The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 649: Update 31

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Chapter 649: Update 31

Jun Yexuan turned to look at Gong Yi, “You took their side once but that woman sure does not know how to value the chances you’ve given her.”

Gong Yi’s expression was tight.

He wasn’t the only one. Everyone else could hear the mockery towards Qiao Qing.

The MC tried to awkwardly skip this dance, “The girl who’s better than you at archery, is she here today?”

“She is.” Mo Huan grinned and turned to Xu Pingting, “Sister Pingting, get up here and show them your true skills! Tell them what it means to be good at even your hobby!”

“Ah, you.” Xu Pingting smiled and sighed. Her tone was almost helpless as she stood up and came to the front.

The MC watched as Xu Pingting came up. A little tongue-tied, she stared, “Oh my god, someone as graceful as Ms. Xu knows archery? I thought your hands were used to mix perfumes only.”

Xu Pingting smiled, “That’s my job and also my passionate career. Archery is my hobby.”

“Oh my god!” The MC howled for a second time, “If Ms. Xu truly is as good as Ms. Mo described, then you really would be an expert even with your hobbies!”

“I don’t dare to make that claim. I shoot for fun.” She then took over the bow from the waiter and an arrow from the bucket.

She positioned herself and aimed. At once, the head of the arrow hit the red dotted center.

The crowd inhaled deeply.

The MC made a “wow” noise and fangirled, “Amazing! Her first shot got her 10 points! It looks like Ms. Mo was right! Though Ms. Xu looks gentle, her archery skill is no joke.”

Mo Huan said, “As I had said, sister Pingting is amazing. She’s just lowkey.”

Xu Pingting picked up her second arrow and shot another bull’s eye!

The crowd stirred.

Her third shot, 10 points!

Fourth shot, 10 points!

When her fifth shot also hit the center, the crowd could no longer contain themselves.

“Oh my god, I didn’t believe her but this archery show stunned me!”

“OMG! All five shots hit the bull’s eyes! Even professional athletes can’t achieve that!”

“Ms. Xu surely is good at everything! She’s great at mixing perfumes and she’s so good at archery!”

“Don’t forget that this is just her hobby! How do you get so good even at your hobby! She’s too perfect!”

“If Mo Huan didn’t tell us, I never would’ve found this out about her. Mo Huan was right, she’s so lowkey!”

“If I was this good at my hobby, I would brag about it to the entire world!”

“Ah, that’s what normal people would do! Ms. Qiao is from a different country, but everyone here knows what she’s good at!” Mo Huan said, “To be as lowkey as sister Pingting is rare.”

Most people chose to be silent towards that comment.

After all, Jun Yexuan and Qi Yusen were both there. They had nothing against Qiao Qing and didn’t dare to anger them.

However, a lot of them agreed with Mo Huan.

It was true. Qiao Qing was skilled and capable.

But compared to Xu Pingting, she was very flaunty.


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