Terror Infinity - Volume 5 - Chapter 5-3

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Vol 5: Chapter 5-3.

Zheng threw fifteen gold bars on the ground and looked coldly as they were overjoyed with the gold bars. He took over the book with one hand. A thick and black old book.

The book absorbed the blood within several seconds just like a sponge. Yet nothing changed about it. It felt cold to the touch.

“Obtained quest item… Enabled learning of black magic. The user requires blood energy, psyche force, mana, Nen, Xian energy, or faith energy to learn. Can learn through deciphering the words or through God. Learning costs 1000 points… User holding onto this book in the movie will be able to use the spells in the book.”

Zheng was standing there in a daze. He had received God’s notification and they totally shocked him.

Enhancements were expensive, and learning skills were even more expensive. His Red Flame spell was one of the lowest tiered spell for vampires but it still cost him a rank C reward and 2000 points. Compared to enhancements, skills were more effective in combats.

“How’s it?” Jie ran over to him when he saw Zheng in a daze.

Zheng didn’t know what to say and just laughed. “Shit… we hit the lottery… This book is so thick, don’t know how many skills it has. And they’re also black magic, spells that should be aimed at killing. Haha…”

Everyone came up to him. O’Connell and the characters were confused but also came up. The two Americans packed their gold then carried the American that was injured by the mummy away on horses.

Zheng let everyone touch the book. All the veterans looked shocked while the newbies thought they were making a big deal out of nothing. Honglu asked. “Is it expensive to learn spells?”

Zheng nodded. “Very expensive. Not only spells but anything that can improve your combat abilities instantly is expensive… It takes both a large amount of points and also ranked rewards. This book is equivalent to a high power level. Once we can use the spells within it, we can instantly improve our team by several folds!”

Honglu touched the book with curiosity then he crouched down to play with the sand.

“Those blood energy, psyche force, mana… what are they?” He asked.

Zheng answered. “I don’t know about the others but blood energy came with my vampire enhancement. It’s highly corrosive and difficult to use. Blood spells are also very expensive…”

Honglu sighed. “I think I get it… This book is a double edged sword, at least for now. Possessing it means danger… First, Imhotep will chase us to get back the book. Second…”

“Do you think team India knows of its existence? Even though it belonged to the movie world but you get a notification once you touch it. Judging by the value of the book, team India would want to get their hands on it no matter what. They’re very likely to go all out on us…”

The others looked at him in confusion. Jie asked. “Aren’t we going to fight them already? We have to kill one of their member anyway, otherwise most of our team will be erased at the end.”

“There are many ways to fight. Like snipe, ambush, set traps, hit and run… but if they know of the secrets of the book already then they will probably monitor the movie characters. Once they found out that the book is gone, they can figure out we have the book. We won’t be able to ambush them anymore. And there’s one more thing I am worried about…”

Honglu pulled another hair and said with a bitter smile. “… If you can learn black magic from the Book of the Dead, then… what about the Book of Amun-Ra? What spells can you learn from the golden book? I think it should be on the same level as this one. If team India knows of the secrets of these two books already, I can only think of two possibilities. 1. They plan to ambush us in Cairo then follow the original plot to eliminate Imhotep and obtain these two books. 2. They ambush us in Cairo and take our book then come back here to find the Book of Amun-Ra. This is is what I am worried about the most… do they have the same mission as us?”

Honglu stood up and clapped his hands. “Our mission is to eliminate Imhotep. What if their mission is to protect him or… kill the main characters of the movie? They might be able to force this movie to end before we can kill one of them. What should we do at that point when most people has negative points?”

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