Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 835 - Forging a Path through Mountains

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Chapter 835: Forging a Path through Mountains

A Demon Chrysalis, which had just been born, flew up to Xia Fei’s side. It looked pathetically small, no bigger than his pinky.

Xia Fei felt very curious. He had seen Demon Chrysalises spanning over a hundred miles, but he had not seen one as small as this.

He reached out and grabbed this baby Demon Chrysalis .He carefully examined the creature; sure enough, it looked like a very normal Demon Chrysalis and was no different from a small piece of blackened charcoal. Its mouth grew on its underbelly and it possessed only one eye.

This little creature appeared to be on the precipice of death, looking exceptionally pitiful as it lay in Xia Fei’s palm, unconscious.

The demon lord was apparently very disgusted, saying, “Just a single eye! Demon Chrysalises are a type of creature of which the potential is proportional to the number of eyes they have. This is the most inferior type of Demon Chrysalis, so weak even upon birth. It will at most grow to a meter in size even if you rear it. Completely useless.”

“Just look at Heathfield’s chrysalis; it has at least three thousand eyes! Now that’s a top-grade Demon Chrysalis! When I get reborn, I’ll find you a ten-thousand-eyed beast to raise. Now, that’s a real king among Demon Chrysalises—one with over ten thousand eyes and completely gold! Shiny and sparkling! Able to turn Heathfield’s into pieces! Really powerful stuff.”

The breeding of Demon Chrysalis was a habit of the Demon Race. The demon lord was one such professional in the field. He assumed that Xia Fei was tempted after seeing the Demon Chrysalis Heathfield owned and wanted to get one for himself.

In fact, Xia Fei did have such a plan. No matter how powerful a warrior was in normal space, they would be no better than a blind man groping helplessly in the chaotic Dark Space. Without the help of a Demon Chrysalis, it would be impossible for anyone to find their way around and would just end up stuck here.

Xia Fei was used to taking precautions and planning ahead, quietly keeping trump cards after trump cards. Even getting lost once in a place like the Dark Space was a disaster, so while rearing a Demon Chrysalis was only a plus with no drawbacks. Who knew when he might one day need to come to the Dark Space again?

However, the old demon lord despised this barely alive, single-eyed Demon Chrysalis, calling it trash; even Furball looked down on it, regarding the creature with a cold gaze.

This was when the one-eyed little Demon Chrysalis shuddered, evidently in great pain. Its single eye was shut tightly, and so was its mouth. It kept trying to make a sound yet was ultimately unable to do it.

Xia Fei frowned. This baby Demon Chrysalis, which had clearly not given up on hope to live, was evidently tethering on the edge of life and death, yet it was still doing its utmost to survive.

Such a situation suddenly reminded Xia Fei of when he first opened his seventh brain region, and how the assault to his brain region caused Xia Fei to fall into his bathtub. Had it not been for Phantom’s assistance, Xia Fei could very well have died back on Earth and would not have been alive today.

Just like back then, a weak life struggling to live, Xia Fei could not help but feel sympathy toward it.

With a brush of his finger, Xia Fei took out a bottle of blue medicinal solution and dripped a few drops on the little Demon Chrysalis’s body.

“What are you doing?” the old demon lord asked.

“Saving it,” Xia Fei answered directly.

“I already told you that this Demon Chrysalis is the weakest—something that no one will want even if it’s abandoned on the streets. Why even waste the effort in saving it?” Oro could not understand why Xia Fei would do this. He kept grumbling over it, and while Furball also felt unhappy seeing this, he feared Xia Fei more, and this was why he did not voice his dissent.

Xia Fei ignored his complaints; instead, he took out another bottle of golden solution and applied it on the little Demon Chrysalis as well.

These two medicines, mixed together, created an intense reaction, and the little Demon Chrysalis shuddered even more violently, making it seem even more painful.

“Save him? You’re harming it,” Oro muttered to himself.

Xia Fei replied, “This fellow has suffered a powerful blow, so it’s already a miracle for him to even still be alive. Common medicine won’t have the effect of revitalizing him, so I decided to use a more potent drug. As for whether this little guy can crawl his way out of hell, that will be all up to him.”

With that said, Xia Fei proceeded to place the small Demon Chrysalis lightly inside his war armor and continued to watch the situation unfold by the entrance to the Secluded Springs.

He saw as the over a hundred Lionheart Law Emperors lined up in a neat row, their legs stepping on air as they stared fiercely at the entrance. Meanwhile, there was no movement or sound coming from the entrance, almost as if the warriors living inside were unwilling to come out and fight.

Oro waved his fists with verve. The Black Lions Regiment was as sharp as they were during his time, and this made him feel much pride as their emperor.

Time ticked past, as Xia Fei hid behind the remains of a Demon Chrysalis, silently waiting.


A series of cannonfire could be heard from inside the channel leading toward the Secluded Springs, and black figures came hurtling out of it, forming to face the Lionheart troops head on!

The Black Lions Regiment was the Lionhearts’ ace, taking up defined positions in their formation and were all heroic and extraordinary individuals. Adding to the fact that these Lionhearts possessed extra large builds was their majestic killing aura. Meanwhile, the Secluded Springs’ warriors did not seem to match them in terms of combat quality, and since fewer than three thousand of them had gathered, without any order whatsoever, these troops looked no different from the hooligans off the streets that lacked any discipline.

Xia Fei carefully observed these warriors and noticed that they were of different species; a majority was sapient species from the Demon Race, while the minority was from the God Race, and there was barely a handful at best.

Heathfield took a step forward the moment he saw these people come out and yelled, “Two days ago, people from Secluded Springs assaulted the Lionhearts, causing severe injuries to two of my fellow comrades, so I’m here to seek justice! Hand over the culprit in three minutes, and no one will owe anyone anything more, or else… Hmph!”


The moment these words were uttered, the killing intent emanating from the Black Lions surged. These elite warriors completely believed the words he said and were convinced that their fellow brethren had been injured by the people from Secluded Springs, so all of them became furious.

None of them knew that this was really just an excuse Heathfield made up, to sow some chaos.

On the other hand, the warriors from Secluded Springs were evidently very puzzled, a look of confusion on their faces, not knowing what to do.

This was when a powerful voice echoed out from within the Secluded Springs—

“No one from the Secluded Springs has touched even a strand of hair of any Lionheart! I believe that you people have other matters here. Am I right?”

This voice was very vigorous; the Secluded Springs’ warriors all started rubbing their fists eagerly as they clamored visibly.

“Let’s fight already! Why waste breath?!”

“Don’t think we’re afraid of you just because you’re Lionhearts!”

A pair of tall and short elders stepped out from the channel. This was within the Dark Space. Everyone here was wearing war armor, making it impossible to make out their faces, yet these two clearly looked like the leaders of this group of warriors.

Oro said, “The entrance to Secluded Springs is usually under the care of two Law Overlords. Now that they have been lured out, when the fighting starts, you can just dash right in and everything will be fine.”

Xia Fei nodded. It turned out that he needed to get past this checkpoint with the guards first. No wonder Oro had gotten him to seek Heathfield’s help; it was all for the sake of matching these three thousand guards and two Law Overlords, which Xia Fei would otherwise have trouble getting past.

Heathfield had steeled his heart to demonstrate his prowess in front of Xia Fei. This way, Xia Fei would praise him in front of their emperor. As such, this Lionheart royalty very arrogantly pointed to the two Law Overlords. “You still have one minute left! You can’t blame us for being discourteous if you don’t hand over the perpetrators by then!”

These two Law Overlords from Secluded Springs frowned. The Secluded and the Lionhearts hardly ever bothered with one another, yet the latter had brought over a powerful army and made unreasonable demands. Their leader even looked like he had eaten a barrel of gunpowder, spewing incendiary words that showed his desire to cause a ruckus, not even giving the two elders a chance to explain themselves.

As the saying went: ‘There is nothing someone innocent can do when wrongly accused.’ Just as these two Law Overlords were ruminating on their next move, Heathfield abruptly yelled, “Your three minutes is up! Men, kill them all!”

All the warriors from Secluded Springs were dumbfounded. Three minutes had hardly passed since Heathfield started speaking. In fact, it had at most been a minute since! The Lionhearts were fighting practically at the drop of a hat!

Heathfield cared not for the grievance they were feeling, however. With a wave of his arm, the platoon of Black Lions moved in unison! The sounds of battle broke out instantly!


In the blink of an eye, the entrance to Secluded Springs turned into a battlefield!

Lionhearts engaged against the Secluded, with neither holding anything back!


Xia Fei made a break for the entrance, hurtling himself out from the darkness!


The energy propulsion system of Monohorn Ogre enabled Xia Fei to move at high speeds even in the emptiness of Dark Space. He was like a specter—an extremely fast specter. With a flicker of his figure, he darted into that pulsating and fleshy dark channel.

The sounds of battles grew further and further away. Xia Fei speedily flew in what appeared to be a strange channel made of flesh and meat. Xia Fei felt like he had shrunk and was actually diving into someone’s heart.

He encountered many guards along the way. Too bad that these guards of Secluded Springs had low cultivation, so they were too weak to stop Xia Fei and his speed of four hundred eighty thousand meters per second!

Blood Crystal danced wildly, leaving behind hundreds of corpses in his wake, all killed with a single slash!


Xia Fei felt that the walls around him had begun to move and that the channel was retracting!

It turned out that this entrance to Secluded Springs was constructed within a huge heart vessel, and the blood and flesh all around would pulse once every few seconds. Right now, the rate of beating was already thrice every second!

*Badump badump badump*

It was like an accelerating engine!

“You’ve been discovered! Get ready to experience the famed trigger trap of Secluded Springs!” Oro solemnly stated.


Xia Fei was stunned. Before he could even react, he saw beam after beam of white light waves flying from the opposite side, criss-crossing with one another to form a huge net made of light waves!

“Crafty Approach!”

Xia Fei grunted. His body then made inexplicable contortions, appearing as if he was heading to the right when he, in fact, was going to the left. His range of motions increased so greatly and so quickly that anyone seeing him would have a hard time believing that he was still human!

Xia Fei evaded the concentrated light beams, but all these actions unfortunately meant that his speed of advancement had slowed down tremendously. The flesh walls all around him were rapidly shrinking to enclose him, almost as if the entire channel was working to squeeze him to death!

Furthermore, Xia Fei realized that these beams completely disregarded friend or foe! Even those guards who had been stationed along the channel were killed by it!

“Accelerate! Pump it up!” Oro kept yelling. “You’re but one man. You’ll be in great trouble if you get trapped!”

Xia Fei gritted his teeth as he achieved his top speed!

“Peacock Blue!”

The Immemorial Mystical Armament burst forth, forming a circle before Xia Fei’s body. The body of Peacock Blue had acquired sharp little white flowers after merging with the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum, and these white flowers were all made of indestructible energy!

Xia Fei sent Peacock Blue forward and advanced with it clearing the way ahead!

Like a chainsaw in the hands of a lumberjack, everything that got in its way would be hacked into pieces by it!

Since there was no road ahead, Xia Fei would just have to make one for himself!

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