Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 459 - Repaying the Debt With My Body (2)

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Chapter 459: Repaying the Debt With My Body (2)

“Erm… Erm…” The First Elder was speechless.

“Haha, little girl, we can be considered acquaintances. Can you not fuss about it on our account?” The Third Elder braced himself and said.

“Elders, I remember telling you to restrain some people from your Lan family and not let them out. Otherwise, they will be at my disposal. You also promised me that you wouldn’t protect them, right?” Leng Ruoxue didn’t answer the Third Elder’s question but asked directly.

“Uh! Yes, but we didn’t cover for them! Weren’t they already at your disposal?” The Third Elder quibbled shamelessly.

“But what I want to know is, why did Lan Ning’er come to find trouble with me? I heard that she has already been locked up by the First Elder?” Leng Ruoxue looked at the First Elder doubtfully and asked.

“She… She ran out by herself.” The Third Elder wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and pushed all the blame onto Lan Ning’er. Alas! He couldn’t say that Big Brother let Lan Ning’er out in order to teach Leng Ruoxue a lesson, right?

“Little Snowy, Third Grandpa is lying to you. That damn old man deliberately let Lan Ning’er out to cause you trouble,” Lan Lie suddenly said, exposing the Third Elder’s lie.

“Oh!” Leng Ruoxue looked at the Third Elder with a spurious smile and said indifferently.

“You stinky brat, are you a traitor!” The Third Elder was so angry! He ignored everything else and chased after Lan Lie in the room!

“I’m telling the truth! Didn’t you teach me that good children shouldn’t lie!” Lan Lie fled aggrievedly, covering his head and hiding everywhere. Finally, he ran behind the little old man to seek protection.

“Uh, Senior, don’t protect him. I want to teach this traitor a lesson,” the Third Elder said very respectfully. He already knew the little old man’s identity, so he naturally didn’t dare to be rude in front of the little old man.

“Teach him a lesson? I think he’s right! He’s a child! Honesty is a virtue. You have to teach him a lesson only if he’s not honest!” the little old man said meaningfully.

“Uh!” Two drops of cold sweat dripped down the Third Elder’s forehead. His heart was racing as he thought, Could the dishonest child be referring to me? Boohoo… He was also forced into a corner! This was all a mess caused by the Patriarch finding trouble for no reason!

“Third Grandpa, you can’t run away if you did something wrong! Don’t hide it for that old man!” Lan Lie was being even bolder since someone was backing him up.

“Stinky brat, that’s your biological grandfather!” The Third Elder couldn’t help roaring.

“Hmph! I call him Old Man in front of him!” Lan Lie said nonchalantly.

“Alright, go back to your Lan family if you want to argue or fight. Now, First Elder, Third Elder, you have to give me an explanation,” Leng Ruoxue said coldly. She was unwilling to become the sacrificial lamb for the battle between the Lan family’s grandfather and granddaughter, so she would not let go of the benefits that should be gained.

Uh! The First Elder and Third Elder were stunned. Did they hear it right? Leng Ruoxue actually wanted an explanation from them? What explanation?

“Little girl, what explanation do you want us to give you?” The First Elder asked foolishly. Was he really old? Why couldn’t he understand what this little girl was saying?

“Shouldn’t you give me an explanation for breaking your promise? I thought that the Lan family had always valued integrity the most. Isn’t that so?” Leng Ruoxue looked at the two Lan family elders doubtfully and said slowly.

“Of course, but… this isn’t a breach of trust, right?” First Elder wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and quibbled.

“Oh, then I’m afraid it depends on the person. Anyway, in my opinion, if you didn’t do what you promised me, you would be breaking your promise to me. Of course, I don’t care if you don’t think so,” Leng Ruoxue said nonchalantly, her face full of understanding of the two of them.

“Uh, little girl, what do you want then?” The Third Elder said speechlessly. He realized today that this little girl was really too difficult to deal with. No wonder she dared to pry into the corner of their Lan family and dared to teach the Lan family a lesson.

“There is a rule in my hometown. If one party breaks the agreement, the other party has to pay for the breach of contract,” Leng Ruoxue said with a smile, her expression so sincere.

“Breach of contract?” The two shrewd old men finally understood. This was asking for more money! This little girl’s beast had already taken a lot of money from the Lan family. Why didn’t this girl intend to let the two of them go? It was too despicable. This little girl was really a vampire!

“Yes, you need to pay for your breach of contract,” Leng Ruoxue said calmly.

“We don’t have money,” the two old men said in unison, deciding to collectively cheat.

“No money? It’s okay. You can work to repay my debts if you don’t have money.” Leng Ruoxue said with a light smile.

“Uh! Work to repay debts?” The two old men were dumbfounded. What did she mean by working to repay their debts? Did she mean working for this little girl?

“Working as the name implies that you will work for me in the future until you pay off the debts you owe me. Moreover, I won’t be paying for your accommodation nor food!” Leng Ruoxue knew that these two old men definitely didn’t know what work was, so she explained it to them directly.

“Uh! How long do we have to work for you?” The First Elder couldn’t help asking. He finally understood that Leng Ruoxue wanted them to be her subordinates.

“That will depend on your working ability. If your abilities are too poor I’m afraid you will have to work for life,” Leng Ruoxue said very understandingly. These two old men were from the Lan family and were esteemed elders. They would definitely not do manual work.

“A lifetime? How much do we owe you in total?” The Third Elder then remembered that he had not asked the most important question. They still did not know how much money they owed Leng Ruoxue. He would not want to work for others if it was not much!

“Two billion purple coins!” Leng Ruoxue stretched out two fingers.

“What? You’re robbing us openly! Why would we owe you so much money?” The First Elder roared angrily.

“It’s all because of your high status! Ordinary people don’t have to pay so much if they break the contract, but you’re different. With your status, I even gave you a discount! One billion each, a total of two billion!” Leng Ruoxue explained.

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