The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 692 - How come Third Young Master Jun acts like a Little Wife in Front of this Girl?

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Chapter 692: How come Third Young Master Jun acts like a Little Wife in Front of this Girl?

Lin Miao was a little confused, “It looks like someone hit you. However, in Country Z, who could hurt brother Gong?”

“Are you going to avenge me?” Gong Yi eyed Qi Yusen and Jun Yexuan and made it obvious who hit him.

His friends were stunned, “They did this? Aren’t they living under your roof? What is happening?”

Mu Jinghang said, “He forcefully kissed Qingqing. Don’t you think he deserved the beating?”

Lin Miao gasped, “You hit him too lightly.”

Gong Yi, “…”

He stomped his feet and kicked his friend.

Lin Miao laughed and dusted off his pants, “Ah, no, my brother. No matter what, third young master Jun and young master Qi are of the same status as you. You took advantage of their girlfriend and sister. I bet you the only reason they didn’t kill you is that they need your help.”

Gong Yi, “…”

Mu Jinghang rubbed his chin. This guy sure was smart. He hit the bull’s eye.

If someone else did what Gong Yi did, those two would have killed the man.

Now that he thought of it, all of Jun Yexuan’s love rivals were either Qingqing’s friends or someone Qingqing needed help from. Jun Yexuan couldn’t really touch any of them. Even Mu Jinghang felt bad for his third brother.

Ah, wait, there was more. There were also 18 men who were not love rivals but were sister-obsessed brothers-in-law.

Meng Xizhou also started to taunt Gong Yi, “Brother Gong, you must be used to getting what you want and doing whatever you want. Look at yourself. Do you think that beating was worth it?”

Gong Yi remembered how soft everything was to the touch and rubbed his lips. Then he smirked and said, “That’s right. I feel like I earned money doing that.”

His words made Jun Yexuan roll up his sleeves and walk over with a clouded face, “It looks like I’ve been too kind.”

He was already annoyed yet this person continued to push his boundaries. He must want to seek death.

“Ah, wait, wait, third young master Jun, please calm down.”

Gong Yi’s friends were all jokesters but now that their friend’s safety was on the line, they started to get nervous.

“I was wrong. Brother Gong also has no zipper on his lips. We’ll shut up now. We will! Don’t be mad. If you are really mad, you can hit us.”

The group of men blocked Jun Yexuan.

Just then, Wu Yong and the group of servants brought down their luggage. He looked at Jun Yexuan and announced, “Third young master Jun, we’ve packed all your stuff. Everything’s here. Do you want to check and see if anything’s missing?”

Lin Miao eyed the luggage at the door and asked, “You’re leaving? You’re going back to the Capital Country?”

Mu Jinghang glanced at the depressed Jun Yexuan and responded, “It’s very likely that we are not going back yet. Instead, we are going to visit Country L.”

“Country L? Why are you going there?” Lin Miao then said to Lu Gechen, “Isn’t your sister in Country L?”

Lu Gechen nodded and stared at Qiao Qing.

Jun Yexuan too, looked over to Qiao Qing with a sullen look, “Are you sure you want to go to Country L?”

Qiao Qing patted his head, “Let’s go. Once we make sure he is fine, we can go home.”

Lin Miao was stunned, “****! These two people must have their roles reversed? How come third young master Jun acts like a little wife in front of this girl?”

Jun Yexuan glared at him, “What do you know? This is how you spoil your wife!”

He then grabbed onto Qiao Qing, “Let’s go.”

Gong Yi watched the group leave. If she was willing to be with him, he could do better than Jun Yexuan.

The group went into the garden and found a helicopter that awaited them there.

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