The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 691 - She must go to Country L

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Chapter 691: She must go to Country L

The fox that was thrown away, “…”

Recently, he had stopped, why did he do that again!

Plus, the fox did nothing over the line today!

It acted the same way as it did the last few days!

It was hard to be a fox!

Wu Yong saw the way Gong Yi’s face looked and was astounded, “Young master, what happened?!”

“Ah, don’t touch it! It hurts!” Gong Yi slapped away his hand, “Tell the servants to pack up their stuff. Then tell them to bring me a cup of water and call the doctor.”

The taste of blood in his mouth was disgusting.

Wu Yong glanced at everyone before he nodded. He realized he shouldn’t ask any more questions, “Yes, sir.”

Mu Jinghang picked up the firefox and asked Jun Yexuan, “What do we do next? Go to country L for Leng Yan?”

Qi Yusen shook his head, “We are going back. Leng Yan had already agreed to help us. When he finds something, he’ll let us know.”

Jun Yexuan sighed in relief and peered at Gong Yi, “See how helpful that guy is?! Look at how much you made us go through just to get your help!”

Gong Yi was not at all embarrassed. He took over the cup of water and chuckled, “You and I are the same types of people, am I wrong?”

Jun Yexuan choked. Just then, Qiao Qing walked over with a frown, “We are going to country L.”

Jun Yexuan, “…”

Gong Yi spat out the water he drank and started to laugh, “Hahahahaha… Ow…”

Because he laughed so hard, the wounds on his face started to hurt. He quickly stopped and mocked, “Evil people receive evil in return. Even the gods want you to go to where your love rivals are at.”

Jun Yexuan ignored him and instead, looked over to Qiao Qing, “Why do you want to go to country L? Didn’t Leng Yan agreed to help already?”

Qi Yusen was also confused.

“I don’t know.” Qiao Qing looked lost.

She’s tried to contact Leng Yan many times but she failed every time.

Even the two times she did reach him before, the way he spoke made her feel like something was wrong.

There was nothing unusual about his voice, but the way he talked made it seem like he did not want to say a single unnecessary word.

Was he really that busy?

Qiao Qing didn’t think so.

These days, her eyelids continued to hop and she continued to lose focus.

One night, she even jolted awake due to her nightmare.

Even now, when she remembers that dream, she sweats.

In that dream, Leng Yan died. He had died because of her but she couldn’t figure out why.

Just now, she had tried to call him again and yet again, nobody picked up. This deepened her premonition.

So, she must go to country L.

At the very least, she needed to make sure he was alive and well.

Though Jun Yexuan and Qi Yusen both frowned, Qiao Qing didn’t say much more since there were a lot of people.

She simply explained, “I want to visit him.”

It was obvious who she referred to.

Since she didn’t explain, Jun Yexuan’s face went dark.

Just then, chuckling and laughter came from afar.

The group turned their heads and saw Gong Yi’s friends walk over.

Lin Miao laughed because he caught sight of the doctor that treated Gong Yi’s wound.

“Oh my brother, who hit you? Or did you fall? Haha, how tragic.”

Gong Yi kicked him but that hurt the wound on his stomach.

After a loud groan, he put his hands on his stomach wound.

Everyone froze a little and looked a bit more serious now.

“Looks like your injuries are no joke.” Lu Gechen eyed his buddies from left to right before he finally asked Gong Yi, “Who did this?!”

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