Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 1422 - A bet (3)

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Chapter 1422: A bet (3)

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“Father! We’re here to talk to you. ” Yin Xuan held Yin Ping’s arm and said coyly.

“Oh! What was it? You even came all the way here to find me?” Yin ping didn’t understand.

At this moment, a guard came over and reported,””Acting patriarch, Shao Hua has sent someone to invite you. He said that he has something to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?” Yin ping frowned and said with obvious displeasure. These few days, he had been annoyed to death by the couple. He had never thought that they would be so annoying before! However, he was getting more and more impatient with them.

Yin Xuan and her daughter saw Yin Ping’s expression and laughed in their hearts. It seemed that the other party also wanted to tell Yin ping about this matter, but unfortunately, they were the first ones to do so. With them around, Yin ping naturally couldn’t leave them to see Shao Hua. After all, his wife and daughter were the most important.

“The person didn’t say.” The guard also felt Yin Ping’s displeasure and quickly said.

“You go and tell the person that I have something to do now and will be there later.” Yin ping thought for a moment. He definitely couldn’t not go over. If he didn’t go over, Xiao Hua and his wife would keep sending people to find him. Now that his wife and daughter had something to tell him, he naturally had to take care of his wife and daughter first.

“Yes!” The guard replied and turned to leave.

“Sister Lin, Xuan ‘er, you can speak your mind now.” After the guard left, Yin ping spoke again. When his wife and daughter heard the Guard’s report, he didn’t miss the expression on their faces.

“Mother! You can tell father!” Yin Xuan said.

“Yeah.” Xiao Lin nodded, then told them about Leng ruoxue’s request and their visit to her.

After Yin ping heard this, his brows furrowed even deeper, and he didn’t say a word. It was unknown what he was thinking. Xiao Lin and Xuan ‘er saw his expression and didn’t disturb him.

After a while.

“If Shao Hua wants to see me, it’s also about this matter, right?”

“Yes.” Xiao Lin and Xuan ‘er nodded.

“Sister Lin! In the past, whenever Shao Hua had any problems, he would always ask me for help. If I don’t help him this time, I’m afraid he’ll have other thoughts. ” Yin ping said with some difficulty. He understood the meaning of his wife and daughter. They wanted Xiao Hua and his wife to pay the compensation themselves. However, how could that couple be willing to pay the price?

“Father! It’s precisely because you’ve meddled too much in the past that we can’t meddle with them this time. This matter was originally cousin Lan’s fault and sister Xue ‘er has evidence. If the elders of the clan find out about this evidence, you can forget about convincing the public as the acting patriarch in the future. ” Yin Xuan reminded.

“It’s that serious?” Yin ping said as he looked at his wife and daughter. He only knew that Xiao LAN had a conflict with the people living in Mingxi garden and was beaten up by their Beastie. However, he didn’t know the exact reason. Xiao Lan’s guards had all come to the same conclusion and insisted that it had nothing to do with Xiao LAN. That was why he was in a difficult position. If it had nothing to do with Xiao LAN, then it could only be the other party’s provocation. However, that woman was brought back by his father. If he didn’t say anything and just dealt with her, then it would be a big problem. He also had no way of explaining it to his father, the head of the family. Thus, he could not make up his mind.

“Yes.” Xiao Lin and Yin Xuan both nodded. They had seen the evidence in Leng ruoxue’s hands, so they were even more determined to not help Xiao LAN this time. Otherwise, their husband and father would be in trouble.

Seeing that his wife and daughter were so certain, Yin ping naturally made up his mind. However, he still said to Xiao Lin apologetically,””Sister Lin, although I really want to help LAN ‘er, this time …” He said.

Before Yin ping could finish, he was interrupted by Xiao Lin,””Brother ping! You’ve already done enough. I can’t let you be blamed by your clansmen for what happened to the Xiao family. ” She knew that Yin Ping’s protection of Xiao Hua’s family over the years had caused many clansmen to be dissatisfied. The reason why Xiao LAN dared to show off in the yin family was also because she had her husband’s support. Otherwise, how could she have such courage to not even put her own daughter in her eyes?

Xiao Lin was a very protective person. Originally, Xiao LAN was her niece, and she doted on her. However, Xiao LAN used her love to bully Xuan’ er. If she had not accidentally overheard the conversation between Xiao LAN and the maidservant, she would probably still dote on Xiao LAN as much as she did before!

Ever since then, she found Xiao LAN more and more unpleasant to the eye. Xiao LAN was so obedient in front of her, but she was so arrogant in front of others. She didn’t even care about her daughter. This was something she couldn’t tolerate.

“Sister Lin! Thank you for your understanding.” Yin ping was very touched because his wife was a sensible person. Over the years, although his wife had told him not to take care of Xiao Hua’s family, he still did his best to take care of them out of his love for his wife and the gratitude of Xiao Hua’s parents for raising his wife. He also knew that it was because of his protection that Xiao Hua’s family’s status in the Xiao family was getting higher and higher. Even in the yin family, no one dared to look down on them just because they were in-laws. At least on the surface, that was the case. He knew that some of the clan members were dissatisfied with Shao Hua and the others, but he ignored them. After all, they were his wife’s relatives!

“Brother ping! You’ve done enough for me. Shao Hua is already an adult, so let him handle the future matters by himself!” Xiao Lin said bluntly. This was also what she meant.

“Good! I’ll listen to you. ” Yin ping said affectionately.

Seeing her parents looking at each other affectionately in front of her, even forgetting about her existence as a daughter, Yin Xuan was both happy and conflicted. She was happy that her parents had a good relationship and there were no group of annoying half-brothers and sisters at home, but conflicted that in front of her parents, she had become air. Sigh! Should she be more tactful and go to the side to play? Yin Xuan thought.

At the same time, Yin Xuan didn’t disturb her parents “love and quietly slipped away.

By the time Xiao Lin and Yin ping reacted, there were only the two of them left in the large courtyard. The two of them looked at each other and smiled, then went back to their rooms hand in hand.

After staying with Xiao Lin for a while, Yin ping unwillingly went to the courtyard of Xiao Hua and the others.

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