei’s lightning bolts!

In the distance, Wu Yuming finally realized that Xia Fei was attempting to eradicate all his puppets on the battlefield at one go! If that indeed was the case, then it would be a very fatal blow to him!

He needed many years to create each and every puppet; they were definitely not something he could replenish at the drop of a hat.

The moment Xia Fei’s plan succeeded, Wu Yuming would practically lose an entire arm from this fight!

Xia Fei was essentially forcing Wu Yuming to show his true self and fight him to the death with his own two hands!

Taking on a speed maniac who was around the same level as him? Only a fool would think to do so. That was because a speed expert was the most overwhelming existence in the Law Realm! If even a normal warrior of the Skywing could easily kill opponents above their own level, what more of Xia Fei, who was acknowledged as the fourth greatest expert in his clan?

Wu Yuming brought all his law powers to bear!

He was like a jackal that had been forced into a corner, doing everything in his power to prevent this tragedy from unfolding!

The Immemorial Mystical Armament Rending Yang Fire sped up into the skies, attempting to form a protective barrier above the one hundred seventeen puppets, so as to avoid Xia Fei from bringing down lightning and wiping them all out!

Meanwhile, every puppet had also unleashed its power, unleashing all sorts of law techniques, so as to help sustain the power of Rending Yang Fire!

As for Xia Fei himself, Wu Yuming did not have time to care about him right now. What he wanted to do was protect his puppets! Protect his all-important arm!

Mystical fire!

Sky fire!

They were both flames, yet neither could mix!

The ensuing clash was immense!

Even the knowledgeable and experienced Law Warrior Oro could not help but exclaim!


It was as if a million lightning bolts had devastated everything!

Xia Fei’s two psychokinetic weapons were constantly shuttling through the air, carrying the power accumulated in the clouds. It was undoubtedly a mighty power, enough to bring ruin to everything it touched!

Wu Yuming was so anxious that he sweated profusely!

Sapient lifeforms could never surpass the majesty of the natural world. From the beginning of life, in order to contend against nature, life had always persisted and struggled. Even the most powerful expert would not dare claim to be strong enough to subdue the natural world, subduing this universe!

What Xia Fei had harnessed here was precisely the might of nature!

The strange planet had amassed plenty of electromagnetic storms, of such a grand scale that frightened anyone who could see it. Wu Yuming suddenly realized that his Immemorial Mystical Weapon was very insignificant when compared to the mighty nature!

The more this was so, the more resistant a mindset Wu Yuming had. He poured in every fiber of his power into fighting it!

Both sides kept accumulating power as if their lives depended on it, while a violent scene, which held such strength to bring a galaxy-wide extinction, appeared in that tumultuous sky.

This was when the corners of Xia Fei’s lips curled into a smirk. Now, a very sneaky and sinister smile could be seen!

The demon lord was abruptly stunned!

He had seen this smirk of Xia Fei many times before, and every time the inner demon of his reared its head, someone would forever find themselves out of luck. Oro had no doubt that the same would happen this time!

‘So using the very power of nature to wipe out all of Wu Yuming’s puppets isn’t Xia Fei’s ultimate goal! Just what exactly did he want to achieve?!’ Oro cried to himself.

Even he, the esteemed Black-armored War God of the Demon Race, could not help but feel a fear creeping up in him.

Layer upon layers of intricately woven schemes that even a god could not comprehend his vicious mind. Xia Fei gave Oro a strong sense of oppression. This oppression he felt had nothing to do with levels due to Xia Fei possessing a tactical mind that greatly surpassed his own!

“Peacock Blue!

“Ocular Cognition!”

Xia Fei bellowed as he suddenly went charging as if he had gone mad!


Oro’s two eyes instantly shone. It turned out that the lightning Xia Fei had called down from the sky was nothing more than a ruse. Now that Rending Yang Fire was busy protecting those one hundred seventeen puppets of Wu Yuming from the thunderstorm above, that pretty much exposed all those puppets to Xia Fei!

Those puppets protected by Rending Yang Fire were hard to deal with, but those puppets no longer protected by it had become the real flies caught in his web! He planned to swat them all to death!

“So that’s your true motive!” Oro exclaimed.

He was completely impressed by Xia Fei’s amazing tactics. Just when everyone thought that Xia Fei would launch a total offense, they were surprised to learn that it had actually only been a feint! He planned on using Peacock Blue to take out all the one hundred seventeen puppets while the Rending Yang Fire was preoccupied!

‘Wait! That’s not right. Peacock Blue has already attacked, so why is Furball taking a detour from afar? Wouldn’t it be better if they attacked together? Why would Xia Fei activate his Ocular Cognition? What’s the reason he gathered the lightning yet chose not to attack?’ Oro muttered to himself.

He was becoming more and more confused over Xia Fei’s plan.

However, Oro understood one thing: Whenever he could not see through Xia Fei’s tactics, it usually meant that what happened next would be a miracle—a miracle that could turn the tables right on his enemies!

Xia Fei’s two eyes glowed with clarity upon his usage of the Ocular Cognition technique!

His forbearance before was not just part of his scheme, it was also him resting.

Xia Fei used the least amount of energy in order to bring the state of this fight closer to what he wished to see; at the same time, he rested enough to use Ocular Cognition once more, his amazing technique that let him search within a thousand miles!

At the same time that Xia Fei was searching for Wu Yuming’s real body on this strange planet, he had steadily been closing in on the puppets!


Peacock Blue struck at full force!

The huge turquoise blue leaves tumbled as it grabbed hold of the doppelgangers, tearing them apart in the process!

The magnificent display of death blossomed across the battlefield!

At the concerted attack of both Xia Fei and Peacock Blue, several dozens of puppets got eliminated!

“It’s a trap!” Wu Yuming bellowed. Never did he expect that this had all been part of Xia Fei’s ploy! While he was still fretting over how he should deal with Xia Fei’s lightning bolts, the latter had already slain his doppelgangers!

His left arm was cut off!

It had been severed precisely due to Xia Fei’s intricately crafted scheme!


Before Wu Yuming could even get vexed over his losses, another shocking scene occurred!

He saw as the two psychokinetic weapons of Xia Fei’s suddenly moved! They guided the concentration of lightning and headed straight for Wu Yuming’s hiding spot!

It was moving at such speed and momentum that Wu Yuming was left dumbfounded!

“Yet another trap!”

Wu Yuming was so vexed that he really wanted to bash his head in!

He fell for a back-to-back scheme!

Xia Fei had entrapped him to checkmate him!

It was a plot of hidden daggers, ferocious fangs and claws!

It was unpredictable! Unstoppable!

Countless tricks and ploys, but the ultimate target was still Wu Yuming!

Xia Fei’s Ocular Cognition had already uncovered the hidden corner that Wu Yuming was hiding in! With those two psychokinetic weapons taking the lead, they brought forth a devastating attack along with them!

“Law Integration!”

Seeing that a catastrophic calamity was upon him, Wu Yuming hardly had any time to evade. He, as such, immediately forcibly used the ultimate ability of the Moonward Clan, the Law Integration! He directed the law powers he had learned and integrated them into his body!

Now that Xia Fei and Peacock Blue had wiped out all one hundred seventeen puppets, Law Integration was the final trump card Wu Yuming held in his hand!

The concentrated mass of lightning descended in force at near lightspeed!


A loud explosion reverberated throughout the land!

This one blow was indescribably cataclysmic! It was as if two planets, which had been hurtling at high speeds, collided violently with each other!

The very face of the land was greatly altered! The galaxy itself got turned on its head!

“Demonic Morph!”


Xia Fei and Peacock Blue had already killed off all of Wu Yuming’s puppets at this time, and the Immemorial Mystical Armament Rending Yang Fire was still awkwardly floating in mid-air. The puppets, which needed its protection, were gone, and the lightning bolts it was supposed to resist had been redirected to attack Wu Yuming, so Rending Yang Fire was completely without anything to do! It was now just a mass of bizarre flames floating in the air.

Naturally, Xia Fei’s next target was to finish off this Immemorial Mystical Armament!

If the puppets were Wu Yuming’s left hand, the Immemorial Mystical Armament Rending Yang Fire was his right arm!

Now that Wu Yuming had been bereft of his left arm, Xia Fei planned to tear off his right arm, too!

A ferocious stare!

The energy propulsion system of the war armor Monohorn Ogre shifted to Xia Fei’s feet! He was now able to stride through the air no different from taking a leisure walk in his courtyard!

*Step step step*

Flying with every step he took, Xia Fei traveled across the sky toward the Immemorial Mystical Armament!

This was a really crazy scene to behold. Xia Fei had actually turned to target the Immemorial Mystical Armament?!

It had to be known that the Rending Yang Fire was a mass of formless fire; just what was Xia Fei planning to do to deal with a fire that had no physical body to speak of?

There was just one answer, and that was the Law of Primal Chaos—this heaven-defying and subversive power!


Xia Fei flew toward the central position of the Immemorial Mystical Armament Rending Yang Fire!

Unknown if it was due to the incompatibility of the attributes or the method Wu Yuming used to activate Law Integration being different, but the Rending Yang Fire split into two down from the middle; one side was a grim navy blue, while the other side was a glaring red.

The blue side was an extremely yin flame, called Rending Yang.

The red side was a very wild and raging flame, called Wolf Butcher.

Xia Fei was heading right to the center of these two Immemorial Mystical Armaments!

The meeting between the grim cold and wild flames was where the fire was most brutal. It was the core where all the power was concentrated on!

Despite the wracking pain on his body, Xia Fei ignored everything. His desire for victory had already suppressed everything else!

The subversive force from the Law of Primal Chaos gathered in both his palms as he straightened his entire body, attacking both sides with his two palms at the same time!

“SPLIT FOR ME!” Xia Fei bellowed with a stern expression on his face!

The subversive force began to spread from the center of the flame! It wanted to twist the fused Immemorial Mystical Armament!


Two explosive claps rang through the air!

One was from the lightning striking Wu Yuming, while the other was from the fused Rending Yang Fire after Xia Fei poured his Law of Primal Chaos to it, forcibly tearing both mystical armaments apart!

This was the disruptive power of subversion!

It was the most unreasonable and wildest power!

What if it was an Immemorial Mystical Armament?

Anything that deserved death should die!


Rending Yang Fire, which had been fused after great effort, split into two!

Two balls of flame now appeared in the sky, one blue and another red!

Despite the difference in color, they were both greatly weakened! All because they had taken an attack at full force from the most unruly law power that ever existed!

The puppets were all destroyed!

The Immemorial Mystical Armament had been split into two!

Wu Yuming’s left and right arm had been severed!

Far away, the calamitous blow from the lightning dissipated, and everything returned to nature.

Black smoke wafted from Wu Yuming’s entire body, his body shuddering badly, looking utterly haggardly.

He simply could not believe what he had just experienced. He was still holding the upper hand just moments ago, having forced Xia Fei to the point of suffocation. In the end, Xia Fei’s retaliation had ended with him losing both his figurative arms and nearly getting killed in the process!

The fused Immemorial Mystical Armament had also been forcibly split! Was there anything more peculiar or inexplicable than this?!

At that moment, fear gripped Law Overlord Wu Yuming. He looked up at Xia Fei, whose eyes were already bloodshot from all the bloodshed, in the sky. There was but one thought on his mind.


Where could he go, though?!

This was Xia Fei’s checkmate! Escape was already too late!


Having remained hidden in darkness this entire time, Furball came zooming over with bared teeth!

Wu Yuming had underestimated Xia Fei.

This checkmate would only end with his enemy’s death!

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