Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1215 - needed a consolation

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Chapter 1215: Chapter 1228 needed a consolation

“To go to the Grand Canyon of East Africa, it will take about two months of preparation time. That is one of the characteristics of that place, but the so-called special is also dangerous. There is a series of procedures that need to be followed. Explorers from all over the world also like that place. From the moment they enter East Africa, they will have to queue up. They will need to undergo a series of inspections and training. There is also a month of acclimatization time in between.” “If it’s normal...”Lu Yi analyzed again, “If you want to go from Guadong Desert to East Africa, it’s impossible to do it in half a year. Tell me,”he pressed his hands on the table. “How did he do it?” “He...” Lei Qingyi’s eyes widened. How was he going to explain? Even he didn’t know this. He wasn’t an explorer. He was a frog at the bottom of a well. He really didn’t understand these customs. So this wasn’t from ye Xinyu. Lei qingyi loosened his grip and threw his phone on the table. But, who could have done this? He pulled Lu Yi’s computer and placed it in front of him. It had the current situation on Guadong’s side. It was just as Lu Yi had said. It wasn’t peaceful now. It was different in their country. The people there were sometimes very barbaric. That was why it was said to seal the exit, if they really did that, they wouldn’t care about the foreign tourists. They wouldn’t know about the chaos in foreign countries. Wars happened around them, but wars were always far away from us. Sometimes, we couldn’t even imagine the cruelty of wars. The wars we experienced now were only in history, on television, there are also those in the news, but there are none around us. We should be grateful that we live in a peaceful era and have a peaceful country. Foreign countries are not so good. Only those who go there know what kind of Hell on Earth it will be. Just like Guadong now, it is also as famous and beautiful as the global desert, it was vast and shocking, but at the same time, it was dangerous. Lei Qingyi turned to another page. It was about the things in East Africa. If one wanted to go, they indeed had to follow a certain procedure. From the first day they entered, they had to wait for at least three months before they could enter the canyon in East Africa. It was not easy to get the qualifications to enter the canyon. The requirements were very strict. First, they had to have a team of more than ten people, and each person had to have at least five years of travel permits, they also had to undergo a strict physical examination. From height, weight, vision, and various bodily functions, they were also very strict. Moreover, different countries had different requirements. For example, if they wanted to go to their own country, they would have to wait for a long time, then they would have to wait for a longer time because they were in the temperate zone, where the four seasons were distinct. East Africa was close to the equator, so it was very hot. There was almost no autumn or winter. There were two seasons when they finished their jobs in a year. Therefore, they would have to wait for at least two months to get used to it. If within these two months.., there were serious soil and water problems, as well as diseases, then the waiting time would be even better. If he was lucky, it would be at least three months. If he was unlucky, he might not be able to gather enough people in a year, or his body would not allow it. Did Ye Xinyu have such ability? He had just flown from Guadong for a few days, and he did not even have enough time for a medical check-up. Yet, he had such good luck and was able to fish in troubled waters. Was that even possible? It was impossible. Even if he wanted to, no one would be willing. He didn’t even have an entry and exit certificate. He simply couldn’t enter the police line there. Even if he wanted to crawl over, he couldn’t So, Lu Yi was right. Lei qingyi wiped the sweat off his forehead. This wasn’t a message from ye Xinyu. Ye Xinyu was still missing. He hadn’t sent any news, and this information was just someone trying to blind them. They wanted to put this matter behind them, they still wanted to fish in troubled waters. Then, one day, no matter how long it took for them to send a message, they might just fall into a ravine and die. After that, there was no after. Ye Chuji still did not have a son, and the ye family did not have any bloodline. No, there was still that Sun Yuhan. But now, no one treated Sun Yuhan as a member of the Ye family. The mention of that woman was disgusting. “You knew long ago, didn’t you?” Lei Qingyi asked Lu Yi. The first time ye Xinyu sent a message, Lu Yi didn’t have much of a reaction. At that time, he thought it was because of Yan Huan and Xiao Guang, so in his heart.., he could only tolerate Yan Huan and Xiao Guang. He couldn’t see or hear anything else. But now that he thought about it, it did not seem like it. Lu Yi had always known that they had been deceived, right? “Yes,”Lu Yi admitted. He habitually tried to persuade the wedding ring on his finger, “Although ye Xinyu doesn’t do things in an orderly manner, he has his own principles. He lives with me. Even if he wants to leave, at the very least, he will clean up my place.” “This is my bottom line, and also his bottom line. He won’t touch my bottom line. So, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and the curve of his lips was also very cold. I never believed that he was the one who sent this message, because he never mentioned turning my house into a pigsty.” “Then, why didn’t you say so early in the morning?”Lei qingyi stretched out her long legs. It had been four months since he sat down and stood up. He had been busy for nothing, but he was still happy for nothing. That’s right. He clearly knew, so why didn’t he say anything? He clearly knew, so why didn’t he mention it? Why did he have to let them be deceived. “Uncle needs a comfort.” Lu Yi straightened his body and walked into the room. Now was the perfect time. He was going to take Huanhuan to bask in the Sun. Lu Yi and Lei Qingyi hurriedly ran over as well. “Tell me, who did this? Why did you do it so well? Why did you create such a lie?” Lu Yi stopped in his tracks. He turned around and pursed his thin lips tightly. “No matter who it is, he has ruined my joy and my little light.” “Then...”Lei Qingyi wanted to ask who Lu Yi was? However, after thinking about it, he still did not ask the question If Lu Yi knew everything, then he was the director of the Security Department. Lu Yi was only the prosecutor. He had his suspicions, but he had no evidence. Lu Yi opened the door. Yi Ling was sitting at the side, chatting with him from time to time. When they were happy, she seemed to be very happy. However, Lu Yi frowned slightly. His huanhuan actually liked silence. A proper voice could make her not be lonely, but if she talked too much, it would be noisy

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