The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 648: Update 30

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Chapter 648: Update 30

“Those who don’t want to challenge can rest on the couches. We have fruits and drinks for you.”

She then paused and glanced around, “Who wants to go first?”

After she spoke, a young girl who wore a yellow dress raised her hand, “I’ll go first! I just learned to do this!”

She rushed to the front.

Jun Yexuan gave Qiao Qing a look and smiled kindly, “Do you want to give it a shot?”

Qiao Qing shook her head.

“Then, let’s go sit.” Jun Yexuan then put his arm around her waist and headed for the couches.

The little fox followed. Once Qiao Qing sat down, it hopped onto her legs.

It was about to find a comfortable spot to curl up in when Jun Yexuan picked it up by its neck.

“You sure know what’s comfortable! She’s wearing a gown! What if your fur gets on her dress?!”

The fox, “Ack, ack, ack!”

It’s not shedding season for me!

Jun Yexuan, “If you bark anymore, I’ll throw you into the sea! It’s easy here! The sea is right here!”

The fox, “…”

Mu Jinghang, Qi Yusen, and Gong Yi all walked over then.

When Mu Jinghang heard Jun Yexuan’s words, it caught onto the fox and hugged it, “Curl up on my legs! I like you.”

The fox, “Ack, ack, ack!”

Who needs your affection?

Despite its pride, under Jun Yexuan’s close surveillance, the fox couldn’t get close to Qiao Qing and ended up settling for Mu Jinghang.

Just then, the first girl to challenge archery was done. Others started to go up on stage.

Within 30 minutes, more than 20 people challenged this activity.

Gong Yi gave the boys a look, “You guys aren’t going to go up there and try?”

Jun Yexuan said, “Why don’t you go try? Can’t you see that it’s been girls who’ve been up there? If a man goes up and loses, then it’s an embarrassment. But if he wins, then it’s nothing to be proud of. Not that I would lose, of course.”

Gong Yi + Qiao Qing + Qi Yusen + Mu Jinghang, “…”

Just then, Mo Huan shouted, “I’ll go!”

The MC’s eyes brightened at the sight of Mo Huan, “I’ve heard that Ms. Mo is good at riding and shooting. I was wondering why you haven’t challenged this. Get up here!”

Mo Huan went up the stage and pulled on the string of the bow.

First round, 7.

Second round, 9.

Third round, 9.

Fourth round, 10.

Fifth round, 10.

Her score made the crowd go wild.

The MC was excited too, “An unbelievable score of 45! She’s got the highest score so far! She hit the bull’s eye twice and her lowest shot was as high as a 7! Ms. Mo surely did not disappoint! Who says girls are not as good as boys!”

Mo Huan smiled, “Honestly, out of all the girls from country Z, I’m not the one with the best archery skills.”

“Huh?” The MC was a little surprised, “If you are referring to a man being better than you, then I may believe you. But the girls?”

“Of course!” Mo Huan raised the bow in her hand and stared at Qiao Qing as she spoke up to everyone in the crowd.

“You think everyone here is like a certain someone who brags about the one skill they have, in fear of the world not knowing?”

Her words made Jun Yexuan and Qi Yusen’s faces drop.


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