Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1020

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Chapter 1020 I Want You to Marry Her

On the other hand, it was probably because of Ding Ding that Xie Jieyu agreed to be the Holy Goddess of the Immortal Phoenix Palace. It was impossible for her to associate with the Demon Clan, and her True Phoenix magic power should have been taught by Ding Ding.

This secret was really shocking.

There were so many questions in Ding Hao’s head, and soon he thought of another one. He said, “So about this True Phoenix City and True Phoenix University... How did you know so many strange things and build such a strange city?”

“Is it strange?” Ding Ding said with a smile, “I just think it’s fun. I get bored easily, so I made so many little things. Haha, do you think they’re high-class?”


Ding Hao was stunned. “This term is supposed to be a kind of saying on Earth in my previous life.

“Can it be that the Great Phoenix Saint has time-traveled here from Earth?”

Ding Ding continued, “That was a long time ago. When the Epoch Catastrophe broke out, originally, I had the Nirvana Way to avoid the catastrophe, but I was plotted against by someone. With the Ice Spirit Move, my physical body was sealed...”

Obviously, what happened back then was an unforgettable hatred for Ding Ding. When she talked about it, there was a kind of crazy ferociousness in her eyes. Her actual killing intent was like a divine sword. It flashed and disappeared, making Ding Hao’s skin chill.

After a pause, Ding Ding suddenly showed a proud smile on her face and said, “Haha, even so, what could they do to me? Although I have gone through many hardships, in the end, I still managed to get my spiritual body out of there... However, that bastard, who plotted against me, was really vicious. He actually saw it coming. He set up a teleport tactical deployment and transported my soul into the void storm. My spiritual body fell into endless space-time turbulence and experienced countless spaces. I don’t know how many years it took, but I finally got stabilized in a small world called Earth. That is an interesting place. My spiritual body has stayed there for at least a thousand years. Only about eight years ago, by chance, I returned to this world... Those little things that you saw are what I have learned making when I was on Earth.”


“She has really been to Earth?”

Ding Hao suddenly got excited.

What Ding Ding said made his eyes lit up.

Actually, after so many things, the memories of Earth had been sealed in the depths of Ding Hao’s mind as they gradually began to blur. Most of the time, Ding Hao would be wondering if those so-called memories were just an illusion in his mind, and they were not real. Maybe he was really from the Land of Infinity.

He couldn’t tell the reality from his dreams.

But Ding Ding’s experience made Ding Hao realize that Earth did exist and that his memory was real. It made him realize that Earth and the Land of Infinity could connect with each other. “There must be a certain connection. Since Ding Ding’s spiritual body could come back from Earth, doesn’t it mean that sooner or later, when I’m strong enough, I can return to Earth?

“Ding Ding said that eight years ago, by chance, her spiritual body could return from Earth to the world of the Land of Infinity... Wait.” when Ding Hao thought of this, a thought crossed his mind as he suddenly realized something.

“Eight years ago?

“Didn’t I travel to this world eight years ago?

“Can it be that there is some kind of connection between these?

“Can it be that when Ding Ding’s spiritual body returned from Earth, it triggered some strange changes in the law of heaven and earth? And that’s why my soul received some kind of pull, which got me a ride and transmitted me to this world?

“That’s possible.”

Ding Hao had been thinking about the reason for his time travel. Now it seemed that there were traces of his fate that could be found.

“By the way, thank you for cracking my Ice Body Seal. Although I don’t know how you broke the seal that even a God Realm Master can’t deal with, I have finally recovered my strength. Haha...” Ding Ding laughed proudly and said, “That’s why I gave you the title of the Holy Son of the Immortal Phoenix Palace. So? Why don’t you consider working for me? You will definitely have a bright future and I will protect you. If anyone dares to make things difficult for you, just tell them my name.”

Ding Hao felt quite helpless.

“Why does she sound so rascal?”

“By the way, you just said that you came back to the Land of Infinity from Earth by chance. How did that happen? Can you tell me more about it?” Ding Hao asked.

Ding Ding looked at Ding Hao with a smile and said, “It seems that you are very interested in my experience. Why is that? Let me guess... Well, is it that you also know the existence of Earth?”

Ding Hao didn’t answer her directly.

“Well, I can tell you, but you have to promise me one thing first.” There was a cunning look in Ding Ding’s big eyes when she covered her mouth with a smile.

Ding Hao instinctively felt that something was wrong and asked, “What is it?”

At this moment, Ding Ding suddenly changed her appearance. The red mist flickered as she changed back into the image of an elegant woman with unparalleled beauty. She had jade-like bones, ice-like skin, and long eyebrows with a chaotic flame mist all over her body. She was so noble and elegant that no one dared to look at her. The flame mark between her eyebrows seemed to be burning with immortal fire. It was the image of the Great Phoenix Saint.

Her tone became serious when she said, “Sister Jieyu has been waiting for you for such a long time. I want you to marry her.”


Ding Hao was stunned and immediately came to his senses. He said, “I was going to marry Jieyu.”

“I mean to have you marry her now. I will hold a wedding ceremony for you tomorrow. I want to tell the world and let the entire Northern Region and even the Land of Infinity know that Ding Hao, the Saber and Sword Addict, is marrying the Holy Goddess of my Immortal Phoenix Palace, Xie Jieyu,” the Great Phoenix Saint said solemnly.

Ding Hao frowned slightly.

He kind of understood what the Great Phoenix Saint meant. She was asking him to tell the world that he was going to marry Xie Jieyu openly without giving him too much time to prepare.

“What? Are you hesitating?” the Great Phoenix Saint asked.

Ding Hao found that when Ding Ding changed back to the image of the Great Phoenix Saint, her tone and temperament had become completely different. It was not only the change in her appearance but also the complete change in her soul level. She appeared completely different than before.

“It seems that her spiritual body and physical body haven’t been completely integrated. She can’t control the power of the past and can’t be reincarnated to perfection.” Saber Master’s voice came, “Yes, with her level, if she can completely integrate her spiritual body with her physical body, it will mean that she has completely recovered her cultivation from the Immortal Period. When that happens, there will be no one in this world who can keep her in line, and she can even slaughter the Land of Divine Grace on her own.”

The Sword Master added, “The separation of the spiritual body and the physical body is quite a harmful thing in the first place. Back then, she was sealed, so she could only use this method to get out, which caused very serious sequelae. Until now, it seems that she has not been able to perfectly merge her two bodies, so they tend to split. Fortunately, their thoughts are still very unified...”

Ding Hao suddenly felt quite troubled.

“So, Jieyu is really imprisoned by you?” Ding Hao thought of what the Great Phoenix Saint had said before.

The Great Phoenix Saint said, “Sister Jieyu is too kind. She has paid so much for you, and she has always been considerate of you. She is unwilling to force you to marry her or make things difficult for you. If she finds out about this, she will definitely not want you to be so embarrassed. But once you show any hesitation, it will make her sad. You should know that although Sister Jieyu doesn’t want to make things difficult for you, it does not mean that she doesn’t want you to marry her, nor does it mean that she won’t be sad.”

Ding Hao was stunned.

The last few words of the Great Phoenix Saint got to him hard.

Ding Hao had no reason to refute such a questioning.

“Yeah. Xie Jieyu has done too much for me all along. With her understanding, if I refuse the Great Phoenix Saint today, no matter what reason I have, Xie Jieyu may understand me, but as the Great Phoenix Saint said, she will definitely be sad.”

He was about to refuse, but he couldn’t say it for a moment.

Ding Hao originally thought that when he solved the crisis of the Land of Infinity, found his sister, and recognized his parents one day, he would make things right with his confidantes. At that time, he would definitely marry Xie Jieyu.

But who knew how long it would take?

Ding Hao was not sure.

He wanted to wait for the time when he got his success and recognition to prove himself to everyone, but he had already had a child with Li Lan. Although it was an accident, it was still very unfair to Xie Jieyu.

Ding Hao raised his head and nodded seriously, saying, “Okay, I agree to that.”

“Hmm?” The Great Phoenix Saint was very surprised. With her understanding of Ding Hao, she was sure that he would refuse what she had requested today, but she didn’t expect that he actually agreed so readily.

After a moment of shock, the Great Phoenix Saint seemed to have understood something.

The look in her eyes when she looked at Ding Hao finally became softer.

“Sister Jieyu made the right decision to be with you. Ding Hao, I admire you.”



She didn’t know how much time had passed.

Gu Xing’er finally woke up from her cultivation. She suddenly opened her eyes when she realized something. She widened her eyes in great shock. “I have entered a state of enlightenment.” This was a very rare state of martial intent. When she came back to her senses, she had broken through four small realms in a row and was close to the next big realm.

The increase in cultivation on the Land of Divine Grace was simply unimaginable.

“No wonder the average strength of the martial artists here is much higher than that of the Land of Infinity.”

Gu Xing’er was stunned for a moment, and then she thought of something. She instantly turned her head and looked to the side, only to see that Huo Jun was still healing himself with his eyes closed, while Hua Mojian was still standing there in a daze. His previous painful roar had disappeared, and the fire dragons in his body had gone somewhere. He stood where he was and seemed at loss. He spread out his hands as two blue flames moved strangely in his palms.

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