Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1214 - false news

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Chapter 1214: Chapter 1227 false news

She opened the door. The smell inside was very nice and there was a faint fragrance. This fragrance came from the bottle of fresh flowers on the table. This was planted by Lu Yi in the flower garden. He would cut a few branches every day, the windows were always open. Fresh air would be exchanged from the outside. Liuyuan was different from other places in hai city. It could be said that this was a pure land of Hai City. It was very clean, completely unpolluted. It drank spring water and ate the vegetables that it had grown. But here.., it could be said that they had retreated to the countryside. This was originally a paradise that was out of this world. She walked over carefully. She knew that Yan Huan couldn’t hear anything at the moment, but she still lowered her voice unconsciously. Perhaps her voice should have been louder. Perhaps she was the one who started the argument. But in the end, she didn’t. Because she knew very well in her heart that if she could really wake Yan Huan up, then the current Yan Huan wouldn’t be lying here half-dead, and he wouldn’t just be breathing and not thinking. Yi Ling held Yan Huan’s hand tightly. “Huanhuan, I came to see you. You Don’t know how much I miss you.”She saw Yan Huan’s blood-red face and the temperature of her fingertips. She almost burst into tears, she placed Yan Huan’s hand on her face. If mother Yan were to see you like this, what would she do? She would definitely cry until her eyes went blind. Yi Ling sniffled again. When she came, she had already told herself that she could not cry. She really could not cry. But now, she could not help but burst into tears. How could she not cry? Her heart ached for Yan Huan, and her heart ached for Xiao Guang. Xiao Guang was so obedient. She had been obedient since she was young, but why did something like this happen to them. The three children had just turned three years old. They were still so young. The youngest, Xun Xun, could not even walk properly. Sometimes, she would fall and hurt herself. She still cried, needed someone to comfort her, and needed her mother. She covered her mouth, not daring to cry too loudly. She was afraid that the people outside would hear her, afraid that Lu Yi would hear her and not let her come over in the future. The light from outside also shone through the window. Other than the fresh air, there was also the natural light. Yi Ling sniffled, then carefully placed Yan Huan’s hand under the blanket. “Don’t be afraid.”She tucked Yan Huan in again, “Even if you don’t wake up for the rest of your life, Xiao Guang and the others won’t be wronged. I’ll do everything I can to protect Xiao Guang and the others. Even Lu Yi won’t be able to hurt Xiao Guang.” “If he marries someone else in the future, I’ll Bring Yours back to my house. I’ll take good care of you for the rest of my life, just like how you and mother Yan took me in when I ran back from the orphanage.” At this moment, it was fortunate that Lu Yi did not hear these words. If Lu Yi heard them, he might really want to put Yi Ling on the rejection list. From now on, he really would not let her set foot in the detention center. Outside, Lei Qingyi handed his phone to Lu Yi. Look, this was a message from the little rascal. It was sent yesterday. Do you think he’s out of his mind or something? Even if he gave up on himself.., he couldn’t have gone to the Grand Canyon of East Africa. Did he want his father to die in vain, or did he want the Ye family to have no children? No matter how much he hated Sun Yuhan.., he couldn’t lose himself like this. Lu Yi looked at the message and read through the messages ye Xinyu had sent over the past few months. The earliest one was sent the day after Yan Huan’s accident. When the text message was sent, Ye Chuji could not believe his eyes. His son, who had gone missing for a few days without any news, actually sent him a reply. From then on, it was about one message a month. This was already the fifth message, it was four months after Yan Huan and Xiao Guang’s accident. “Do you think I should think of a way to find him?” Lei Qingyi asked Lu Yi. He couldn’t just ignore that kid, right? If this continued, he would really lose his life one day. No matter what, Ye Xinyu had grown up in the Lei family, he couldn’t bear to see that Kid Die. Moreover, it was such a cowardly way of dying. Even if he had to die, he had to take that useful body and sacrifice himself for the country. That way, he wouldn’t have been born in vain. “No need. He’s not there.”Lu Yi put down his phone and took his notebook from the side. He opened it and put it on the table. He didn’t know what he was looking for on it. “Why not?”Lei Qingyi slammed his butt on the table. With his height, how could he be as comfortable as sitting on the table. And Lu Yi didn’t care about him. He was used to it. And now, he was wondering if he was really angry or something. He really didn’t care about that Brat’s life or death. Or could it be that he hated ye Jianguo to the extreme, and even ye Xinyu hated him as well. That was impossible. Lei Qingyi hurriedly shook his head. This wasn’t Lu Yi. Lu Yi wasn’t that petty, and things weren’t black and white. He was very clear. He couldn’t ignore ye Chuji and ye Xinyu just because of one ye Jianguo, if that was the case, he might not even bother with this message. Lu Yi raised his face and glanced at Lei Qingyi’s phone. “The message wasn’t sent by ye Xinyu. Even if you filled up the East Africa Grand Canyon, it’s impossible to dig out a ye Xinyu.” Lei Qingyi’s scalp suddenly tightened. “What did you say?” “It wasn’t sent by Ye Xinyu?” Lei Qingyi took his phone again. These were clearly sent by ye Xinyu. The number was ye Xinyu’s, the tone was ye Xinyu’s, the temperament was ye Xinyu’s, and even the things he did were all ye Xinyu’s, how could it not be him? Even ye Chuji firmly believed it. “Where was he last month?”Lu Yi asked Lei Qingyi. Lei Qingyi pulled out his phone and found the last message. It was easy to find. Basically, one message a month, and sometimes two messages a month. There was no more than this. And last month, wasn’t it the last message. “He’s in Guadong Desert.” Lu Yi stopped and piled his computer over to Lei Qingyi. “Due to the domestic situation in Guadong desert these past three months, it has been closing the ports of entry and exit. When he was here, it happened to be within this month. If he was in Guadong desert a month ago, then he is still in Guadong desert now. It is impossible for him to go to East Africa.” As he spoke, he stood up again and leaned his back against the table at the side.

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