The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 655: Update 37

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Chapter 655: Update 37

“She’s not just skilled, she’s godly level!”

“Who was the one saying she was only faking it and doesn’t even know archery? If she doesn’t know archery, then what are we?!”

“I realized that ‘faking it’ isn’t even an insult. Those capable ‘fake it’ to slap others in the face later!”

“Ms. Mo was saying that Ms. Xu was lowkey and Ms. Qiao flaunts. However, I now know the true definition of lowkey!”

“She’s already good at archery but still did not respond to their mockery. Even her boyfriend and brother came out to back her up.”

“If it weren’t for that fox, we never would’ve found out how great she is at archery compared to Ms. Xu!”


As everyone listened to the mocking and taunting, Mo Huan’s face turned into patches of green and white.

No longer willing to stay here, she left.

Xu Pingting also felt no satisfaction from today. She didn’t like Qiao Qing and that was why she allowed Mo Huan to use her as an excuse to teach Qiao Qing a lesson.

She really didn’t expect Qiao Qing to be so good at archery!

When she saw the woman who appeared to shine on stage, Xu Pingting couldn’t help but dig her nails into her palms.

Qiao Qing turned to look at the MC, “Can I have that bead now?”

“Of course!!” The MC finally snapped out of it, “Ms. Qiao has demonstrated archery skills far more superior than everyone else. Does everyone agree?”

Everyone quickly chimed in, “Agreed!”

How could they disagree? Even if they disagreed, no way they could’ve tried to beat her and win against her.

After Qiao Qing received the answer she wanted, she returned to her seat.

The MC moved on to announce the next entertainment event.

As Qiao Qing walked back, she saw the little fox sitting on Mu Jinghang’s legs like a human on their butt. Its two paws were open, palm up, and its fox eyes narrowed into two lines.

Those who were close to it revealed much shock.

Despite the fact that Mu Jinghang has been hanging out with it for many days, he still found this rare and intriguing.

After Qiao Qing sat down, Jun Yexuan pulled her into his arms, “I have a thought.”

Qiao Qing, “What?”

Jun Yexuan, “I want to hide you and not show you to anyone.”

Qiao Qing, “…”

Qi Yusen, “I also have a thought.”

Jun Yexuan, “Oh?”

Qi Yusen, “You really aren’t good enough for Qingqing.”

Jun Yexuan, “…”

While speechless, Jun Yexuan caught sight of the way Gong Yi looked at Qiao Qing. His eyes turned cold.

“Young master Gong, it’s rude to look at someone else’s girlfriend that way.”

Gong Yi felt a lump in his throat. He then got up to leave.

Jun Yexuan was surprised to see that. Mu Jinghang asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

“He probably finally accepted the situation and is calling it quits.” Jun Yexuan appeared proud, “He’ll get used to this.”

Mu Jinghang, “…”

Qi Yusen, “…”

Gong Yi came to the deck of the boat. With one hand on the railings, he let the wind from the sea blow onto him for a long time. Then, he picked up his cell and made a phone call.

“Go look up what happened on Camel Mountain three years ago. Don’t let any details slip by. Don’t report to me until you find the absolute truth. I want to find out who truly saved me.”

After he hung up, he remembered Qiao Qing’s smile once again.

An infinite amount of confidence coupled with the slight disdain towards her competition.

Three years ago, he was gravely injured.


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