Terror Infinity - Volume 4 - Chapter 6-2

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Vol 4: Chapter 6-2.

Yinkong lost. The fight ended so sudden. Her kick was about to hit Zheng when she felt something under her feet. Before she got the chance to react, Zheng had already grabber her feet. Then a strike in the stomach knocked her out.

The other people saw everything clearly. The arm that Zheng raised to block her kick suddenly enlarged to about twice its normal size. Not only did it easily blocked her kick, but also grabbed her feet and pulled them downward. His other arm struck her on the stomach. Then she immediately passed out.

Zheng seemed as though he was suffering immense pain. His body began trembling, his arm gradually returned to its normal size, and he was soaked in sweat. He smiled bitterly and handed Yinkong to Lan then said. “This is probably the second stage of the unlocked mode. It enhances the body to a degree but it’s difficult to control. The after effect is much worse…”

Then his body trembled violently. He crouched down on the floor and almost a minute later, there was a puddle of sweat on the floor. You could imagine how painful it was.

They sat in a circle and rest for a while. Jie’s woman brought them several platters of fruits. Lori also followed behind her. It wasn’t until now that Yinkong woke up. She immediately jumped out of Lan’s arms and when she got a clear view of the situation, she sighed. “I lost…”

Zheng rubbed his arm and said with a bitter smile. “Your attacks were ruthless. If I got hit, it wouldn’t just take away half my life. I might probably die…”

Yinkong replied calmly. “It’s shameful to show mercy in a battle. It’s better to incapacitate the enemy before showing mercy and not during a battle… You could have killed me with that strike, if you act like this in a real battle, then you will be the one that dies!”

Zheng continued with the bitter smile. “I know, I know. Stop talking like I am a weakling. I know when to show mercy and when to go all out.”

“Is that so? Then what if they are also people who are just struggling in this world like us? And they are weak and feeble women?” Yinkong continued asking.

Zheng paused for a moment. “If they really threaten us… Then I will of course…”

Lan saw that Zheng was struggling to answer it. She immediately digressed from the topic. “Hoho, weren’t we discussing about going to the beach in Hawaii? Since Yinkong lost, we can all go now. Let’s go before we waste any more time. Everyone is fine with 100 points for ten days right?”

Tengyi suddenly said. “Doesn’t God start a new movie every ten days? If you all go… then am I the only one left when the next one starts?”

Lan smiled. “Relax, the time spent inside the movie worlds is only an instant in this dimension. No matter how long we are there, we will be back in the blink of an eye for the people here. So relax, we will be back very quick.”

Zheng heard their conversation. He was thinking of the items he should bring. Then he asked Zero. “Zero, do you still have the debit card from last time? I am afraid I don’t have enough money for the ten days. And right, everyone should bring a weapon. I still have some magical bullets in my ring. We will each bring a submachine gun. Zero should also disassemble your sniper rifle and bring it. Just in case something happens, we will have some security… And let’s all think about what else might happen.”

They started to discuss and decided to also bring two charms for each person, and also exchanged six communication devices from God. This device was even more advanced than the one Xuan made. It can also display other people’s location. Each device only cost 50 points, which was quite inexpensive for its practicality.

“I still can’t agree with ten days.”

After everyone was set to go, Yinkong suddenly said. “I understand the need to relax but laziness is a scary trait. Once a person stayed in a comfortable environment, he will develop dependency and loosen his guard. If we suddenly come back to the movies from that environment, I don’t know how much we can still fight. So I can’t accept ten days…Since the communcation device took 50 points, why don’t we just go for five days. Five days is enough for a trip on the beach.”

Lan was about to say something to refute her but Zheng nodded first and said. “Yes, you’re right… Five days plus the remaining nine days in this dimension should be enough for me to get a hold of my abilities. And this trip was originally my decision yet I got everyone to spend the points… Then lets make it five days.”

If it was only for relaxation, five days was actually enough. So the others didn’t say anything about it. When they were about to exchange the time, Zero came out of his room with an eleven year old boy. Just by appearance, this boy was prettier than most women here. For a while, everyone gave Zero a weird look.

Zero said calmly. “This… is my little brother.” Then he led the boy over to God.

A copy of his family from the real world? They looked at Zero’s back which gave off a sense of loneliness then followed him. They knew there was a story inside him. In fact everyone that came here was disappointed in the real world and had their own story. It was just that no one wanted to tell their story… They could only bury their story deep inside and try their best to survive.

They held their hands and stood in a line. Then they walked up to God together and exchanged time in the previous world. Location… beach in Hawaii.

Going through that half awake process again, when they woke up, they were already standing on a beach. The sand was white, the sky was sunny, the sea was blue… This was the world famous attraction, Hawii beach.

This was Zheng’s second time leaving God’s dimension. He was familiar with the rules like coming back here in five days. But there was no rule about disclosing information regarding God’s world. It seemed like since this was not the real world, God didn’t care if they disclose the information.

The other people also recovered from the half awake state. After processing through the rules, Lori, Lan, and Nana cried in a low voice with excitement. The three women’s eyes were sparkling, it seemed like they were very happy with the scenery. Although Yinkong still looked calm, there was a hint of excitement also within her eyes.

The boy Zero brought along was very shy. He hid behind Zero and when Zheng and the other people looked at him, he blushed then turned his head away. That shyness, cuteness, and his pretty face were attractive for shotacons.

“Then… Hehe, lets go swim first. We can go to the hotel later, and if there are no rooms, why don’t we just camp outside the beach? Hehe, I’ve always wanted to go wild once. What do you guys think?” Lan stood on the edge of the sea and laughed.

Before they respond, she already began to take off her clothes. She was wearing a black one piece with black leggings and she just took the one piece off. Even though they could had guessed she was wearing a swim suit inside but the men still stared at her. Then she folded her clothes and leggings and placed them on the side. She jumped into the sea as she cheered.

Lan had an amazing figure but when Yinkong also took off her clothes, they could only think of an succubus. That breasts of hers were even bigger than Lan’s, her little waist was toned but not muscular, her skin looked soft and white.

It was as though all women had the same instinct. Even Lori and Nana were wearing swimsuits on the inside. Though they weren’t as bold as Lan and Yinkong. They walked over behind a tree before taking their clothes off. And the men’s eyes were attracted once again.

Lori ran over to Zheng while smiling and pinched him on the waist. “Oh, big breasts, looks like my pervert likes big breasts a lot… Hehe, I thought you intended to take a break here but it turned out to be for the boobs. I heard all the blondes have either D or E cups.” Then she and Nana ran into the sea.

Zheng’s mind suddenly became peaceful as he looked at this scenery. A clear sky and sea, the tickle on his waist, and the big… ahem, breasts. Not sure if these meant good or bad luck for him.

Zheng smiled then he accidentally saw Lan took a glance at him. Inside those eyes… was a hint of feeling… Big breasts were… indeed bad luck.

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