Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1465 - : Kill them  

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Chapter 1465: Chapter 1379: Kill them

“MHM…”Yan Huan put down the documents in his hands and reached out to hug his waist. They didn’t even need to say anything else. There were some things that they knew and understood.

Lu Yi lowered his head and saw that she had fallen asleep again.

“Sleep well.”Lu Yi kissed her forehead and carefully carried her up. He then placed her on the big bed at the side and covered her with the blanket. The medicine should be effective now so she should sleep for a while more.

He then walked over to settle these documents.

Actually, he rarely had time to rest. The four committees for a year and the thirty days in a month were basically all work. If he owed today, he would make up for it tomorrow. If he owed it for a lifetime, he would make up for it in the future. If not in this life.., then in the next.

He turned around and glanced at Yan Huan, but no one noticed that his eyes were sparkling with an indescribable complexity.

And there were some things that only he himself knew.

On the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, as usual, they would go to Old Master Lu’s residence for the Lunar New Year. This was a tradition every year. In the past, Yan Huan and Lu Qin would go together, but only for two years, however, none of them were good experiences.

Old Master Lu’s mouth was very vicious. When he scolded, he almost never cared about the other party’s mood. He would scold whatever was unpleasant to hear. Those who had a fragile heart might be scolded to the point of suicide.

Fortunately, Yan Huan had always felt that her skin was thick enough and her heart was strong enough. Therefore, even if she was scolded by Old Master Lu every day, she was already used to it.

Therefore, this time, she was prepared to be scolded.

When she went there, she did not dress up meticulously. She only changed into a set of very festive clothes for the new year. She only put on some light makeup. However, she could not help but have a good face. She also looked like she had bright eyes and white teeth, it was refreshing and natural.

When she came out, she saw Mengni. Regardless of whether it was Mengni or Qin Xiaoyue, both of them had put in a lot of effort into dressing up. Even the jewelry on their bodies were probably the best and the biggest.

On the other hand, ye Shuyun wore a long cheongsam and a coat on the outside. She looked very elegant and luxurious. She was very satisfied with Yan Huan’s appearance today.

If satisfaction was ten points, then Yan Huan’s appearance could be said to be nine and a half points.

This was because Yan Huan did not dress up like he did in previous years. He was afraid that someone would steal the limelight. In the Liuyuan Garden, there were three women who would steal the limelight. She, Qin Xiaoyue.., it was still Yan Huan. This year, there was an additional mengni.

This was not a showdown. No matter what, she would always draw her own as if she was a ghost. On the other hand, Yan Huan looked much more pleasing to the eye today. She looked like a young woman, full of vigor and vitality.

Lu Yi tucked the dream by Yan Huan’s ear behind her ear. “Are you cold?”

“No.”Yan Huan shook her head. She was actually wearing quite a lot because she was thin. If she had been a little fatter, she might have turned into a ball. Lu Yi put on the hat on her head. She was wearing a white hat.., she looked like a little rabbit from somewhere, especially her pair of eyes that did not contain any impurities. She was indeed very beautiful.

Yan Huan suddenly felt as if a thorn had pierced her back. When she turned her head, she realized that Lu Qin’s pair of gloomy eyes were almost about to open a hole in her back.

Lu Yi placed his hand on Yan Huan’s shoulder and his pair of cold eyes warned Lu Qin.

Lu Qin had been afraid of Lu Yi ever since he was young. He could not help but shift his gaze away. However, at that moment, a boundless jealousy rose in his heart. What was there to be jealous about? Even if it was a woman that he did not want, it was impossible for her to become someone else’s. This woman could be flirted with as much as she wanted. It was fine if she died, but it was absolutely impossible for her to get better after leaving him, moreover, it was better to live by the side of another man, especially when this man was not someone else but his sworn enemy.

Yan Huan got into Lu Yi’s car. Lu Yi had already helped her fasten her seatbelt, and the car was already heading towards the Liu Garden.

Lu Yi had always driven this kind of car, and he had already driven this car for several years. He had never thought of changing it, and Lu Qin’s car didn’t seem to have changed either.

Every year, Lu Qin would change into a new car, and he would change it in recent years. Perhaps he wanted to let others know that his life was getting better and better.

But this year, it seemed that he was a little unlucky. Not only had he not received a few endorsements recently, but although the movie he made had a very high viewership, the popular one was a supporting actor. His main character was like a gust of wind in the snow, just like that, it blew away, and then it also blew away.

After that, it vanished into thin air.

It did not even allow him to earn much. Although he had gained some fame this year and was also on the hot searches once, such a hot search could be said to be a scandal. There was also his butt that others had seen before.

Although his popularity had risen, he had started to become poor. Today, he could not even afford to exchange for a car.

This was because in the past, Yan Huan had helped him exchange for a car.

And when he heard that Yan Huan had actually sold that piece of royal jewelry for 700 million US dollars, wouldn’t that be a few billion US dollars in his hands? Furthermore, with Yan Huan’s good luck, the international endorsements were auctioned off one by one, yan Huan currently had at least four to five billion US dollars in his hands.

If these four to five billion were in his hands now, then he would not have anything he wanted now. He could completely set up his own studio and invest in his own television and television, furthermore, with Lu Yi’s influence over the Sarft, as long as the quality of his films passed the test, as long as they reached the Lunar New Year, National Day, or summer break, no matter which period, they would definitely be a big seller.

However, it was a pity that that B * Tch Yan Huan took the money and gave it to Lu Yi.

He tightly gripped the steering wheel in his hand. The jealousy in his heart had already sprouted into a black net, making it almost impossible for him to turn things around in his life. At this moment, the black car was driving not far away from them.

Suddenly, he clenched his teeth hard, and his eyes started to turn red.

Kill them, kill them, yes, kill them.

He put his foot on the accelerator and suddenly stepped on it, and the car flew out.

“Lu Qin, what are you doing?”

Meng Ni was so scared that her face turned pale, and even Qin Xiaoyue screamed.

This was a mountain road. With such a high speed, if he didn’t drive well, people would really die.

Meanwhile, Lu Qin’s eyes were still staring at the Black Hummer in front of him.

Yes, they deserved to die, as long as they were killed. Everything in the Lu family was his, and the five billion yuan was also his.

Yan Huan was eating snacks while looking at the scenery. Today, she realized that this road was actually quite easy to walk on.

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