Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 457 - Compensation For Mental Trauma (6)

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Chapter 457: Compensation For Mental Trauma (6)

“Big Sister Ling’er, they bullied us so much. Are we going to only get such little compensation?” a fire phoenix said with some dissatisfaction.

“Uh! It’s a little too little. What else do you want?” Feng Ling’er asked.

“I want herbs, lots of herbs!”

“I want a lot of ores and materials!”

“And all sorts of good treasures!”

The few beasts began talking at once. Moreover, a black line would appear on Lan Tao’s forehead with every word they said!

The second elder almost vomited blood from anger when he heard what the fire phoenixes said and couldn’t help roaring, “You… You’re clearly robbing us!”

“You’re mistaken! We were originally doing a good deed, but you got someone to attack us. We’ve sustained mental trauma, so you have to compensate us for it. This is all your fault!” Feng Ling’er said resentfully.

Lan Tao glared at the second elder and then negotiated with Feng Ling’er. “Erm, you want too many things. Can you ask for less?”

“Is it a lot? Your Lan family is one of the three Great Families. Don’t you have at least this bit of money?” Feng Ling’er asked in disbelief.

“Big Sister Ling’er, I think this Lan family is just for show. They probably can’t take out so much money. Why don’t we take pity on them and charge them less for our mental trauma! Just treat it as us stepping on a dead rat outside and admitting our bad luck!” a silver wolf said very kindly, but her words infuriated the Lan family below.

“I see! But…” Feng Ling’er was a little hesitant and unwilling.

With no one guarding the door, Lan Fei ran out of his room and heard the silver wolf’s words as soon as he arrived at the main courtyard. He roared at the top of his lungs in anger, “Who said that our Lan family is poor? Our Lan family has a lot of money, you furred beasts!”

“Boohoo… Big Sister Ling’er, he called me a beast!” The silver wolf immediately wailed with tears in her eyes!

“Uh! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! He’s the beast! He’s a bastard!” Feng Ling’er comforted while scolding!

“Big Sister Ling’er, my fragile little heart has been seriously injured. I demand compensation for mental trauma!” the silver wolf said pitifully with tears in her eyes.

“No problem. Big Sister will get it for you!” Feng Ling’er said very loyally.

“Bastard, you made my sister cry. You have to compensate her!” Feng Ling’er roared.

“You damn bird, you are…” Lan Fei was about to scold back. But after saying a few words, he was knocked unconscious by Lan Tao!

“Old man, since you knocked out that bastard, you will compensate on his behalf,” Feng Ling’er roared angrily.

“Okay, I’ll pay,” Lan Tao said angrily. He also glared at the Lan family members who wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to, feeling incomparably depressed.

“Old man, that bastard hurt my sister’s fragile heart, so compensate us with a billion purple gold coins, and we won’t care anymore!” Feng Ling’er said generously.

“You’re clearly robbing up!” The second elder couldn’t help speaking again. He hated these birds in his heart! These birds were actually robbing the Lan family, but they were helpless against them. This fact was really depressing!

“Tch, so what if we’re robbing you? Moreover, this isn’t robbery. This is called compensation, understand? You’re uncultured. Go back and study before coming out! Save yourself from being a disgrace!” Feng Ling’er said disdainfully.

“You… you…” The second elder was so angry that he couldn’t breathe. He kicked his legs and fainted directly!

“Alas! Your mental fortitude is really too poor. You have to train!” Feng Ling’er said with some pity.

“Come, carry the second elder away,” Lan Tao ordered speechlessly.

“For the compensation you want, money is fine, but we don’t have so many items!” Lan Tao said to Feng Ling’er. His greatest wish now was to quickly send these plague gods away. Otherwise, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t kill them if they stayed for a while!

“Really?” Feng Ling’er asked doubtfully.

“Of course.” Lan Tao’s expression was very sincere.

“Alright! Not a single cent less. As for the things, just compensate us with as much as you have.” Feng Ling’er relented and agreed!

“Okay, give me some time. I need to collect the money,” Lan Tao said.

“No problem. I’ll give you three days. Send the money to the inn three days later! In addition, I’ll take these people back first.” Feng Ling’er led the group and flew out of the Lan family estate after speaking.

“Patriarch, are you really going to compensate them for mental trauma? They’re just birds,” an elder couldn’t help asking. Alas! Their Lan family was actually being bullied. They were really too cowardly.

“They are fire phoenixes. Do you have any other way?” Lan Tao asked instead of answering.

“I… I don’t!” the elder whispered, not daring to speak anymore!

“Listen up. No one is allowed to provoke those fire phoenixes in the future. We can settle it with money this time, but it might not necessarily be so next time!” Lan Tao warned everyone.

“Yes!” the Lan family members present replied in unison.

“Patriarch, I’m going to the inn to see Leng Ruoxue,” the first elder said.

“Okay!” Lan Tao nodded in agreement.

After speaking, the first elder left the Lan family estate with the third elder and went straight to the inn…

“Come out!” Lan Tao roared into the corner after the first elder and third elder left. Hmph! Damn brat, how dare you run out by yourself.

“Haha!” Lan Lie laughed wildly as he emerged from the darkness. Of course, Leng Wudi and Sun Teng were with him!

“Damn brat, what are you laughing about?” Lan Tao roared furiously. He was really displeased to see his grandson’s smug laughter!

“I’m laughing because you have a bastard son! Haha! Then won’t you be an old bastard?” Lan Lie smiled tactlessly. Hehe, he was so happy! This old man actually ordered people to lock him up, causing him not to see Little Icy for several days. Boohoo…

“Damn brat, if I’m an old bastard, then you’re an old bastard’s grandson!” Lan Tao retaliated, unwilling to be outdone. Hmph! This stinky brat wants to fight with me? You’re still too inexperienced!

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