The Abandoned Husband Dominates - Chapter 651 - The Eight Great Families Vote Again!  

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Chapter 651: The Eight Great Families Vote Again!

The Geng family was second only to the Rong family. They did not need to care. Therefore, they did not need to care about what the Park family thought.

Park Sang-jun was very embarrassed.

At the same time, he was filled with envy and hatred toward Jordan. He knew that Jordan was lying. Even the Park family had yet to develop a drug that could make someone 20 years younger. How could the Steeles have succeeded? But everyone believed Jordan.

Jordan had clearly stolen their youth-enhancing drug.

The Park family did not expect Jordan to pretend their drug was his. Now, the Parks were at a disadvantage.

Chairman Rong said, “Mr. Jordan and Mr. Miyamoto’s one-on-one fight is over. Let’s go back and continue the meeting.”

Jesse returned just as everyone went back to the conference hall.

“How is it? Nothing happened, right? You didn’t cause any trouble, did you?” Jesse immediately questioned Jordan.

He was Jordan’s eldest brother but he did not seem to care about Jordan’s safety. Instead, the first he asked was whether Jordan had caused trouble and affected his self-interest.

Jordan’s heart turned cold. He ignored the question and asked, “How is Grandpa?”

“He’s sleeping. Lota’s watching over him,” Jesse replied.

Jordan nodded and stood up. Facing the other family representatives, he said in a neutral tone.

“Apologies for arriving late to this meeting. I heard that one of the agenda items today is to remove the Steeles from the ranks of the eight secret families. Who agreed with this decision?”

The atmosphere instantly turned serious. Chairman Rong said, “Jordan wasn’t present just now. How about this? Let’s vote again. Those who agree that the Steele family should be removed from the ranks of the eight secret families, please raise your hands!”

Park Sang-jun was the first to raise his hand!

Jordan had stolen the Park family’s drug and used it to show off. This made the entire Park family very angry!

Miyamoto Chujiro was a little hesitant.

‘Mirakuru serum… did they really develop it successfully?’

If the Steele family had the ability, it would not be wise to provoke them again!

Miyamoto Masaki, who had just been humiliated by Jordan, was very indignant. “Dad, Jordan must have used some underhanded method to increase his personal strength. It’s impossible for them to successfully develop the Mirakuru serum. Perhaps he used the same divine medicine I did to strengthen his physique. It’s just that my natural strength is inferior to his. He might lose if my most capable subordinate Dragon fights him!”

Miyamoto Chujiro thought about it. His son had a point.

Therefore, Miyamoto Chujiro raised his hand.

Everyone looked at the Schmid family.

Earlier on, apart from the Park and Miyamoto families, the Schmid family was also against the Steeles. They were the third family to raise their hands.

However, this time, Tom Schmid did not raise his hand.

Chairman Rong looked at Tom Schmid. “Tom, aren’t you going to raise your hand?”

Tom Schmid gave a weird smile. “That’s right Chairman Rong, I am not raising my hand. I’ve just witnessed Mr. Jordan’s talent and I am convinced by him. I want to be friends with him.”

With that, Tom Schmid looked at Jordan with a creepy smile. Jordan looked into his eyes and was very sure that he was not Lota’s real father.

‘Shaun Handley!’

Jordan immediately felt a little fearful. The person in front of him was very likely Shaun Handley, the head of the Handley family who was controlling the entire Schmid family!

But how was Shaun Handley controlling Tom Schmid?

Was it like a spirit possession?

Could the Handley family have really reached such a terrifying level?

Jordan suddenly noticed that Schmid and his wife were wearing a lot of jewelry. Moreover, the jewelry were not luxury brands, but various tribal-looking designs.

‘Their accessories are a little strange. It’s possible that Shaun is using them to control the Schmids.’ Jordan quietly speculated.

Chairman Rong looked at the Addington and Haus families. “What about you two?”

These two families had followed Chairman Rong’s lead earlier. They only raised their hands after Chairman Rong raised his.

Now, they were the same.

Chairman Rong smiled. “Previously, I wasn’t familiar with the Steele family’s situation and just thought that they were not on the same level as the rest of us. I only just realized that the Steeles might not be inferior. I think we should let the Steele family keep their seats.”

The Addington and Haus families immediately agreed with him.

Finally, Chairman Rong looked at Geng Anli. “Anli, I don’t think you will be raising your hand?”

Geng Anli smiled. “Of course. I never agreed to this childish proposal. The Steele men are all so handsome. If you kick them out, I won’t be able to see handsome men in future meetings.”

Jordan: “…”

Geng Anli was so amusing.

Chairman Rong smiled. “Alright, only the Park and Miyamoto family have raised their hands. The majority of the representatives have decided against this proposal. I declare that this proposal is officially rejected!”


Jesse cried out in excitement. He immediately stood up and bowed to the others. “Thank you, everyone! The Steeles are truly grateful for your decision. We regard you all as close family. If there’s anything we can do for you, let us know, we will do our best!”

Jordan snorted. To think that Jesse was still licking their boots!

Had his bootlicking ever been effective?!

Jordan had used strength and ability to save the Steeles from being kicked out. He did not rely on flattery and bootlicking!

Chairman Rong said, “A lot has happened today, and everyone must be tired. That’s all for today’s meeting. Tomorrow, we’ll continue to discuss the rest of the agenda, which will include wars and weaponry. Jordan, don’t be late again tomorrow.”

Jordan smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there on time tomorrow.”

The meeting ended. Jordan and Jesse returned to the Steeles’ house.

Grandpa was still asleep. Jordan was very worried about his grandfather’s health. His heart ached when he recalled the sight of him spitting out blood.

Taking a seat in front of the bed, Jordan watched over him.

After about half an hour, Charleston slowly opened his eyes.

“Grandpa, you’re awake?”

Jordan smiled at his grandfather.

Charleston hurriedly sat up. “Child, you…”

Jordan held his grandfather’s hand and said, “Grandpa, it’s fine now. Just now, there was another vote at the meeting. Only the Park and Miyamoto families raised their hands. The majority of the representatives voted not to kick us out. The Steeles are still a member of the eight secret families!”

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