Terror Infinity - Volume 5 - Chapter 2-1

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Vol 5: Chapter 2-1.

Zheng’s group was well dressed compared to the other prisoners. So they easily walked out of the jail. The guards only thought of them as visitors. And this jail wasn’t a legit jail anyway. They waited by the entrance of the jail for O’Connel to come out.

As they were waiting, Zheng turned to Honglu. “You said you were a research subject in a neurological institute, then you don’t have any mental disorder?”

Honglu twirled his hair around his finger. “Right. I have highly developed central nervous system and cerebral cortex which allow me to sense some strange things… Like an air of death surrounding us. Some of us are going to die soon.”

The others looked awkward as he said this. Of course, anyone being told they were about to die from a twelve year old boy would be like this. They couldn’t really get mad at a little boy.

Zheng laughed. He crouched down then looked into Honglu’s eyes. “Are there really ESP in this world? Premonition of death can count as ESP right?”

Honglu smiled then pulled a string of hair. “Do you know about sixth sense? Everyone is able to infer or sense their future from the all the information around them subconsciously. It’s just that some people have a stronger sense than others. Among all the senses, those concerning death are the strongest. The effects of my highly developed brain are extraordinary reasoning ability and being able to accept the signals people send out subconsciously about the death they sense. The world through my eyes… is gray. I can see the everyone’s premonitions of their deaths. Those that have a deeper gray color are more likely to die… Just like you, you have the deepest color among us.”

Zheng was surprised then he forced a smile. “Inevitable death? Or can it be changed?”

“Just a possibility of dying. Like O’Connel who took a walk on the brink of death. He had an even deeper gray color than you do…”

Then the movie star Zhuiyu crouched next to him with a smile and said. “Little boy, how deep is the gray color on me?” She put out her hand to touch his head.

Honglu slapped her hand away then sneered. “Even though the gray on you isn’t as deep as his, but I were you, I would write down my will now… You are more susceptible to dying than anyone else.”

Zhuiyu’s face immediately turned pale white. Her hand froze there in mid air.

Honglu then crouched down then twirled his hair around his fingers. “There isn’t enough information. I don’t even know your names and abilities so I can’t do anymore deductions. I will continue with the deductions after O’Connel comes out and we get in touch with him.”

Zheng looked at the other veterans then he said to Honglu. “My name is Zheng Zha, the temporary leader of this team. I probably have the strongest close combat ability. Unlocked the second stage of the genetic constraint, have the bloodline of a vampire viscount, intermediate level Qi, and one blood energy spell… This is Zhang Jie. He has survived the most movies… This is Zhan Lan. She’s weak in combat and stamina, but her enhancements are magical abilities. She currently has two spells that can increase a person’s speed and stamina. Her reasoning abilities are also quite good… This is Zero. He was a professional assassin. Skilled in long distance sniping, has a Gauss sniper rifle that has a very long range and power. Given enough distance, he can eliminate multiple enemies… This is Zhao Yinkong, also an assassin. But she’s skilled in close combat. She has a dagger that can burn the souls of its victims, very effective against spiritual beings. She’s also the second member that unlocked the genetic constraint… This is Qi Tengyi. He is an antique appraiser, very knowledgable with antiques. His is irreplaceable in movies such as this one.”

Honglu lowered his head and thought. “What’s the genetic constraint? It seems like the key to the battle between the teams.”

Zheng nodded. “Yes. A very talented person who was here before deduced the goal of God’s world is to force people to evolve. And unlocking the genetic constraint marks the evolution of the organism. Once a team accumulates three people that unlocked the constraint, even if one or two of them died, this team will encounter other teams in random. God set a high reward to incentivize the teams to kill each other… Once a person is killed by the other team, then only one team can leave alive.”

Honglu pulled another hair and stared at it quietly. “Is that so? If God’s goal isn’t to have us survive but rather to unlock the constraint in the brink of death… then my deductions are correct. I have been thinking if killing a member of the other team gives points, why don’t both teams trade their newbies away? As long as both teams kill an equal amount, then it doesn’t violate God’s goal yet you still get the rewards to enhance yourself. Then why don’t the teams use this method? So that’s why…”

Everyone looked at him in confusion. Honglu didn’t explain anything. He twirled his hair around his fingers quietly until O’Connel, Evelyn and her brother Jonathan came out from the entrance. Everyone then followed behind the casts quietly. After they walked through a few streets, Honglu muttered. “It’s about… 5000 meters.”

“Huh?” They looked at him in confusion.

Suddenly a notification appeared in their head.

“One member killed. Team China minus one point. Currently at negative 2000 points. Members with negative points at the end of the movie will be erased…”

As everyone was shocked, Honglu pulled the hair on his forehead and said calmly. “Once someone dies, it will minus one point, yet the other team didn’t get any points… In other words, when I know you are trading me away, I will kill myself first. So the team that betrayed me will lose one point and the teams can’t continue with trading newbies. At the same time… both teams will be forced into a battle. God doesn’t want us to farm points easily. It wants us to kill each other like Gu, until someone evolved to the highest stage… We are the creatures in that container…”

(Gu poison involved sealing several venomous creatures (e.g., centipede, snake, scorpion) inside a closed container, where they devoured one another and allegedly concentrated their toxins into a single survivor. )

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