Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent - Chapter 601 The Decisive Battle

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When Ouyang Xue saw that Luo Feng was unwilling to talk about his injuries, she stopped talking and just followed him.

When the two walked outside the base, they found that their fleet had already been assembled, even the reinforcements brought by Ouyang Xue were the same.

Ouyang Xue’s subordinates are either from the military or from the two major training camps. They are all specially trained to deal with war and various dangerous situations.

They might be nervous or fearful during their first war, but they will certainly not panic or break formation due to that.

“Brother Luo Feng, there are a lot of enemies this time.”

Ouyang Xue looked at the endless figures and ships on the opposite side with an awe-inspiring expression. The same was true for Luo Feng next to her.

In fact, they even felt their breaths getting heavier.

This time, the Izumo Empire seemed to have dispatched all the manpower in their base. According to Luo Feng’s visual observation, there are tens of millions of cultivators on the opposite side. All of which are God of War level and above.

“Is the Izumi Empire intending to truly launch the decisive battle?”

Luo Feng couldn’t help but grit his teeth.


Not far away from the battlefield, Fang Yun was also shocked upon seeing this scene. Even he didn’t expect that The Izumo Empire would launch the decisive battle at this juncture.

“I wonder how Luo Feng will respond.”

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At this moment, Fang Yun is actually intending to take action. Despite his high evaluation of Luo Feng, he doesn’t think that this lad can deal with this situation alone, but he is still planning to watch his response first.

Below, after realizing that the Izumo Empire was preparing to launch a decisive battle, he immediately ordered his fleet to converge and prepare themselves. He is also intending to deploy all of their forces.

Even in such a situation, Luo Feng didn’t show a shred of fear. His eyes were filled with determination.

“Senior Brother Luo Feng, what should we do now?”

However, Ouyang Xue, who was next to him, was a little panicked at this time. She is still too inexperienced. Who would have thought that she would directly face such a scene upon arriving?

Especially now that she still was chosen as the fleet commander. For a while, she didn’t know how to respond in such a situation, how to combine her fleet with Luo Feng’s fleet, and how to develop strategies to deal with the current situation.

She didn’t even have the time to accumulate experience before facing such a scene that can even make a veteran general nervous.

There is only one person that can help her. Ouyang Xue looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng is the only person she can rely on at this time, and the latter indeed didn’t disappoint her. He patted his shoulder and said,

“Sister Xue, don’t worry, there will be no major problems.”

“Senior Luo Feng. I’m relieved to get your help”

Ouyang Xue’s nervous mood finally relaxed a little.

Soon, all the cultivators and starships gathered together. This scene was quite similar to the endless army of the Izumo Empire. Moreover, their movements have indeed caught the attention of the latter.

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The leaders of the Izumo Empire’s fleet no longer hesitated. They headed towards the metaverse military base and the war immediately started.

The extremely fierce war. All kinds of laser and energy beams were shot indiscriminately. In no time, many ships exploded directly and countless people were killed.

In a giant cosmic battle like this, there are too many people participating. Tens to hundreds of millions, all of which are cultivators, but in the end, how many will be left?

However, judging from the current situation, the Metaverse league is at a complete disadvantage.

“Brother Luo Feng, our soldiers are dying at an extremely high pace.”

Ouyang Xue said weakly, her face was a bit pale at this moment. Originally, she thought that she would have the time to gain some experience on the battlefield along with her companions and fleet.

After all, most of the soldiers in the fleet she led are newcomers to cosmic wars. The only experience they had is their battle against star beasts and their fellow classmates.

They thought that they would have to fight small-scale wars for a while before moving to the real thing, but unfortunately, things in the real world don’t always go according to plan.

Ouyang Xue knew a lot of people in her fleet. She even developed emotional relationships with quite a few of them.

​​ However, she just watched one of her friends, a young girl, get swept by a laser beam and lose half of her body. Her corpse or what remained of it floated powerlessly in space, gradually disappearing in the darkness.

She saw many friends and acquaintances getting injured or killed, many of them completely disappeared, losing their future, family, friends, and everything.

“These fucking Izumo Empire people!”

Ouyang Xue cursed angrily, something she would have never done under normal circumstances. Especially after seeing her friends either getting injured or killed one after the other. Her body shook with rage.

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“Sister Xue, you stay here…”

Luo Feng calmly looked at the battlefield. He turned his head and tried to tell Ouyang Xue to stay in the command center, but she interrupted him before he could complete his sentence.

“Senior Brother Luo, I want to act with you. As long as I can get rid of these enemies, then it doesn’t matter if I get injured. If I were to fall here, then that means that that is my limit.”

Ouyang Xue gritted her teeth and said, looking at her posture, she looked ready to pounce on and annihilate all enemies. She already has a firm conviction.

If she died in this battle, so be it! Although she was born in a wealthy family with living standards beyond most of the Metaverse’s intelligent creatures, her family is a military one after all. Therefore, she has been raised as a warrior since childhood.

She already has the conviction to sacrifice her life.

​​Hearing her words, Luo Feng frowned. Just as he wanted to refuse, his face suddenly changed. Three powerful figures were rushing towards him at an inconceivable speed, shaking the space around them and turning all objects in their path into dust.


An extremely tyrannical aura radiated from these three figures. These three are the highest military leaders of the Izumo Empire’s fleet, all of them are peak domain masters, just a step away from reaching the world master realm.

“Sister Xue, go away!”

After seeing this situation, Luo Feng immediately yelled to Ouyang Xue who was next to him. The latter was frozen due to the strong shock beyond her bearing capacity. The difference between her and peak domain masters is too great.

Fortunately, Luo Feng’s reaction speed is very quick. With one wave of his hand, he enveloped Ouyang Xue in a gentle wave of energy, then pulled her behind him, protecting her from the aurora of the three peak domain masters.

Ouyang Xue watched in shock as Luo Feng protected her, then flew towards the three formidable enemies and initiated an earth-shattering battle with them.

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