Supreme Crazy Wife

Authors : Cat Baby

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Romance

Chapters: 1423

Last update: 4 days ago

2.9 /5

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Although Leng Ruoxue is born mentally challenged, she is the most beloved granddaughter of the number one general in the Eastern Lake Nation. She is despised by her fianc and schemed against by her love rival. However, she is reborn as a powerful soul. This is a fantasy world, and also a world where the strong are respected. Cultivation, alchemy, weapon refinement, beast tamingthe once foolish young miss has transformed into a stunning genius. Pill refinement and weapon refinement are all child's play. Heaven Grade medicinal pill? Even my pets won't turn an eye to it. Heavenly Treasure? I have the space to grow my own. Sacred artifact? Sorry, that's too low a level. I only know how to refine divine artifacts. Beast taming? My beasts deliver themselves to my doorstep.

Supreme Crazy Wife