Terror Infinity - Volume 4 - Chapter 5-2

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Vol 4: Chapter 5-2.

Although Zheng had already decided, he was still rather unease at using the points for luxury. To them, 100 points equals a desert eagle. Even though it didn’t need any ranked rewards to return to the previous movie, but 100 points for ten extra days of resting was still wasteful.

Everyone gathered in the platform 10am of the next day. Before they get a chance to say anything, a gold colored stone tablet took all their attention. This stone tablet was floating five meters above the ground and emitted a gold light.

Yinkong was the first to arrive. She was still holding onto that book of hers. “Look at it… there are some interesting information.”

When they focused onto the stone tablet, information appeared in their heads just like when they were focusing on God.

“… When a team have three, or used to have three humans that had unlocked their genetic constraints, this message will appear and stay in this dimension.”

“… We have all predicted that once a genetic constraint is unlocked to its fifth stage, the final stage of the constraint, the organism will evolve into a higher tier organism. The human world will then advance or wreak havoc at the thought of that organism. In order to prevent the encounter of two or more high tier organisms from multiple teams, which will cause the extinctions of human, we created the following rules…”

“… When a team have three, or used to have three humans that had unlocked their genetic constraints, that team will encounter other teams that belong to God’s world from another continent. Killing a member from another team will be rewarded… 2000 points and a rank C reward. Killing a member that had unlocked the genetic constraint will be rewarded 7000 points and a rank B reward. Eliminating the whole team will reward every member a rank C reward.”

“… There does not exist cruelty, justice, or evil… Only one team can survive till the end. If you don’t want to die then surpass your limits and evolve…”

This message was obviously incomplete. When Zheng recovered from the shock, he looked around at everyone who was in a daze.

Zheng coughed to get their attention. “Lan, analyze the meaning of this message.”

Lan touched her forehead and said. “Wait a minute, my head is still in a chaos…”

“This message is probably left by the creators of this world. And because it appears directly in our head, it will use words and language that we understand. Like the genetic constraint was a phrase that Xuan told us…”

“… Secondly, it mentioned an important info, and that is we are not the only ones in God’s world. In fact, I was suspicious of this for a while. Don’t you notice that everyone who came into this world is Chinese? Even the Russian mercenary from before was in China before he came here. That means there are probably other God’s dimensions (central hub) from other continents, and they also have similar teams.”

“The last point is the creators don’t want two separate teams to return to the real world. It can lead to a war in between the two teams in the real world due to a difference in beliefs, language, and moral values. Such situations are very destructive, like… If Zero has ten times the strength, speed, a unlimited ammunition Gauss sniper rifle, and some other sci fi equipment, he can rival a whole army. Not to mention the blueprints of advanced technologies that Xuan exchanged…”

Zheng said. “You mean we are probably going to encounter a team from another continent in the next movie? And it will either be we all get killed or we kill them all?”

Lan shook her head. “It’s not that bad. Since we will be in a movie, then we should still have to follow God’s restrictions and finish the missions or wait until time is up. The reason for such high rewards for killing a member of the other team is probably to entice the teams to start a war… I think both teams will be concerned of the other team attacking first and gain an advantage… We will not only have to face the monsters of the movie but also members of the other team… They will want to kill us just like those monsters!”

Everyone fell into a silence. Just surviving through the movies was already so difficult and now that they learned about encountering other teams in the movies. It was either kill or be killed, so the choice was obvious. Then wouldn’t the other team think in the same way? Following this reasoning, the war starts the moment they encounters the other team.

Zheng thought for a bit then laughed. “Oh right, it mentioned that we will only encounter other teams after three people unlocked their genetic constraints. Yinkong and I both unlocked ours, someone who died also unlocked theirs. Aside from this, do you think it’s easy for people from other teams to unlock their constraints? Maybe our team is one of the strongest team. Haha, so don’t worry too much. We will discuss our enhancement paths first.”

These words calmed the others but a shadow had already been cast onto their hearts.

Live on… only one team can return alive?

Zheng looked at the tablet and sighed silently.

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