Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1455 - the huge sum of money   

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Chapter 1455: Chapter 1369, the huge sum of money


Of course, this wasn’t really a repayment. This gemstone was bought by Yan Huan with real money. It wasn’t stolen or snatched back. If the other party wanted it, he could just buy it with money.

“I think so too.”Yan Huan understood very well, so she also decided to sell it.

There were some things that one should know when to stop. It was not a good thing to take advantage of others too much, so she did not bargain with them or stubbornly refused to sell.

“They must take it back this time?”

Lu Yi guessed it.

“Yeah,”Yan Huan admitted. “They contacted me again.”Although this matter was her matter, she still had to inform Lu Yi’s parents.

Because they were a family.

Moreover, this matter might require Lu Jin’s influence. After all, they were not clear about what would happen during the transaction process, so it was better to be prepared.

“How much are they prepared to buy?”

Lu Yi asked Yan Huan.

“700 million,”Yan Huan sighed and reported a number.

Ye Shuyun drank a mouthful of water. Yes, it was quite a lot. At first, it was said to be 300 million, but now it was 700 million. Actually, it was not considered a lot in terms of national treasures. Moreover, with the speed at which Yan Huan was earning money, if she had made more films back then.., if it was luck now, she might have earned back the money in a few years. Therefore, it could not be said that it was more than 700 million, but it was definitely not less.

7 was already a billionaire. He could live his entire life without having to worry about food and drink. He could squander whatever he wanted

Yan Huan raised her head to look at everyone again. Finally, her gaze returned to Lu Yi. She gave him a beating and even made herself sound as if she had been wronged.

“It’s 700 million USD.”

There was a PFFT.

Ye Shuyun directly spat out the water that she had just drunk. Coincidentally, Lu Jin also turned his face away. In the end, he gave Lu Shi a bath.

The corner of Lu Jin’s eyes twitched. Then, he took out a tissue from the table and silently began to wipe his face. This was probably not the first time. He had forgotten about it. Why didn’t he cover his face, and he had also forgotten that when ye Shuyun drank the water, she would directly spit out the water.

“I’m sorry.”Ye Shuyun put down the cup and coughed. I didn’t do it on purpose. I was just a little too excited.

Yes, too excited. I was really too excited.

She felt that 700 million was unbelievable.

What did Yan Huan Say Just Now? 700 million? USD?

“How much did you say just now?”Ye Shuyun asked again. How much was it exactly? Did she hear wrongly?

“It’s 700 million USD.”Yan Huan said very seriously. Of course, this was also the truth. It was because there was too much. Was it tens of thousands, not hundreds of thousands, tens of millions, but billions, this was not something that Yan Huan could afford. Hence, she called the whole family together to discuss this matter.

This was because this gem was definitely going to be sold. It was how it was going to be sold and how it was going to be traded. Of course, she had to let ye Shuyun and Lu Jin know that their family would suddenly have so much money.

Of course, Yan Huan wasn’t afraid that Lu Jin and ye Shuyun would think about this. They would be envious, and they would take the money for themselves.

Lu Jin and ye Shuyun only had one son, Lu Yi. Everything they had in the future belonged to Lu Yi. Moreover, if they wanted this, they wouldn’t have returned it to her in the end.

Moreover, the money was handed over to Lu Yi in the end. It wasn’t convenient for them to invest in other things, but they could invest in other things. Every year, they would earn tens of millions. It was enough for the whole family to live a good life.

“Sell it.”Lu Jin looked at the velvet box again. “It’s so valuable. It’s dangerous no matter where you put it.”

Ye Shuyun quickly nodded. It was dangerous. How could it not be dangerous? When it was worth 300 million, she could no longer sleep at night. She always felt that someone would enter her room. Even if it was locked in the safe, it was not that safe, if someone carried away the safe, if someone carried away the house, it would not be safe anywhere. It would not be safe anywhere.

Therefore, it was better to sell it. If it was sold, there would be one less potential danger. There was also second brother’s family. If they knew that this item could be sold for so much, they would be anxious. Who knew what they would do because of this money.

“I’ll contact the people over there later to confirm the method of handover.”

Lu Yi held Yan Huan’s hand tightly. He was very appreciative of her attitude in handling this matter. This was because she did not exclude his parents. She also let his parents participate in this matter and did not isolate herself.

This was the right way.

Yan Huan raised her chin. She was still quite arrogant.

Lu Yi pinched her face. “Yi bin will come over in a while and get him to help you check your body.”

“You’re going to draw blood again?”Yan Huan thought of the monthly check-ups and felt a headache coming on. Could she not do it so frequently? Other people carried out physical examinations once a year and a half, but she was doing well. She did it once a month.

“I can’t draw much blood.”Lu Yi was helpless about this. Yan Huan had lost too much blood and hurt her body. No one could say how much she could recover.

There could not be a lack of monthly physical examinations, and it was he yibin who came to serve her. What was there to be afraid of?

Yan Huan’s face was still full of resentment. She was not too happy, and she wanted to pull off the button at the corner of Lu Yi’s sleeve

Suddenly, she raised her hand and placed it in front of Lu Yi’s eyes.

“I dropped it.”

As expected, there was an extra button in her palm.

“Mm, very good.”Lu Yi patted Yan Huan’s shoulder. “You’ve once again tested the truth of whether this button is sturdy or not. Next time, sew the button tightly so that it won’t be impolite on important occasions.”

“I’ll go back and help you sew it.”

Yan Huan was elated by Lu Yi’s praise. In a while, she would go to work on the sewing that she didn’t like.

The conversation between the couple was actually a little incoherent, but the two of them could understand it. As for the others, whether they understood it or not was up to them.

Ye Shuyun and Lu Jin looked at each other. Both of them saw a sense of satisfaction in each other’s eyes. Yes, satisfaction, it was satisfaction. Finally, it was satisfaction. Wasn’t it satisfaction.

Ye Shuyun changed into another set of clothes, but she seemed to wake up in a while. She pulled Lu Jin, but she didn’t want him to sleep,

“What?”Lu Jin was lying there, and he didn’t want to wake up at all.

“I just came back. I haven’t slept for a few days. Can you let me sleep for a while first, and then talk about other things?”

“No,”ye Shuyun was excited. She sat down and sat on Lu Jin’s feet. Lu Jin looked at his feet, which were under ye Shuyun’s buttocks, and could only accept his fate and sit up.

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