The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 654: Update 36

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Chapter 654: Update 36

Mo Huan couldn’t help but laugh and mock, “You don’t even know which direction to face yet you want to shoot your arrow? Don’t you worry you won’t even get it onto the target?”

Qiao Qing ignored her. Once she got her bow and arrows, she placed the arrow onto the bow.

Everyone under the stage stared at Qiao Qing without blinking. Their hearts were suspended in their throat as they worried for her.

Just as their anxiety reached a new high, the arrow was released and hit the target.

When everyone focused on where the arrow landed, their eyes widened. Some people even exaggerated their actions by rubbing their eyes.

“She hit the center!”

“Oh my god! Even with her eyes blinded, she got 10!”

“This is insane!”

Mo Huan was in disbelief. But she soon found an explanation.

“A blind mouse caught a dead rat. The first shot may be a 10, but the next one may not be! Only if all five get a 10, will you win against sister Pingting!”

Just as she finished, Qiao Qing had already released her second arrow.

Everyone’s eyes followed that arrow closely and wondered where it’ll land.

What happened next was a miracle.

The arrow she shot out had struck the target through the previous arrow. The new arrow completely split open the old and ended up landing at the exact same spot as the previous one!

Jun Yexuan, Qi Yusen, and the others all stood up. Their eyes were in disbelief.

Everyone else at the scene was now completely thunderstruck.

“What… what is going on?! Not only did she hit the center, but both of her arrows also hit the same spot? The exact same spot?!”

“Yes! The exact same spot! The second arrow broke through the first and landed at the same mark!”

“Now, you can only see the second arrow because the first arrow had split open and fallen to the ground!”

“What about the arrowhead of the first arrow? The arrow is made out of wood but the head is made out of metal. There’s no way it could split open too right? And I don’t see the head on the ground.”

Qiao Qing’s lips were pursed as she answered calmly, “It’s deep inside the target.”

Her words made everyone gasp.

She pushed in the first arrow with the second arrow?! Just how strong is this girl?!

Of course, this once again confirmed the fact that Qiao Qing landed her arrows on the same spot!

Mo Huan was in pure shock as well. She now realized that Qiao Qing was not counting on luck and was actually skilled!

Xu Pingting shared her shocked expression with her.

As everyone figured out what was happening, the gasps continued.

Qiao Qing didn’t pause any longer and placed the third arrow on her bow and released it.

The third arrow shot out with the same vigor as the second arrow. It landed on the same spot.

Next, the fourth arrow broke through the third arrow and the fifth broke through the fourth!

In the end, there was only the fifth arrow left on the target because all five arrows landed on the same spot!

Qiao Qing put down the bow and pulled off the handkerchief. The entire party fell into an eerie silence.

Then, the room boiled.

“****, all five arrows landed on the same point?”

“Her eyes were covered! Those with their eyes open could only get five shots into the center! That’s a circle with a circumference of eight centimeters! With her eyes covered, she managed to hit the same spot with all her shots!”


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